Tweetdeck for Android

We're still waiting on the public beta of Tweetdeck for Android to go live sometime this week, but a very short video from Tweetdeck CEO Iain Dodsworth showing the log-in process is on Twitter. Of particular droolworthiness: The multiple account access, which for a good many of us is a must-have in any Twitter app. Check out the video after the break. Thanks, Eddie, for the tip!

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ReaganDee says:

First! ... owned


This looks awesome and I hope to get in on it ASAP.

It'll have to be pretty spectacular to beat Handmark's TweetCaster Premium, but I've tried every Twitter client on the Market (paid or free) and don't plan on stopping any time soon!

PS - Does anyone use/like AOL Lifestream??? LOL

Aatrek says:

It's going to have to try very hard to beat out Seesmic.

kpeste99 says:

You're welcome Phil! I love Tweetdeck on my Windows PC and can't wait for the Android version to finally arrive.


bustafone says:

Twicca is the best twitter app for Android. Period

tsutlick says:

I agree with Aatrek. Tweetdeck's going to have to be more than good to beat Seesmic. I already see something I've been looking for - Facebook support!

r-nice says:

So, is Facebook, etc. listed because you can update them all at once ala Friend Stream?

EvanGMan says:

Yep. Try out Tweetdeck on your desktop. It's pretty handy. The iPhone app is great too, and the Android version is supposedly better than the iPhone version. You can sync your Tweetdeck account on multiple platforms too. Pretty farking awesome.

O_o#AC says:

At the moment I'm using TweetCaster... But I am interested in seeing what TweetDeck can do though.

On another note: Aye Phil any news on when/if Words With Friends will be available for Android?

VDub2174 says:

I have this obsession with trying out Twitter apps. I'm pretty sure I've tried them all and I like Touiteur the best so far. Can't wait to try this out too!!

ima_unc_fan says:

Played around with Tweetdeck, Touteur (sp) & Twitters official app today. Tweetdeck is so much better. Just needs a widget now....