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News today points towards a testing build of JDQ39 (Android 4.2.2) for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. There's even a screenshot floating around XDA (that's it above) that shows the about screen of the phone that's running it. You've got new radios there, which is great news, but the kernel version, and the reported bootloader (PRIMELC03) are old, which is not such great news.

I'm not sure what to think here. Normally I'd shy away from something like this, as a new radio, a new system version, an old kernel, and an unchanged bootloader just doesn't feel right. We all know how easy it is to fake this sort of thing, and even if real, running on one tester's phone doesn't mean a whole lot to everyone else. 

I think Verizon is trying to put out a recent version of the firmware for the Galaxy Nexus, I really do. They are close enough partners with Google, that a testing build using an old kernel and bootloader is entirely possible. And new baseband information on the about screen can't be faked with just a build.prop edit. We're going to accept this news at face value, and advise anyone with a Verizon Nexus who is worrying about an update to follow along and see how it unfolds. 

I want to believe.

Source: XDA; via: Droid-Life


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Is Verizon testing 4.2.2 firmware for the Galaxy Nexus?


Oh please. Who are you kidding? You would have gotten the Nexus 4 regardless of how quickly Verizon updated the Galaxy Nexus.

Verizon got kicked to the curb June 2012. Thank god crappy Verizon and that crappy Galaxy Nexus got dumped. Tmobile is great haven't looked back since. My Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 pimp slaps that silly Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

You've admitted multiple times to selling off your "pimp slapping" S3 in favor of the Note 2. You're obviously either lying about one of these (or both), or you're just insane.

I don't get all the crying people do. The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is a damn good phone. Easily one of their best still. I have no issues with mine and enjoy it daily. 4.2 will come. Granted I hate the wait like everyone else, but it sure as hell isn't worth hating a phone over updates.. That is unless your running a Droid X or X2 heh.

For those of us who can't afford to pay the ETF and buy a new phone the update is welcomed. But when the contract is up I'm going to Tmo ASAP. Some needs to leak this test build.

My Gnex contract is up in Jan 2014, I'm crossing fingers while knocking on wood that Dish/ Google will keep their time table by having their carrier up by the end of 2013 so I can switch to them, even if the coverage sucks at the beginning and is only 3g I'd switch to Dish/ google over Verizon everyday and twice on sunday.

Until Dish/Google carrier is up and running, I'll have to stay with verizon unless they kick me off unlimited when my contracts end. T-Mo sucks and screwed me over, I'll never go back to that hack carrier that pads bills and won't give you a new phone if your phone has a legitimate software issue and then won't issue a replacement before the 1 year warranty is up. I paid to break my contract with T-Mo and was switched to a month to month plan and when I left they still stuck me with an etf even though I paid to break my contract already.

Why is everyone surprised several months lag time for an Android Version update is par for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

What I heard Verizon haven't update G Nex since Verizon Gnex was released. It still stuck in ICS (4.0) and that already past a year.

You're joking, right? The Verizon GNex is on 4.1 Jellybean. It helps to get out from under that rock every once in awhile lol

I'll take the radios if I can get them in the next couple of months. I'm a slave to the signal, but looking at the next generation of phones.

It's entirely possible; probably more likely than not. It's not an old kernel either Sir Hildenbrand. It's the prebuilt Tuna kernel for 4.2.2. I'm almost positive that the GSM models have the same one. That's the currently supported kernel by Google for the Galaxy Nexus. The GN is the only (currently supported) Nexus device that is still using a 3.0 kernel version.
The Nexus 7 is on 3.1.10; the Nexus 4 is on 3.4.0; and the Nexus 10 has 3.4.5.
I know you know everything I've just said, Jerry, I was just reiterating this for others that were unaware. I think you just overlooked the kernel details on the GN.

I'm going by the build date. I expected something more recent instead of the prebuilt that's in the GSM G Nex. 

I'm just a born skeptic when it comes to Verizon doing anything right.

Already unlocked, rooted, and flashed CyanogenMod a while ago. New radios would be welcomed, but I'm sure I'll upgrade to the Galaxy S4 by the time it gets out.

I as well just switched from vzw to tmo. The nexus4 didn't hurt. I'm very happy with the service and regardless of what att claims, I haven't dropped a single call. But the att people I call, always get disconnected... And sound like garbage.

If you have a Verizon nexus and are complaining about not having 4.2 yet and do not have cm 10.1 or any other 4.2.x rom running on the device, you're doing it wrong.

I myself have gotten tired of playing rom roulette and having to choose between one broken feature or another. Bluetooth audio that skips when the phone isn't on my shoulder; BT that won't turn off w/o a reboot; Google Play movies that won't play in HD; memory leaks; poor/slow GPS lock; various wakelocks; random reboots. I'm sure there is a rom somewhere I've missed, but I've tried most of them and cycled each through various kernels. Some come close, and it's clear there's some talent out there, but each has some flaw that requires researching fixes or workarounds. The search for that magical combination ultimately eats too much of my time. I think the phone should exist to help me get other things done, not be a thing to get done itself.

Unfortunately, I am stuck on 4.1.2 (aokp) until Google gets their act together and fixes the horrible bluetooth audio quality in 4.2+. Though I agree, there really isn't much to upgrading to cm or any other 4.2.2 ROM. Funny to think, verizon could be on a newer version than I have on my phone.

THIS. I rooted my GNex the day after I purchased a year ago. I used the Bugless Beast ROM until December, when that ROM began to be updated less frequently, and then switched over to Shiny ROM. I've been on 4.2.2 for a couple months courtesy of Shiny, and I flash the Tiny Kernel 3.0.1 as well. So, I not only get the benefits of the latest version of Jelly Bean (which I'd never count on from VZW, at least not on a timely basis) with no bugs or issues that I'm aware of, BUT I'm also routinely getting 16-18-hours of usage with 2-3 hours of screen time on a single charge. (I *do* use the OEM extended battery.)

I'm also on Shiny and I couldn't be happier. The dev updates the ROM frequently, I haven't found any bugs and don't currently have any issues either. I'm not willing to give up my grandfathered unlimited data and LTE on a nexus device.

I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I have not rooted or modded it in anyway. I rooted every other phone I've received starting with the Palm Pre. Including Pre 2/3 Droid 2,and Thunderbolt. Not this one cause it should have received the updates quicker faster sooner. No reason is good enough for a "pure", Google device to have to be rooted for it to be up to date. Takes all the fun of rooting or modding when you have to do it to keep up with updates. With this being said I think I may have to go to the dreaded dark side and try an iphone. At least when I jail break that it is cause I want to not cause I have to. And they have the balls/pull to make sure Verizon updates in a timely manner.

Hey Jerry, do you think that Verizon will ever get another PURE Android phone and if so how soon?? I am not a big fan of the overlays on other phones.

MTV stands for mountain view as in where the google headquarters office is located at mountain view, ca

Jerry, can you sleuth what is going on with Sprint 4.1.2 update for LG Optimus G? Check XDA... Official OTA? Leak? Soak test? The truth is out there!

PRIMELC03 is the current boot loader for all variants of the Galaxy Nexus running any version of Jellybean. It's not "old" as you've stated. The kernel was built when 4.2 rolled out the the Galaxy Nexus in November. The 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 builds were bug fixes, not overhauls. Get your facts straight.

In NYC Vzw is king. If you're on tmobil or att you're dropping calls more often than not. Unacceptable in the best and busiest city in the world. Unfortunately we're at their mercy. Can't have everything.