So many thoughts to be thunk about the Moto G. Relatively unimpressive specs — save for that price. Not quite a Moto X, but will that matter to most folks in this target market? And will such a low cost to consumers — under $200, off contract and unlocked — finally spur some sort of change in the industry? 

We'll see. For now, enjoy this quick hands-on from Alex Dobie from Motorola's satellite event in London. And be sure to check out the full Moto G specs here, and swing by our Moto G forums!


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Video: Hands-on with the Moto G!


Only a matter of time before the ROM makers add all the features in the Moto-X. With the poor battery life of the Nexus 5, this could be the phone that it should have been. The price is certainly right.

Google needs to make up its mind and come out with a premium Nexus device or do this kind of thing. Making something in the mushy middle doesn't impress anyone.

My nexus 5 gets great battery life with faux kernel. Lasts me all day with heavy use. This moto g would be great for teens.

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Great for teens is exactly what I was thinking. Especially for T-mobile user where you pay full price for your device. You can get 2 teens Moto G's and still have plenty left over vice one SGS4, One, or iPhone.

My younger brother is regretting getting the galaxy fame after I told him about this. He still won't let me flash CyanogenMod to his fame though, he thinks it's 'morally wrong'

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Mine too..I don't know what people are complaining about. They probably don't even have the phone. I make it through a whole day easy and standby time is great. I don't normally charge my phone until the morning. I play the occasional YouTube..look at social media..the whole nine. Is it a revolutionary it a great phone..yes.

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With 5 hours of screen on time on dalvik and 7 hours on screen time on ART, nexus 5 is anything but poor battery!

well it will be a update away to crash free, iv seen people talking about plants vs zombies 2 not working, they ust pushed update and its working fine on my nexus 2013 on art

He stated 7 hours of ON-SCREEN time. That's not 7 hours of battery life. 7 hours of on-screen time is unheard of for any smartphone. I'd love to see some screen shots of that usage.

full of screenshots on google+... careless usage will be close to 4.5 to 5 hrs on screen time with no tweaking.

yeah I get slightly better battery life than the S4 I came from.
Just about 4.5 hours a day on screen, 19 hours standby every day and I'm not using art because honestly the battery life and performance are already great and at this point I'm much more concerned with stability than a small performance bump or battery life improvement.
I've had it for over a week and it's got me through every day without charging it during the day, just at night.
I don't hear people blasting the S4 or HTC one, which get very similar or lower battery life.

Are the mega battery phones like the G2, Note 3 and Droid Maxx going to last longer yes, but honestly besides a slow focusing camera (which can be fixed via software) I like this phone better in almost every way compared to my old S4 the quality of the camera is great.

it's a $349 - $400 phone that holds it's own against other $600 - $700 flagships, how much do you want?

Have a look at the Droid Maxx. 7-9 hours of screen-on isn't unusual, though most screens you'll see are more like 5 hours of screen-on out of 38 hours off charger.

I call BS. Nobody is getting 5 hours of screen time on the Nexus 5. I had one and it was so pitiful, I returned it.

So, because you had an awful experience with the Nexus 5, means that others should, as well? Stop whining; if it didn't work for you, that's fine. You can politely post your battery results, then move on. Honestly, if you're trying to convince other people to return it, it's not working, lol.

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Congratulations on giving it a try. Sucks that it wasn't the phone for you. There are other phones out there that will probably meet your needs. The G2 and Note 3 have very good battery life. Droid Maxx if you're on VZ is a good choice too. Other than that I'm not sure what you're doing on another phone that you did on your Nexus 5 to cause such a big difference in results that you would return it.

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Getting back to the Moto G...

I'm seeing about 6 hours of screen on time from full charge to virtually empty. That's more than good enough for me. Granted, that wasn't using it for things like Netflix or anything, but I'm impressed

im pretty sure the moto g doesnt have the right screen type and processor innards to have the active displays and always on features. (seen elsewhere so apologies if wrong)

shame but this is still a great handset for the target market they are aiming for.

a low end product which they'll hopefully ship a bucketful of.

that then gives them more brand recognition (they've failed with this since I was a kid for sure).

When they have that back, release the high end devices people will lust after.

Seems sensible

The Snapdragon 400 doesn't have the extra chip that listens like the X8. The Snapdragon 800 has the same ability like the X8 on the X, except I haven't seen anybody take advantage of it Moto did with the X8. I mean, you could implement a system that always listens with a Snapdragon 400, but your battery life will be horrible. The other dynamic stuff, I don't see why not. There are already apps in market which will turn on and off the phone based on sensors, and others.that mimic the active notification stuff (though not exactly).

it doesn't use an amoled screen either, which is not required but is how the moto-x does active notifications without killing the battery (it only has to power the pixels it's using, not light up the entire screen like LCD, IPS etc) Putting active notifications on a non amoled screen would kill your battery quick.

My Nexus 5 lasts all day and then some, especially with ART enabled. I have no idea why people think the battery is poor.

WTF are you smoking, Cubfan? Definitely the hard sh*t. The Nexus 5 will have the Moto X features becuase it has the hardware required via the 800 (Moto G doesn't), it has the ulimate dev support so it will actually be developed, it's already getting great battery SOT for most before kernel mods make much better (4-5+SOT not good stock, huh?), and it's one of THEE most premium devices on the planet. All for half or less than half of comparable devices. Go troll your Nexus haterade somewhere else!

That said, this looks awesome for the price! Nice addition to budget Android devices, which is much more than a niche around the world...

no way dev's will be able to port always listening and active display features to nexus 5, its lot of work and its complicated technology specially always listening to get it to work, and moto did not use same low power IC as nexus 5 has, (why do you think google did not enable always listening on nexus 5, simple they didnt get it to work reliably on qualcomm low power IC) ..if you still believe that devs will be able to port it to nexus 5 ..good luck with that

Nexus 5 battery is fine don't let the blogs fool you it lasts me all day easy, its not Note 3 good but its still very acceptable.

...but does the "real" target market even know what "off contract" or "unlocked" is? As silly as it sounds, for that market, a $99 smartphone ON contract is probably just as attractive.

perhaps thats why they're doing Europe and other markets before the US?

Here in the UK, off contract is still big business and against it's peers this phone has a lot going for it.

These will certainly be sold ON contract from carriers as well. And I'm guessing they'd be priced around $49 with plenty of free offers as well.

No Active Notifications? Does it have a notification LED? I hope there's some way for it to show notifications!!

It's LCD so wouldn't be very battery efficient to have Active Notifications compared to AMOLED.

They made it work on the Droid Mini alongside a notification LED. It still surely wastes battery though with the screen turning on, but you can turn the feature off at least.

The Mini only turns the screen on once, then turns it back off after the first "breath." Definitely nice when it's sitting on the table next to you, or when you pull it out of your pocket. I'm surprised they didn't include that feature in the G, but I'm sure someone will duplicate it in an app like DynamicNotifications.

And I had just ordered the Nokia 521 for $99 as a backup model for my nexus 4.

The low price market is sure getting interesting.

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521 is a great second device for the money. If I'd known about the G before I got the Nexus-5 I'd likely ordered it instead.

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Wait, I thought ART wasn't supposed to improve anything over Dalvik yet. I thought Google said anything user may think they see is mere placebo effect.
So, how are all these people seeing such enormous increases in efficiency?

well asfar i remember google didnt even talked about ART, its still experimental, but unless the battery usage is flawed, the graph and numbers dont lie.

I gave my son my nexus 4 when I got my G2 but had I been looking to buy this would have been perfect.

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The biggest thing missing is NO LTE. Haven't seen this mentioned yet.

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At $179.00 off-contract, there are going to be things missing.

(The specs post covered no LTE)

Why announce this phone in Nov and release it after the holidays? -lost sale motorola-!!!
This would be perfect for my GF, however, I need one by x-mas.
Anyone know a decent phone in the 2-3 hundred range that will work on Tmo (refarmed)...with decent specs? Not quite Nexus 5, but some kind of a Xiaomi, Huawei type?