The Verizon Droid Incredible marks the first time HTC's updated Sense user interface is actually available on a phone in the United States. (It's also coming later this year on the Sprint Evo 4G and has been available for some weeks in Europe.) Here we take a quick look at the major software features on the Droid Incredible, including Sense and a few of the basic apps.

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clv212 says:

good walkthrough, cant wait to get this phone on my hand now!!! lol
anyways just wondering, how is "speech to text" working on this phone compared to nexus.

thebizz says:

this phone is fast. but the mail widget does do gmail account but the gmail account has to be added into the mail app

m3commish says:

Thank God!

threepio says:

Looks pretty sexy. cant wait to get mine

Elbrain says:

I really want this phone!

John-Paul says:

Am I missing something? Both the Sprint Hero and Droid Eris are US phones with Sense. The Incredible is the first US phone with Sense on the 2.1 Android OS, but I think the Desire in Europe is the only other phone out there with it (officially), and that was only released in the last month.

Zooks64 says:

I can't wait to get mine!

sjcea says:

Looks like a demo of the hero ?? dont see much difference at all ??

Ultr3chT says:

NIN FTW!! Awesome concert!

Great coverage Phil! Couldyou tell me if Android 2.1 now allows for unlimited contact notes. I have been asking everyone and can't get an answer. I use stand alone Outlook on my laptop to keep customer information. I keep all of my phone calls and appt notes within the notes field of my Outlook contacts.

I sync my Outlook info to my Hero with HTC Sync. It works great but because of Google/Android 1.5 limitations will only copy about 8 words from my Outlook contact notes to my Android device. Just wondering if Google has fixed that in 2.1? Thanks in advance for any help you can give with this question.

Lummix says:

Hello Phil,
Nice report, clear concise and to the point. Let me ask about a few little things that I can't seem to resolve.

1.) "Is it able to load a 32gb SD card?"

2.) "What's the network situation 802.11x?"

It's unclear to me because there are so many different conflicting reports, is there any way you can confirm or deny any of these questions?


weirdia says:

Author says: "The Verizon Droid Incredible marks the first time HTC's Sense user interface is actually available on a phone in the United States."

Uhmm... What about Droid Eris and HTC Hero?

Phil says: You're right. I meant the new version of Sense. Pretty sure that was understood, but I've updated the post to make sure. :)

weirdia says:

Re: complaint that email app does not have Gmail support (only Exchange, POP, IMAP).... Gmail is a separate app that has Gmail features like online email search and labels. If you want your Gmail in the email box, you can sync it using the Exchange protocol (which is the best way to sync an iPhone wioth Gmail).

atrpm says:

I looks good! I just can't imagine who SICK THE EVO is going to be!!!!

drudometkin says:

Very nice. Pisses me off that the Droid doesn't have more than 3 homescreens by default...

Taknarosh says:

The Mail widget does do Gmail. Just enable IMAP or POP on your Gmail account.

ohboyscott says:

i can't wait any longer!!1 ugh