Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III continuing to make its rounds Globally and has now popped up in the southern hemisphere. More specifically, Virgin Mobile Australia. The carrier is now taking orders and has set the expectation of 2-3 days for delivery of those who place their orders now.

Currently, they only have the Marble White 16GB version in stock with the 16GB Pebble Blue version arriving early June. If you're looking to pick up a 32GB version, you'll be waiting until late June though according to the site. Prices start at $47 and go up from there, depending on what add-ons and data options you choose. You can check out the full pricing scale by hitting the link below to head on over to the Virgin Mobile site.

Source: Virgin Mobile, via: AUS Droid


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Virgin Mobile Australia also offering the Samsung Galaxy S III


All the larger carriers in Australia got the phone today.
Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin.
On the market, in the stores, ready to buy.

*Its available* If you all that are not under contract with anyone or under contract with AT&T want the S3 "now" and you want the Quad-Core/Mali-400, Just go order it from Amazon.. Unlocked with the ( 850/1900 mhz GSM Bands..)for $799.00 Shipping on June 4th are you willing to trade 4G LTE for 4 Cores?.. If you are they are waiting to take your order... And you should have your phone by a week from this Friday...