Virgin America CrewPad

It looks like Virgin America will be outfitting crew members with new Nexus 7 tablets, with the slates being badges as the CrewPad. The new CrewPad, which is based on Google's Nexus 7 hardware, will replace existing tablets in the fleet and provide crew members with a more efficient way to service guests on flights.

Basically, on Virgin America flights, you can order food straight to your seat from the entertainment center. When you do that, flight attendants will be on standby and will get the request on their CrewPad to take your order and bring you your food.

"The Nexus 7 tablet from Google will replace our existing tablets, providing a thinner, lighter and faster solution and a state-of-the-art 7-inch touch screen," Virgin America shared in a blog post. "Our InFlight Teammates took the devices for a 30-day test run and shared great feedback, allowing them to deliver an even more efficient service to our guests."

The airline highlighted the ability to update the tablet's software on the fly as a key benefit to switching to the Nexus 7 CrewPad.

The rollout is already under way and should be completed soon.

Are you flying Virgin America? Have you noticed these updated Nexus 7 tablets in the cabin?


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Virgin America takes Nexus 7 to the skies as 'CrewPad'


I'm not sure how the new ones will but I think the old ones were iPads, so they already SUCKED!

ba dump, bump!

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LOL, I didn't spot that.
perhaps this particular euphemism doesn't exist in the USA?

if you're reading this, Chuong H Nguyen, to service someone means, well, to satisfy other kinds of appetites other than food :-)

Hopefully they are easily restarted when they begin having issues with the auto rotate not working... hope HTC does a little better job with the new one.

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surprised samsung didn't pay them to use their tab line... they probably never heard they were testing out alternatives

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