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Reason No. 768 why this job kicks ass -- Field trips to Mountain View, Calif., to see the official Android statues. (One more gratuitous pic after the break.)

Phil at Google

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Were you the guy that was bent over in all the previous posts with gingerbread pics?lol

estebancam says:

Im wondering what phone it is that he used to record that video! Or perhaps it was a dedicated camera?

cluckkillerb says:

If it was a phone, I'm guessing it was recorded with the LG Optimus 2x, since it's the only released 1080p capable phone ;)

wireplayer says:

Amazing! keep up the good work.

tom28 says:

you can make another trip when the honey comb statue arrives

deferom says:

No Nexus S? I guess I know which one is still the favorite child.

m_jameson1 says:

Phil you are a rockstar

Sky.Jokiel says:

gonna be tough to make a honeycomb statue lol

EvanJ18 says:

What I would give to have your job, just to go there once.

Soyo#AC says:

I've been to the real Mecca!

Took my Nexus One around for Tawaf and Sai :D

samid says:


chochopk says:


jcrome04 says:

I get the F•R•I•E•N•D•S reference ;)

EvanJ18 says:


beenz says:

I hate you guys...

estebancam says:

Hey what phone are you using to record that? Or was it a camera???

Ha ha ha ha "i know the difference"...

njd915 says:

Real cool! I'm not hating or anythin but if is ur job why did u forget bout eclair or confuse it.wit a donut? I'm jus sayin! I wish.they had a giant nexus s there too!

sandplasma says:

They do, it's right next to the Giant green android.

m_jameson1 says:

Thats a Nexus One ;)

m_jameson1 says:


m_jameson1 says:

Would you get confused if you were standing in front of building 44, the Android HQ? I know I would.

Droid hungry says:


tgrant1975 says:

All I need to know is..... when is my evo getting gingerbread?????????

Asterisk says:

Where is my Gingerbread on Nexus One?... few weeks Google??.. Wankers!

netposer says:

haha "I know the difference, I'm fat" That cracked me up

Tallas says:

As a fat man I would have said the same thing. No shame in being big haha.

XXXdc5 says:

Hey i've been there ^_^ had to stop by during my trip to san jose....yeah even tho it was 35 min out of the way LOL