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What we have here is an excellent video walkthrough of a couple of Verizon Galaxy Nexus accessories that should be available in the morning -- the navigation vehicle mount and the spare battery charging kit -- from forums member Aatrek.

Note it's a "Navigation vehicle mount" and not a "Car dock" or anything. It's a hunk of plastic that the phone sits in, that's all. No contact charging, no Bluetooth audio. In other words, it does not bring, as the kids say, the sex. The spare battery charger, on the other hand, chargers a spare battery. No muss, no fuss. 

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Video walkthrough of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus navigation vehicle mount and spare battery charger


Yeah i want to know if the car dock with the charging built in will fit the VZW version!!!! This car dock is so FAIL!

Me too! The dock I saw demoed for the GSM version was much much nicer making use of the connection points on the side of the phone.

humm that one probably cost alot more im good with this one it has cut outs for the charging and auto port.

Disappointed at this car dock. I expected it to charge it while phone is on. I will hold out on this until they make it available.

I assume the extra battery doesn't come with the charging kit.

As stated in the video, the charging kit does indeed come with a spare battery. That is actually a decent price at $40. I might purchase it as I also get a 25% discount on Verizon accessories through my work.

I distinctly remember that my OG Droid didn't have any kind of connections when I put it in it's car mount--I distinctly remember having to run the wire and plug it in every time that I wanted to charge at the same time. However, it still automatically went into the car mode, probably through something we just don't see in this video or something. Who knows, though...

The OG Droid and its docks used specially placed magnets to identify whether it was in the car dock or the "multimedia" dock. You could actually trigger the mode switches with a pair of small magnets on a piece of paper.

If the Nexus auto-switches to car mode in the real mount, it probably does so by some signal over the prongs. I have yet to see that happen in any video, however.

As long as it accepts a standard micro-usb car charger (which I already have a couple of thanks to my OG Droid that finally gets replaced tomorrow), I should be good with this dock.

Then again, Verizon will probably try to mug me for $40 or so for a hunk of plastic.

Ugh, I wonder if Samsung will release the "real" car dock for Verizon's version. I wouldn't touch this unless it had a power and aux port.

What a waste.

Ugh, I wonder if Samsung will release the "real" car dock for Verizon's version. I wouldn't touch this unless it had a power and aux port.

What a waste.

$40 for a plastic mount with cut-outs? Where are the dock contacts? Stupid. Might as well use a generic one if you have to plug in cables every time you want to charge.

Anyone know if the GSM car dock will work with the Verizon Nexus? If not, hopefully a real car dock will be available soon.

I saw the battery charger in a VZW store today. It does come with a spare 1850mAh battery. I was going to buy it for my GSM Galaxy Nexus, but luckily the store rep let me look at it first - the battery is not only thicker than the GSM battery, it is wider. It does not physically fit in the GSM model AT ALL!!!

I was very disappointed in this!! I guess I will have to wait until the GSM accessories come out in Europe, and the importers get them.

You could see this in all the side by side phots of both phones with the covers off. First thing I noticed along with sim cards in different areas.

Dang - $40 for a few ounces of plastic? (the mount kit) You can buy Garmin Nuvi's for $99 - includes mount, charger, unit with screen, USB cable, etc.

Why does a plain piece of plastic cost more than $8?

(note, my wife has a Droid Charge, and I'm buying the Nexus tomorrow, so not trolling).

I still prefer to use our Garmin while road-tripping (camping, etc).


What I really want, is everybody to "settle" on a wireless charging standard. Every phone/device can use it, and cars have a "hot spot" on the dash (and perhaps in an armrest) for cell phones.

I do like how Europe and Everybody-but-Apple-in-the-US has basically settled on the micro-USB - all our cell phones, Kindle, Nook, Harmony remote control, etc.

I will wait for the the actually car Dock that docks it to charge and can hook it up to the radio as well. Preferably with turning it into "Car Dock Mode".

Side Note: If that is the equivalent battery that comes with the phone, I will definitely get one, pretty sweet.

guys the real car dock that is mad by sammy to fit the verizon version is ECS-K1F8BEGSTA. specific for the i515. place online should start getting them end of december from what i can tell

I can't believe they created this lamo platic holder with holes to connect
the cables. This is one fine phone with contact charging capability.
How lame of VZ to put out a holder that doesn't leverage those.

My T-mobile contract on my Nexus-One is up in May.
I was all gong ho to move to Verizon.

Now I hope ATT's 4G network grows leaps and bounds so I can go with a
GSM version .TMO's network is shit for coverage... boy how cellular
network carriers suck in North America! A friend in Ireland gets
unlimited voice/data/text for $40/mo!

Good video! It's funny though, most folks do a great job with video walkthroughs, until they reach the end. Then, they seem lost as to how to end the video and last couple of words they should say. Overall, much obliged to the video Author. Keep up the great work!

The nexus s car mount is like this. So i bought a$1.50 blank nfc tag and programmed it to do the same functions a smart dock would do (turn on Bluetooth, car home etc). Only difference is no integrated charging but the nexus s doesn't have pins anyway. It's pretty cool what you can do with nfc and blank tags. Do the same thing with this. Not sure i would spend $40 on a hunk of plastic though

That is a great idea. I just downloaded NFC Task Launcher from the market ($1.99) and it couldn't be easier to use. I have a task set to open application "CarHome Ultimate," turn Bluetooth on, turn Wi-Fi off, set my sounds to max volume, etc. I ordered my NFC tags and will be anxiously waiting for them to come. Good overview was found here:

Now the debate is whether I return the Samsung/Verizon car dock and buy a universal, or keep that one and add the sticker to it.

The car dock F ing sucks. I got the Nexus looking forward to the 3 pin car dock so I don't have to plug it in everytime I get in to the car. This dock is WORST than my Droid X card dock because I have to plug in the USB cord AND the 3.5mm cord. WTF Verizon!

I returned this car mount to the Verizon Wireless Store immediately after discovering it to be a dumbed down version of the mount I had researched online. Sadly, predictably, the store clerk had no interest in my concerns about the product.

There were several problems with it:

- The phone was difficult to insert and remove. Removal in particular gives you the feeling that the device might suddenly catapult itself into your eye socket.

- When rotated to landscape, the screen did not orient correctly, therefore face unlock wouldn't work, and I had to enter a PIN sideways, then find icons sideways. Couldn't get my neck to bend far enough for face unlock.

- No Car Home. Not strictly a problem with the mount, but with the overall experience.

- In portrait mode, my dash configuration did not allow enough room for the USB charger to be plugged in (upwards).

- In landscape mode, there was obvious downward pressure being exerted on the micro USB port by the charging cable -- a "springy" style cable I had picked up concurrently from VZW Store. Not acceptable.