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Google this morning has outed the tech specs on the LTE (aka Verizon's) version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Surprise, surprise, it's a tad thicker, as LTE devices are prone to be. How much thicker? According to the new specs, Verizon's LTE version (that's the one you see at right above) is a portly 9.47 mm, while the GSM version (seen here at left) is 8.94 mm thick. By our math, that's .53 mm thicker if you opt for the Verizon version here in the states (and it's still looking like that'll be the only domestic version for a little while).

By comparison, the new HTC Rezound is about 13.7 mm thick, the Droid Bionic is about 10.16 mm, and the Droid RAZR is 7.1 mm at its thinnest point.

The other spec of note, of course, is that Verizon's version will carry an 1850 mAh battery. That's a little larger than what you probably have in your current phone. And while we welcome any additional juice, an extra 100 mAh or so really isn't going to boost your usage by all that much, when you remember just how thirsty LTE radios are. But we're not looking that gift horse in the mouth.

Source: Google
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Verizon's Galaxy Nexus revealed to be unsurprisingly thicker than its GSM counterpart


The lack of a US release date is getting a bit ridiculous. Hopefully it is not far off with the massive amounts of leaks we are seeing.

HSPA+ 99% yes, ATT LTE, 99% no.

the international version is pentaband 3g, which should work..well internationally.

This is cool and all but give us a date VzW! Dang VzW is irritating sometimes!

Also is it me or my computer playing tricks on me but their finish looks different. The GSM version seems "shinier" than the LTE version.

The difference in the finish appears to be caused by the lighting - if you look closely, the LTE version seems to have the same shiny bands as the GSM version. The phone does, however, appear to be less curved for whatever that matters.

I was wondering if the rendering was does this way on purpose just to make the comparison more noticeable.

It looks more like a Nexus S.

And what's wrong with the Charge? You get TouchWiz taken care of and it was probably the best 'launch' 4G phone.

.5mm is hardly worth mentioning! And the RAZR is not 7.1mm thick. If it was it could slide through a 7.2mm slot. It's more like 11-12mm thick! Stupid marketing claiming a phones thickness based on it's thinnest point is just dumb, dumb, dumb!!!

Really its actually a brilliant marketing claim. The name of the phone is Razr why would they give you the measurements of the thickest part of the phone? Do you think the measurements of the Nexus are of the thickest part or the thinnest part? Just askin..

Ok, maybe good marketing targeted for stupid people.. Where do you draw the line? It the thickest part was an inch thick would it still be the thinnest phone? You may be right on the Nexus but the bump is at least only a 1-2 mm thicker whereas the RAZR is like 4-5 mm thicker. That's great for those that don't mind the HUGE bump but I personally can't stand it, period! And for the record, if you put a RAZR next to my SGSII on a flat surface guess which one sits up higher? Yes, the RAZR... So how exactly is it the thinnest phone?

No, not good marketing targeted for stupid people, rather good marketing targeting people who want a thin phone. If the less than 10% of the phone that is not 7.1mm thick bothers you that much then you were not convinced by their marketing. I don't know where you draw the line nor do I believe that if the thickest part was an inch that it would be the thinnest phone. But I am not sure how many people would agree that the 4-5mm thicker portion of the phone is "HUGE" as you put it. Enjoy your SGSII, its a great phone. I will enjoy my GNex as soon as its available in the states.

Gee, I can't wait until companies start claiming the thinnest parts of the phone as the thickness measurement. Then we can have phones with 1mm indentations with the rest being thick as a brick and we can all rejoice because of how "thin" phones are!

100% agree with you. I'm not knocking the Razr. It is a sweet phone. Just really dumb to measure something the way RAZR is measured. Whatev though, back to my cave.

I can live with a half a millimeter or so difference.

I am more worried about the reports Verizon snuck some bloatware onto the device :(

People really need to calm down. It has My Verizon and VZ Backup Assistant. Neither one is what most people would consider "bloat". Does it come on a phone normally, no, but it's not like it has Let's Golf 2, Madden, or any of the VCast crap.

bloatware-free =/= two

For the next Nexus, it might be three and you'll be saying the same thing. Then it'll be 4, and you'll still be making excuses. Where do you draw the line? I'll tell you where; you draw it at zero.

That is the problem with the abundance of high end phones VZW is releasing. WHy bother taking attention away from the Razr when they are focusing all their media $$$ on trying to sell it. So they will wait for the last moment to announce the Galaxy. Luckily it seems that the Nexus is the last of the three so it should receive the most attention.

.53 mm is (for the machinists among us) about twenty thousandths (.020). That ain't much. (Unless you are building spacecraft or medical gear) Lots of folks will put those stupid rubber cases on them and make them WAY thicker.

Yes, because people that want to take care of their phones for resale value use "stupid cases." Way to insult something that makes logical sense.

.53 mm thicker than the GSM version is much more acceptable when then compared to the 14 mm thick ThunderBolt, which it is 4.53 mm THINNER than :)

.53 mm thicker? My T-Bolt, with its nearly obligatory extended battery, is like a copy of War and Peace in comparison. Bring on the Galaxy Nexus!

The LTE version doesn't look as nice as the GSM. It actually look uglier ... i'm a bit disappointed.

I hope this badboy is available by Dec 31's that is when I get my Verizon Update. I'll be sad to see my DInc go...its done me good. Ill keep her around for my backup.

you guys....the Bloatware is Backup Assistant and My Verizon which is standard on ALL verizon phones, especially backup assistant, as not everyone getting this phone has an android phone, let alone a Gmail account with their contacts on it....besides...if it really bothers you, then root! simple! and dont give me that crap about bricking your phone, its damn near impossible with the awesome devs we have now!

+1 Not only that but Google showed us all how you can basically hide anything you want just like freezing an app using TiBu. Having My VzW will be wlecome for me and the backup assistant I will just get rid of myself. Not a huge deal. Like stated above it's not like it has 3 garbage scam games and a ton of VzW apps that want you to add more to your monthly bill. Chill out people!

Can it be easily removed (not hidden)? If yes, then it's not bloatware in my book; if not, well, that's bloat. It might be quasi-useful, unintrusive, and minimal bloat, but it's still bloat.

Can these two be removed easily, I don't know. We'll see.

If I was Samsung, I'd be pissed at Verizon. The Droid Razr was announced the same day as the GNex (my nickname) and it already hit the streets while we still don't have a release date for this. Those of us on forums know it's coming, but I imagine most "joe public" types don't know about it and have already jumped on the Razr or the Rezound.

And most "Joe public" could care less about a Nexus, Vanilla Android, etc. that the forum followers know, so what's your point here? Like the other Nexus phones on a few other carriers, it will NOT be a popular device like most think. The Nexus S on Sprint is maybe 3rd if that over there and I'm sure Tmobile has sold other models more too. I know it was late to the party at Sprint but it's still didn't sell or appeal to the average "joe"

While I agree that "Joe" could care less about earlier iterations of the Nexus line, however, I am hoping that Google has really put together something for the masses.

That's kind of my point. Joe public doesn't know it's coming out, so they don't get a chance to "play with it" at the store and maybe be swayed towards the Nexus. The sooner it's on the shelf, the more exposure it'll have to "casual" buyers of android over it's lifetime. More exposure = possibly more sales = happy Samsung. But maybe I'm wrong...

I think the most important question to ask is: would there be different Google Nexus cases, docks, and other hardware-based accessories for the two different versions of the same phone floating around due to the difference in thicknesses? History has shown that US-only phones/tablets get very little direct accessorizing attention (eg Xoom Family Edition) due to its relatively smaller market when compared to the internationally available phones.

I saw NFC on the list of specs. Does that mean the VzW version will definitely include it? I'm worried after all of the NFC-less high end phones they've released.

I'm wondering if the battery doors are the exact same size. It might be a small thing, but it would be nice to eventually get one that only had Google and Samsung branding like the UK version. It would have been fine with just 4G and Google or 4G and Samsung, but I'd rather not have Verizon's logo on there as well.

Just curious: Since the phone is out in some parts of the world, is there any news on differences in pricing for the 16gb and 32gb phones?

I haven't seen anything, but I assume it will work like the iPhone did where the 32GB version is priced $100 more than the 16GB version.