LG Lucid 4G

Having already shown its colors to the world, Verizon's LG Lucid 4G now has a more official looking spec sheet to go along with it. As we mentioned when it appeared, there isn't a whole lot to get excited about and the specs line up for the most with what we previously reported:

  • 4-inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass (800X480)
  • 8GB of storage
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 2.3 (Really?!)
  • 4G LTE

Left off the spec sheet though is the camera, which could be 5MP with 1080p capability and also missing is the RAM but that has previously been pegged at 1GB. Pricing, while not official shouldn't put this one past $200 with a possible arrival date of March 29.

Source: Droid-Life; More: Rumored devices forum


Reader comments

Verizon LG Lucid 4G spec sheet confirms earlier report


I disagree. THis would be a dream phone for those of us iphone users who prefer slightly smaller screens than the Nexus. Could the specs be slightly better? Sure. But these are pretty good...as long as the phone is $100.

Too many, way too many. This phone has absolutely no reason yo exist. I feel so, so sorry for the poor sap that pays $200 for this and is stuck with it for two years. It offers nothing better than its competitors, especially considering the 16gb galaxy nexus that will likely hit Verizon at about the same tine for the same money. The GNex isn't the be all and end all, but its a helluva lot better than this.

I don't understand why everyone's so surprised. Was no one paying attention to how long it took for Gingerbread to show up after the Nexus S came out? Froyo to Gingerbread wasn't even a big jump.

I'm not sure where this fits pricewise. Not everyone wants 4.5"+ brick in their pocket. Not everyone wants a 4 core beast either. I am looking forward to some 4" screen phones with good specs otherwise (dual core, 1 GB ram, 16GB storage on board with Micro SD, qHD non pentile (960x540 - not even sure they can do 720p that small) and a good sized battery (2000 milliamp), and 2nd gen LTE so it gets decent battery life. Gingerbread is another story. For some reason it seems like the OEM's are having some problems getting ICS to work (the Nexus S still doesn't have an official ICS release). HTC has actually released ICS for the non-US Sensations. Would love to see the rumored HTC Inc 4G to fit my spec wishes at say $149 and see it drop to $99 or so this fall (would love to pick it up this holiday season to replace my Dinc 2).

No the Vivid is the Holiday. The Rezound is the Sensation. This will make some teenager on a budget a nice phone but launching with Gingerbread at this late date is a fail.