Yes, I had to pimp the Incredible

Verizon just updated its Droid website,, now that the Droid X has really landed. The new site is packed to the brim with Flash animation and immediately greets users by letting them know "Droidspace is a 3-D web environment". Then, you can (and should!) select the "activate full motion tracking 3-D" option and allow Flash to access your webcam. Mind-boggling 3-D insanity awaits as you read about the Droid, Incredible, and X. [Verizon]  


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Verizon's 'Droid Does' site updated with 3-D webcam motion capture


I would have so gotten this phone if it had a front facing camera, thats why i am planning to get the dell streak

youre not buying this phone because of the no front facing camera? honestly? just because you have a front facing camera dont mean your peers will think youre any cooler or anything.

I agree. Big mistake not having a front facing camera ..everyone seems to agree that that's almost mandatory feature along with video chat ability

I agree also. How can you put out such a great phone without a front camera. When its almost a must on a smart phone. I'm starting to get disappointed in motorola there making alot of bad decisions. I'm a droid og owner myself ave out might be my last phone with them

I don't need a front cam. Why does everyone want to video chat. It's not line you're gonna be calling your bros and doing that shit.

I'll agree... nice feature to have. But, at least for me, not a deal breaker.

I would love to play with the new droid x shame I still have 18 months left with my desire. Personaly a front facing camers for me is only a bonus as video calls are so dam expencive here its just not worth the effort and most my friends are so unteck savy I feel like I'm talking to neandathols sometimes lol.

No, mind bottling. You know, what happens when your thoughts get all trapped up like in a bottle.

Seems like an easy fix, don't buy this phone. HTC seems to have a relatively more open view on the matter - so get the incredible, or wait for verizon to get an EVO form factor from htc. Or... get an evo.