Xperia S

First the Xperia S was going to get Ice Cream Sandwich in mid-April, then late May or early June, then finally sometime in Q2 (which will probably be June, just not early June). As the days drag on and your appetite for Android 4.0 grows, we're happy to bring you tidbits when we can that can satiate the incredible desire for the latest and greatest.

Our friends over at XperiaBlog happened to get their hands on a leaked video of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, running on an Xperia S (courtesy of Sony XP). A couple of highlights include Sony's take on the lock screen, a slick music player, and a gorgeous, streamlined gallery.

I've always said seeing is believing, though, so we've got said video after the break.

Source: SonyXP via XperiaBlog

There are 7 comments

OmarF82 says:

Don't like it sorry. It looks awful IMHO...

DWR_31 says:

This is a good implementation of ICS.
Thank you SONY for not going overboard with the skin.

This looks great!

arutemauepon says:

I like the Gallery

JoeyJoeJo says:

Gallery look ok, don't like the camera swipe unlock, prefer the silent mode swipe that's there currently. not seeing much else different.

JosephRoach says:

I see someone are already bashing it, but I for one like it.

Droidbert says:

Love the ICS overlay-ish they did.. mostly stock with some UI sony tweaks.. me likey..