Android CentralVirgin Media is one of the smaller players in the UK mobile space, but that hasn't stopped it from seeking to compete in an increasingly data-focused market.

Today the company has started offering unlimited data on its pre-paid (Pay As You Go) deals, offering unmetered mobile data. The new "Big Data & Texts" package gives users 300 texts and unlimited data when the top up £10, or unlimited texts and data for £15. On both deals, calls are deducted from the amount topped-up.

There are also "Big Talk" offers available with more call-focused bundles, however 

Virgin Media runs on the EE (T-Mobile + Orange) 3G network in the UK, meaning you shouldn't have to worry about coverage. More info at the source link.

Source: Virgin Media


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Virgin Media offers £10 pre-paid unlimited data deal in the UK

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went a slightly diferent route today with them. took the 30 day sim option with 1200 min u/l text and 1 gb data.will port my voda number over and see how it extra fiver gives you unlimited data if i find i need it.makes buying the nex4 very affordable and free to move if better deals come up.