This one just keeps getting better and better.  First, photos were posted of Android 3.0 Honeycomb booting on the Nook Color, then the developer posted a video of Honeycomb booting, and now a new video has surfaced that shows Honeycomb in much more action on his, erm, "e-reader."

Since the first video, dev deeper-blue now has graphics acceleration "more or less working."  While still an early build with laggy touchscreen response, he obviously has gotten a lot working in the mere four days since the SDK preview was released! [xda-developers


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UPDATE: Better video of Honeycomb on Nook Color


Well there goes some potential sales for the 3.0 Tablets. This ROM will obviously get optimized to run more efficiently on the Nook Who wants to pay $700 when you can get the Nook and Galaxy Tab for $250. I'd like to see how this would run on the Galaxy Tab.

If B&N can contract with an anonymous Chinese manufacturer to build these things for $250 (with probably a 50% profit margin), why can't someone else do the same and install a clean Android environment on it?

I read that the post-tear-down estimated cost to make each NC was about $200. So they can sell it at lower than some other companies because they're counting on selling digital content. . . . though I somehow don't think Honeycomb will help them in that department. :p

The longer I have my Nook Color the more I'm impressed by what the hardware is capable of for the price. And the longer I read articles like these the more impressed I become with the folks at XDA. My hats off to them for the awesome work they do not just on the Nook Color but with the whole array of Android devices

NookColor in two weeks. Buying 2. One will run NookieFroyo off class 10 microsd the other will be internal. Hmmm maybe by the end of next month we will have a stable build.

FYI: an 8GB 2 class SanDisk card runs faster than most any other size and class, regardless of what logic (or other people) should tell you. And I periodically run NookieFroyo off mine and it is FAST, not a flicker of hesitation, not once. If you already have the class 10 then it's a moot point, but don't think you have get get a class 4 or better to run it. But my suggestion only applies to the 8GB 2 class made by SanDisk. Just food for thought.

Same here. Bought mine this past Saturday night. Rooted it an hour after purchase. What a steal! Feel like the woman on the IKEA commercial who drives the IKEA 18-wheeler home and is ready to go back for more! :-)

Last night I installed the 1.1.0 update and immediately saw some performance improvements with the browser, etc. (less lag on the "extras" page.

I'll consider one of these after I see something final. I am impressed with the NC. Honeycomb, not so much, but I've been underwhelmed with each update since I went from 1.5 to 2.1, that leap enabled Navigation, and made me a very happy camper.

Awesome! Looks like he got it running right side up - he should have left it upside down; then the Nook "n" shaped home button becomes a "u" = Unlimited!

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