Some great stuff rolls in during the wee hours, and this is a doozy.  An actual demonstration video of the one and only Droid Incredible by the fellas at nerdstalkertv, shot during the 99% conference in New York.  It's an awful nice walk through of the software, and it really shows just how fast this phone is.  There's not much we haven't figured out already, but who cares?  It's a great video of a monster of a phone and a must see.

Hit the break for the video, keep the tissues to wipe your chin handy. Thanks, Patrick!

The Droid Incredible by HTC, available soon on Verizon Wireless


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Video - Verizon HTC Droid Incredible in action


hey i got the droid myself and still not disappointed this is just the lil brother upgraded..u can of course run a HTC UI on the Droid though.

This phone is awesome, but I'm with you on the physical keyboard. I use Swype when I txt or compose emails, but when I'm surfing the web, I can't use an onscreen keyboard, it's just not a good experience to me.

hey we all win!! My brother is about to turn in his Tour from Sprint in June and get the Evo4g,a true iPhone 3gs DESTROYER.

the iphone was destoyed with the droid , if you ask me. then it took another blow with the nexus one, here comes the third shot with the incredible. and of the top rope is the evo.

iPhone destroyed? hahaha, not even close. 50,000,000+ people would just so happen to disagree with you.

I know....Lucky for me, I'm on my grandpa's plan and he has an upgrade I can steal....I'll wait a while though. Just in case something more awesome comes out.

I really dont see any major difference between this and the N1 ?? Sense UI ?? Big deal , I have had sense on other phones and dont miss it one bit on the N1 . Why is this a so called " BEAST " of a phone ?? is the author of this article recieving kickbacks from Verizon or what ???

The author of this post (me lol) doesn't even use Verizon, and get even get a Verizon signal anywhere close to his house. :)

Nobody is asking you to agree, but questioning my integrity isn't called for.

That was a joke buddy not to be taken seriously , sorry if i offended you it was not my intent . I like the phone, especially because its black , but I just dont see any earth shattering features that would make me dump my N1

I love this phone...but I'm not sure about the Sense UI and I really would like a physical keyboard. Doesnt make sense pay $200 for a Droid over the INcredible though...Ugh!! decisions...

This does look like a nice blender between an N1 and the EVO (I believe this model has more RAM/ROM than the N1), but I'm surprised to see them rush it without this LTE or whatever their 4G will be called. Perhaps they discovered their 3G already crawls; EVDO rev 0 is basically EDGE, rev A is slightly faster, making that huge of an upgrade over their ultra-map a very costly endeavor. I think the openness of the Nexus One trumps this: (Verizon has a bad habit of pushing crap down to their phones), but people on the fence would be wise to wait for the EVO.