We love living in this age of social networking, you never know what you'll find out. Verizon just tweeted that yes, the much anticipated Verizon Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes is going to be releasing very soon on their network and that it is 'quasi-official'. Is that a real surprise? Not really, considering it's been pegged a Verizon device for quite some time now but it's always nice to hear it from the source.

Since it's already out of the bag, can't Verizon announce it already? We're anxious for details here!

[via mobilecrunch]


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Verizon Tweets About Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes


They were tweeting with me about it as well. Not it specifically but without coming right out and saying it they said by the time I can upgrade it should be out. I upgrade next month. What I gathered is Some Android phone will be out before black Friday and there may or may not be some killer black friday deals. I just really hope I can get a bogo on the Tao on or before Black Friday.