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After being rumored earlier this week, it looks like we have more leaked information about Verizon's rumored XLTE service. XLTE is not a new service, but Verizon's marketing as part of its plans to utilize its AWS spectrum to bring faster data in select markets.

According to a report on Droid-Life, Verizon has begun telling its employees that XLTE is a marketing "brand for the AWS spectrum that advances our 4G LTE network." The site is reporting that the carrier may launch XLTE as early as Monday, May 19.

The leak gained more credibility today as serial leaker @evleaks had posted the logo and Verizon's banner. The banner says that Verizon's XLTE service will "double 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast."

This will allow congested markets to achieve faster speeds. For many customers, they should not notice any changes and the XLTE service will not require any changes to service plans. Additionally, it is reported that devices will not show "XLTE" and that the standard "4G LTE" service indicator will be used.

At this point, not all 4G LTE devices will be compatible as devices must be able to communicate with the network using the AWS spectrum. Most devices launched within this past year should work, though we will have to wait for an official announcement from Verizon to learn more about the service. We had previously reported that recently launched phones like the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 should work on with the XLTE service.

Source: Droid-Life, evleaks


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Verizon's XLTE to bring double-fast 4G


yes it is 63 devices on VZW are compatible Galaxy S4 and S5 Note 3 G2 M8 Droid Maxx and Mini and Ultra and Moto X to name a few.

2K phone screens, 4Gx2 data speeds, Netflix sending video streams that need at least 20MB download speeds,......?

Offset by Verizon lowering data caps and raising data package prices.

4Gx2 = 2x-$......!

you don't know what you're talking about they actually lowered the data prices

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You may want to change that stock photo. The G2 doesn't support AWS. It is a VoLTE test phone, but not for AWS.

Dude, don't post if you don't know what you're talking about. The Verizon G2 does support AWS. It can also run on T-Mobile's refarmed 4G, as well as LTE.

That's great. If you don't have unlimited, you can burn through your data plan in 5 minutes. :-)

So it's just faster data then? How much would you have to be doing to burn your plan in 5 minutes?! LOL!

Playing Ingress/Multi window watching HD porn/while listening to streaming music on Slacker and having some live video conversation going on G+ Hangouts?!

Not a complaint, just pointing out an observation. Carriers reduce data allowed and increase prices along with the speed it takes to burn through your plan. I didn't really mean 5 minutes literally but you get the gist.

Well seeing that I have Xfinity and all of Boston is covered in its Wifi I don't mind not having unlimited data :)

Same thing on the West Coast.. If you have Infinity you have "Unlimited" access... They are EVERYWHERE.

I noticed that when I saw a signal of infinity in my house , guess what it was coming from my modem Internet that I paid for so I called Comcast cause that ain't cool to use my Internet for others costumers without my knowledge.

Thank God for my UNLIMITED data plan. Let's see how fast I can get to 100 gigs a month, lol. Actually I never used more than 10 gigs a month.

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Isnt this redundant? How long will these "higher speeds" last? if in a year or so of adding a large number of customers from marketing, wont these speeds just decrease as when 4g lte first came out it was tremendous but now in most markets its subpar. I mean doesnt verizon advertise 5-10? Not like that isnt enough but seriously.

5-10??? I had a max download of 85 Down, the lowest I have seen is 15-18 not that it matters much. 10-15 is the sweet spot anything more is just gravy :)

I noticed drastically increased speeds around the Seattle area on my G2, last speed test from April 12, 2014 was 56 down / 35 up at 5pm on a weekday. I was on a modified stock 4.2.2 with stock kernel at the time.

I got 71 down a couple of days ago but it was probably a speed burst. After that I got an average of 45-50 mpbs. Still pretty good...

I'm with you there, but I'm concerned about this snippet of the post.
"... For many customers, they should not notice any changes and the XLTE service will not require any changes to service plans..."

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It's interesting how Verizon makes their AWS spectrum available after T-Mobile trounced them in Q1 customer additions. Coincidence?

I don't think I would say never. Tmo is slowly on the rise. While it may not be anytime soon, Tmo is an underdog slowly creeping up from behind.

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And what's the difference between the 2 in total subscribers? T-Mobile is moving in the right direction, but there is a reason why Verizon is number 1.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I'm a bit confused. If we know the service was congested before on just 10Mhz vs launch, will 20-30Mhz actually give you faster speeds or "normal" speeds? Hmm...

Just so you all know this is double bandwidth for better reliability not for more speed they are keeping with 12 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up.

Ha! I just got 30/16 with three bars on my Note 3. Oh, and 54ms ping.

For all the bitching about Verizon I have to say I like their conservative approach to Android updates and their willingness to invest in a quality network that 'just works'.

Incorrect. Mobile data for the most part is unthrottled, your speed is caped by the amount of people using your tower at any given moment. This is a crude explanation, but close enough.

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While mobile data is unthrottled, VZW is keeping with the 12 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up as their "advetised" speed. XLTE (AWS) is really mean't to bring more balance/reliability to more people, as the number of LTE users continue to grow. When this growth happens the speed will inevitably decrease like we saw with the initial launch in 2010.

It might also be worth noting that AWS capacity will vary as some areas have 10 mhz, some 20 mhz and others 30 mhz available for use. (ex, NYC has 30 mhz, while LA only has 20 mhz)

What's the latest on VoLTE?? This xlte have anything to do with it?

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I was told it was supposed to be available this Summer, in select areas.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

People were spoiled by insane speeds on launch. Verizon advertises 12 down/5 up on their LTE network so if you get more than that you should feel lucky. In large cities, Verizon has slowed below those standards so then are using the AWS spectrum in those large cities to bring their service back to at least the advertised rates. The G2 does have the AWS band (band 4 1700 Mhz) so if you have a G2 and go to one of the cities that has the new service you should benefit from better service/reliability.

Sweet, good to know my LG G2 and wife's Note 3 are good, I remember reading months ago that they were capable of the AWS.

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Yes reach your overpriced data limit in much less time. Stop paying for these Red headed Verizon many other option at fast speeds....just look around you!

Am I correct in thinking that even though your phone does not work on the new system, you would still benefit as more people would be moved to the new system giving those that remained more space?

Eventually(slightly), as more people continue to upgrade phones that have the AWS band.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

My question, immediately off the top, would be what will the impact be on battery, if any?

Yes, this is all behind the shadows and will be totally unknown to the end user, but should the common end user expect a harder impact on juice consumption?

I have had AWS on my Droid Maxx for several months. In those areas where AWS is already active, it had no effect on battery life. If anything, battery life improved, because at work, I went from toggling between 3G and 4G, to a rock-solid 4G signal. I had one speed test that was over 90 Mb/s down.

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They can't even get LTE to work right in my area, how are they going to upgrade and then VoLTE? Get the network working right first. Most areas south of the city are stuck in 3g and 1x still.

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