Verizon Motorola Xoom update

OK, ladies and germs. It's finally happening. The Verizon Motorola Xoom is finally getting its update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The list of changes for software build IMM76L is pretty impressive, and you'll want to hit the changelog link below for the full skinny.  But more important is that your Xoom finally is caught up on the upgrade path. Huzzah!

And don't forget to swing by the Xoom forums should you have questions. 

More: IMM76L changelog (pdf); image via sikpupi


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Verizon's Motorola Xoom finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich


My Xoom is with my kids out of town right now but I will be hitting that update button the second I get it back.

Only if your on 3.2.6, a sizable # of owners never received that update (from 3.2.4) and are unable to update

I have version 3.2.6 and still no ICS when I check for updates (checked last about 1:15 CDT. WHAZZUP?

2:55 EST and still no update.
Figures....I'm always picked last for the kickball team.

Why can't the file be put on a SD card and booted??

i've been trying the "force update" method allllll daayyy. i was on 4g at work and thought that was it. got home on wifi and tried the method again. ive probably cleared data/force stop g framework another 20 times within the last 30 minutes all in sets of 4. This last time i said i'll just keep doing it and on the 5th try..... it popped and is currently downloading. its gonna be a great night. Guys keep trying the force update method if your on HLK75H. It Works!! Be patient.