Ever move from one location to another only to find out that you no longer have a good signal? Verizon Wireless has always been known for great service coverage in many areas, but when you hit the outskirts, well, things can change quickly. But no worry. Verizon just announced a 3G data extender that will extend a signal into your facility and allow you to surf the web, download applications, send text messages and make and receive phone calls. Previously Verizon offered a network extended, but the recent update to this will now extend data as well, so you are able to continue to grab service on your beloved Android device, even in the middle of the woods. Hit the jump for the full press release.

Expand Your 3G Network: Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender Now Available

Newest In-Home Device Enhances Both Calling & Data Capabilities


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BASKING RIDGE, NJ — The power to enhance wireless voice and data coverage at home is in customers’ hands with the launch of the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender.

Beginning today, customers who live in homes where location, geography or structural conditions interfere with reception can use the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender to instantly enhance the signal on their Verizon Wireless phones and smartphones. Now, with the new Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender, customers can not only make calls and send text and picture messages, they can also download apps, browse the Web, send e-mails, download and play 3D games, and stream video using their home Internet connection.

Ideal for those customers who want to use their wireless devices in homes with structural barriers or homes located in remote, mountainous or hilly areas, the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender is easy to set up and can provide coverage within 40 feet of the Network Extender device.

The Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender, a “mini-cell site” manufactured by Samsung Mobile, is about the size of a wireless router box or woman’s purse and routes Verizon Wireless calls through the customer’s home broadband Internet connection. Up to six Verizon Wireless customers can use their phones and monthly plans to place calls and access data using the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender. Customers can also use My Verizon ( to set up a list of preferred users who will have access to their Network Extender. Customers do not need to update their plans or add minutes and will incur no additional monthly charges for using the Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender.

The Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender replaces the original Verizon Wireless Network Extender, which was introduced in 2009. The Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender can be purchased online or by calling 1-800-256-4646. The price is $249.99 plus local taxes. For more information,

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Verizon Wireless 3G network extender now available


So this must be why T-Mobile is holding off on there WIFI Calling app. They see that Verizon will make some bucks off of this so they must be looking for a way to make a buck off of the WIFI app..... It'll be sad if I'm right!

I have one of the old ones and is more like, you hear me in 2 seconds after i say it... wonder if this one is any better?

You are soooo right. We VZW customers shouldn't have to shell out a penny more to get their service to work in our homes. That should be on their tab.

They should give these out free to anyone who uses their network with a lousy connection. These guys are just pathetic. I would just drop them like a bad habit. That's right I did.

what a bunch of crap. All phones hsould be able to do this on their own....a la UMA from bb/Tmo or wifi calling...but having to pay $250 for a router in addition just outright sucks!!!!

It should be noted that this needs a GPS signal to function properly. We have one at work and can't even use it because it can't properly pick up a GPS signal from the office we really need to use it in.

So, let me get this str8, this makes your phone piggyback off your high speed connection and when you use the device you will still be counted minutes and data used. And you have to pay for this device also? If the service that bad in the house, then i would use a cell phone or a computer. a waste of money.

Hey,'s a nugget to ponder upon. If someone is located in the "outskirts"...or "out in the woods"...might VZW also reasonably suspect that they don't even HAVE an available or reliable "home broadband Internet connection" on which to use this magical network extender...??? Think about it.

That's why folks like us...who are just on the "outskirts" of lower cost, fast, reliable cable/DSL broadband access...are relegated to capped-usage VZW MiFi wireless "broadband" at Verizon's comparatively exorbitant costs.

My suggestion - save your manufacturing and marketing dollars...and use them to put up more bloody towers!

I don't personally need one of these but wouldn't it make sense that you should get a discount for the cost of your isp if you need one of these. Not really fare that you get to use your isp for their cell service and just to let everyone know Verizon isn't the only provider that does this. All of the big 4 have these. So before you trash Verizon know its standard now. At least they let you get data too. Well I would get the voice only model and use wifi for data.

I know it's not free but a lot of people (myself included) who live in a black hole that should have coverage based on the advertised coverage map have gotten 100 bucks off (even more sometimes) the price simply by calling Verizon and saying that you signed up for the coverage based on the map and the map was wrong.

Listen folks..... Verizon is actually REALLY late to this game. AT&T already has their FemtoCell device because their network does suck. Verizon is just trying to get in on the cash cow. We bought one of the AT&T devices for our office in Silicon Valley, but have yet to hook it up, so I couldn't say how well it works. I do agree however that the marketing ploy of saying "Those who live in remote mountainous areas" should use it is dumb, like someone before said, if you live in that kind or remote area, you are probably stuck with slow dial up or satellite internet.

Yeah vzw is a bitch but where else could we go? Att tmobile? Both are a jokeand sprint is not much better

Unreal... Android Central, what about that old post you put out on this great new UMA/Wifi Software Kineto, soon coming to stock Android Phones (manufacturer's pending...)? Here is a perfect opportunity for Verizon to one-up all the other carriers, and instead this is what we get! There are about 90 million Verizon Subscribers and a huge percentage of them pay 80.00+ a month (I pay 92 and change after all is said and done to have my Motorola Droid) for a phone plan, + a data package... Stuff like this drives me nuts. Kinda like the fact that we have technology to drive vehicles that don't require gasoline, but yet we can't eliminate our dependence on it. I love you Android Central, but this is one post I wouldn't mind see disappear. If Verizon put Kineto stock on their phones Android OS, they'd probably double their contract sales. **Sigh**

I want a God damn mini tower which does NOT need the use of another connection such as DSL or cable to give me a better signal. In other countries that have wimiax, they have mini wimax towers that are only powered by an outlet and the mini tower receives the weak signal and boost it around your area. What's going on with these devices, I think its our fault really, maybe they are afraid of someone modifying it to use with other devices not ment for that carrier lol. Yea that would be bad ass.

My office is in the middle of Manhattan and I get a lousy signal! My cell phone service costs me over $3,000/year. They should give you this to use for free if you don't have a good signal, just like cable boxes, and then you return it if you change service or move etc.

Dude just buy a network extender like this one from someplace like amazon where it is so much cheaper. I have one installed in my house with a 35 foot antenna in the backyard. It is expensive at first, but I have full bars at home and data runs just fine. Both AT&T and Verizon phones use this extender.

Hope that helps someone.

OK Carriers need to step-up and start using UMA / WiFi calling. How many people have WiFi at Home or where they Work? It will help in areas like indoors that have poor coverage and the customer will not have to purchase additional equipment just to use there cell phone. I don't see why it is not being used, more coverage equals happier customers, equals less complaints, equals less customer churn, equals more profit for Carrier!

This is a complete crock. As a customer you should not have to pay Verizon in order to use your internet service to make calls just because their network in your area/home does not provide a strong enough signal. And while I'm on my soapbox I think it's a shame you should have to pay extra for a dataplan when you have a phone with WiFi - you should have the option to disable 3G data and use wifi only for your data.