Vine for Kindle

You have a Kindle Fire from Amazon. You want the Vine app. Today is your lucky day. 

The Vine for Android app is now available on the Amazon app store, and is compatible with the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. That means you can now take all the six-second selfies your heart desires, and share them all with the rest if the civilized world. 

Or you can freak out over ... Gummy Worms. 

Anyhoo, it's nice to see the folks behind Vine haven't forgotten about everyone with a Kindle Fire. Grab your copy (it's free) from the app store on your device, or click the link below.

Vine on the Amazon app store


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Vine now available for the Amazon Kindle Fire


Hm... So glad to have an app for my OG Kindle Fire that is half useless. :-) what with lack of a camera and all.

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I saw that Vine! He said

"Hi my name is Nicholas, and this is ridiculous, but this is deliciousness."

FortTech101 - Working in the Nexus Lab.

Kindle Fire is such a joke. I bought one for my dad for Christmas. It stopped working after a year. My stepmom bought him a Fire HD. I tried to share photos of my daughter with my dad on his Fire and realized Amazon doesn't believe my dad should be allowed to have Google +, and the photos of my daughter that are on it.

I will never buy one again.

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And let's not even talk about updates.
I should have bought him a Nexus 7 when his Kindle Fire broke.

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