Discounted prices also available for folks on Edge plans

Sure enough after yesterday's report, Verizon has today pulled the wraps off its MORE Everything plans. The promise is of raising data allowances, throwing in unlimited global texting and more, all without raising the prices. So, 500MB now becomes 1GB, 1GB becomes 2GB and 2GB becomes 3GB without having to hand over any extra cash. Existing Share Everything customers will just transition across to the new allowances, no questions asked. 

In addition, anyone taking advantage of the EDGE financing plan for their devices will start seeing a discount. Monthly cuts will be $10 or $20 depending on your particular plan. MORE Everything will also provide 25GB of free cloud storage per device, for up to 10 devices with VZCloud if you should wish to use it. 

So it's kind of like the existing Share Everything plans, but with MORE. And more is good, usually. As ever, if you're considering switching to one of these plans you should spend a little time crunching the numbers to make sure it works out best for your situation. For the full press release, head on past the break.

DALLAS, Feb. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless has boosted the value of its data plans. The company announced that starting today, its Share Everything wireless plans transition to MORE Everything plans, a new option that increases data allowances, adds unlimited global text messaging and more, without raising rates.

Some customers currently on Share Everything plans will see their data allowance automatically increased for the same monthly rate. For example, the 500 MB plan becomes 1 GB, the 1 GB plan becomes 2 GB and the 2 GB plan becomes 3 GB.  

"Verizon was the first wireless carrier to let its customers share data among devices, and our customers have told us they love it," said Michelle Miller, Central Texas region president at Verizon Wireless. "Our customers value Verizon's 4G LTE network for its speed and reliability, and accessing the full power of our network is now easier than ever with this plan."

In addition to increased buckets of data and free and unlimited global text messaging, MORE Everything gives customers a large amount of free, cloud-based storage—25 GB per device up to 10 devices—to back up contacts, photos, videos and files. VZCloud storage makes upgrading to a new device simple.

MORE Everything also provides discounts to customers taking advantage of the Verizon Edge program, which allows customers to forgo a two-year contract and spread out the cost of a new device over 24 months, with an option to upgrade after 50 percent of the retail cost has been paid. On MORE Everything, customers who choose to participate in Verizon Edge will see discounts of $10 or $20 a month, depending on their usage plan. 

Wireless plans evolving with families

MORE Everything plans come packed with perks for families, too. For instance, MORE Everything customers can use Verizon's FamilyBase free for three months to monitor app usage and contact lists for kids and teens, set boundaries on content and limit device usage.

Additionally, Verizon's International Long Distance Value Plan can be added to a MORE Everything account for $5 per month, making it simpler to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues throughout North America and the Caribbean.

MORE Everything is available to all new customers, including small businesses, starting today, and current Share Everything customers will be automatically migrated.

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Verizon's MORE everything plans official with boosted data allowances


Here come the carrier wars of the olden times. Switch to MCI, Sprint, AT&T. Friends and family 10¢ a minute all day all the time.

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Dude, what are you doing with your phone? Nevermind, i don't wanna know

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Big red likes to go in hard and rough and laughing at you after, while big blue likes to try and sweet talk you while acting like a gorilla and wondering what the hell just happened.. Yellow sometimes gets it right and other times makes you think they are trying to put their big boy pants on but falls a little short. And finally, little pinky likes to try and be playful giving a gentler approach hoping you'll want to stick around and play more.. They all try to get in your pants, it just depends on how you like to be treated. Just my opinion...

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Those Verizon jokes never get old. Spot on.

On a relevant now. Friends use Verizon so they'll be happy at least.

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Lol, I was just kidding.. In reality even though Verizon prices suck they have good service and that's what people want.

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I have 2 devices and never use over 3 GB usally 1.9 or 2.1. But I have 4 GB and don't get anything in the new more plane soooo its back to 2 BG and save 10 bucks. :)

Its a start. I would have like to see them come out the gates with a little more them that. Pretty small baby step, but I guess for people who consistently go over there data allowances they no longer have to worry about the overage cost.

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He may be a tool, and you may not like him, but you have to give T-Mobile some credit: if they hadn't done any of those recent UN-carrier promotions, then nothing would have changed.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

It is a start. T-Mo has shown that REAL competition works. Man what a change from just one year ago.

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Does more everything mean more unlimited? Cuz I'll take more of that

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Nothing. I just contacted Verizon to complain that I get nothing out of this new promotion because I pay for 16 GB/month. I did talk them into giving me an extra GB per month for 12 months at the same price.

Share Everything people with higher data get nothing new. Only the 500MB, 1GB and 2GB SE plans got bumps in data.

The folks on high-data Edge plans also got a reduction in cost, but that's it.

I don't understand how this thing saves me money. It's the same. 2 phones. 40+40+70 for data. Plus 20 for insurance 10 for each line. Is the same 180 I pay a month.

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It only benefits those who use 2GB of data (or less) per month, which Verizon feels is a majority of their customers. I have a very similar plan (3 phones and 6 GBs) and was hoping for a break too... but oh well, sh*t happens. One of my two phones is on an Edge plan so I will try and get the discount there but if this is Verizons response to the other carriers new discounted plans, it's a huge fail IMO.

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Verizon is cockey just like they've always been. They said they won't compete on price. Who knows, maybe in the next 5yrs, just maybe, Verizon will start bleeding customers. People are becoming more mindful about their spending.

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A lot of it is coverage. In a lot of areas Verizon is the only player in town with the coverage. T-mobile may be a great deal but their coverage is the worst of the 4. It is great if they cover your area though. If it only came down to price Verizon wouldn't be gaining customers.

+1 and, sad to say, in a lot of areas, Verizon has been the only game in-town for the last 10 years. The other carriers just don't/didn't care about those people enough to cover those areas.

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How much is your bill with taxes and edge plan? When I go to the Verizon website it "seems" like it's similar to my current bill. But I know I'm missing something because there's no way. Also with Edge it doesn't come with insurance like T-Mobile's JUMP right?

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Right, the insurance is on top of the monthly cost of the phone. I just sent you a PM, I pay too much compared to the other carrier's plans and was okay with it because like you, the other carriers were sub-par by comparison where I live, but it seems those same carriers have improved their network vastly in the last year, so I am considering switching...not only because they are cheaper, but also because they seem to be just as good as Verizon now, or maybe even better.

Can you BYOP and get a discount or do you HAVE to buy the phone through edge?

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I'm certain you have to buy a
phone through Edge. I could be wrong, though.

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You have to buy the phone thru Edge. As soon as payments stop so does the discount so paying a phone off early is not and option if you want to keep the discount. I just look at Edge as another way of subsidizing but with easier upgrade terms if you like to change phones often with these new discounts. They aren't going to save you much if any but you really aren't losing over the term of the contact either. At least with the discounts, at least on the higher data plans where you get a twenty dollar break it makes some sort of sense now. The old way was a ripoff. When I talked to my Verizon business rep earlier today he said that they will be doing some tweaking to the higher data plans sometime soon. Something about more choices like what they do for the at home 4g. My guess is maybe some 5gb jumps between 20 and 50 gigs. Right now the jumps are in ten GB increments at $100 bucks a tier which is to much. We'll see I guess. Would be nice for this of us that use larger days buckets.

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Preface: I am not a fanboy by any means and I would love nothing more than to see VZW taken down a peg or two.

Having said that I am entirely sure that is what we are seeing here, the money is really in the corporate level (hundreds to thousands of lines), not the consumer level and at least to date T-Mobile has not made major headway in the business market.

Now, if T-Mobile is able to win over major corporate contracts than we might see VZW really start to compete but as of yet that has really not happened.

For example my employer employs approximately 140 thousand people company wide and the bulk of our wireless is provided by at&t (approx 50%), then VZW (approx 35%), then T-Mobile (approx 10%) and finally SPRINT (approx 5%).

My point, while VZW seems to doing something, but it is aimed at the consumer level which one VZW employee actually called icing on the cake and that consumers just don't matter, let me them goto T-Mobile or SPRINT.


I remember reading on one of verizon's press-releases that over 90% of their business is in CONSUMER grade accounts.

Business accounts matter to individual sales people, because they have the opportunity to yield the most money. If you're a business account manager for verizon, of course you're not worried about individual customers as much as you are a huge business account- However, Verizon as a company would be dead if they didn't care about consumer accounts.

I just called VZW to find out how much my Note 3 would be as a trade in..wait for it...... 127.00.What!!! I understand the GSM - CDMA issue but DANG!!I was expecting @ least 300.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Verizon phones are like new cars; they automatically depreciate to nothing when removed from the lot.

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Yeah, but trade-in values through carriers or even retailers (Best Buy) are never great. It's only meant to give you some money towards a newer device.

When I bought the Note 3, I went to the T-Mobile Store and had my Nexus 5 appraised: They offered me 185 dollars. Of course, they didn't get it, but I wasn't expecting a lot.

Best Buy is only willing to offer me 150 dollars (via the online trade-in value tool) for my iPad Mini 2. Again, I wasn't expecting much.

If Best Buy purchases the devices in bulk at discounted rates, then you shouldn't expect anywhere near the retail price for trade-in value.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I will give you 150$ lol

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Find someone who wants a Note 3 and trade them for their old IPhone. They are running a trade in promotion on those where you get at least $300. I was told it applies to the 4s and above.

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no thanks. i despise closed proprietary carriers that refuse to simply be dumb pipes. i'll stick with Nexus 5 + AT&T GoPhone.

I have the loyalty plan which is 2gb unlimited talk/text plan for $60. So this won't effect me I guess

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Here's a question... If you're currently on a share everything plan with two phones, and you take advantage of this "open enrollment" EDGE deal, would it be possible to get in with a $11 per line phone (Galaxy S3 Mini) in order to save the $20 line access fee? In theory, you'd still save almost $20 a month if you had 10GB of data.
So currently would be:
($40 x 2) + $100 = $180 for line access + data vs
($20 x 2) + $100 + ($10.56 x 2) = $161.12 for line access + data + EDGE fee
Basically, forgive your subsidised phone balance, extend your contract 2 years, get 2 sellable phones, and save $18.88 a month.
Am I going insane or isn't that what open enrollment means??? My god, is it possible to beat Verizon at their own game?

Yes you could but you won't have sellable phone. If you take advantage of the open enrollment and your old phone is still under contract you have to give it back to Verizon to get the Edge plan phone. What you could do though is find a cheap phone on EBay like the Charge, activate it on the line before you go in and use that as the turn in phone but that only makes sense if you can get more money for the other phones.

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the prices still suck. i'm seeing Unlimited Talk/Text + 2GB Data for $90/Month + Excessive Taxes + Fees + 2 Year Contract + Proprietary Phone.

am i missing something Verizon Sheeple?

The taxes are the same across the board.

Nothing excessive about them

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

NoNexus,can the Note be used for tap and pay Google Wallet?Never mind,I just found out it's not supported.
Thxz anyway

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Proprietary? My kid regularly switches his Verizon Sim for and ATT Sim on his IPhone. Place he goes to in Michigan has lousy service on VZW so he bought a prepaid for just there. His phone works fine with either. I popped it in my Moto X just to try it. Same thing. VZW has their phones Sim unlocked from what I can tell.

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Heh, since I got my Note 2, which has bigger screen and better battery, I've been using Netflix on it a lot. I used to maybe hit around 2 gigs a month tops on my Thunderbolt, now I'm hitting 4-5. So yeah, I'm holding onto unlimited as long as a can. At worst, if they still have that 6-8 gig deal offered to anyone who finally upgrades from unlimited, I MIGHT take it if its 8 gigs, if not, at some point I'll just buy a Note 3 off Swappa.

My question is, if you're on EDGE and you pay off the balance of your device, will you still get the $20 a month w/ the 10GB plan? If so, that's not too bad. If you have to get a new device, then that blows IMO.

"Verizon was the first carrier to offer shared data plans, so customers actually get *less* data per device. And we love it! Our customers value Verizon's 4G LTE network for its speed, and blowing through data caps is now easier than ever."

Fixed it for you, Michelle.

That depends on your area. If you're not in a congested area, then it's not uncommon to see high data speeds coupled with lower pings.

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thats very true, but in general it seems to be slowing down. I need to get my hands on a Spark phone (this snow keeps holding me down) and put it up against the Verizon phones I have access to.

Of course you have to be on an edge agreement to get the discount. I have a phone off contract, but the discount doesn't apply. Only if I had edge. So much for a byop advantage.

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I think it is funny that Verizon thinks this is a "game changer". I've got three smartphones, two with grandfathered unlimited and pay $240/month. These new plans offer me absolutely nothing. If they want people like me to go to capped data they're going to have to really change the game. Give me 10GB shared for under $200/month and I'm there.

The problem is not with the data tiers, those are tolerable, but with the device line charge. $40 is too much. Needs to be lowered to $20-$25 per smartphone line. That would be more competitive.