New Verizon devices

How do you score some unofficial (and free) excitement for your phones? If you're Verizon, you leak out an image like you see above. So something's coming. Could be anything. Could be nothing. Could be the HTC Incredible. Or it might not be. Discuss. [BGR]

Update: Unidentified sources (don'tcha just love them?) at Android Forums and Android and Me are saying could could see the Incredible on or about April 25 ... Or April 29. So just a few more weeks, folks. Maybe.


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Verizon teases new devices, but whatever will they be?


any idea based on past emails to employees as to when these mysterious "new devices" actually launch after the email goes out?

something will absolutely launch. As to when or what... Ive seen and played with the Incredible quite a while ago.. so my guess is that is whats launching.

OMG!!! Really?? I've been waiting for a new phone since.... well, when did the Nexus one page show up saying it was coming to Verizon? Yeah. Then. This is not news. This is teasing the already frothing public with more vague statements of the obvious!

Or it could be the new Microsoft project "Pink" phones. Microsoft is announcing them next Monday, so a release next Tuesday seems like the logical move.

The Verizon version of the iPhone isn't due till later this year - summer-ish. The Nexus one isn't dropping until June... my money is on the Incredible, but just cmon and release it already!!!! I'm dyin over here!!

Nah, we already have the Evo in June and later the Nexus. Don't need no steenkin Incredible over here :)

They're going retro and re-releasing one of the ones that had a 5lb brick attached to it as a battery and transmitter. Battery life will be excellent.

Well @ least these lame E-mail's to employee's allow for some new excitement every so often. I know it's probably not perfect for some or a nusance for others but it's better than nothing right? Verizon has been very proactive over the last 2-3yrs about having the most variety of new phones. Of course they are control freeks hahahaha!

"Get ready for liftoff" email title?

I keep thinking supersonic looking at this. Was that ever a codename for anything other than the evo?

yeah but couldn't that just be a reference to launching?

I wonder, have they always put code name "numbers" on these little emails? Surely we're just over-analyzing this whole thing...what was released after the last email and was it code name:5?

Yeah, I thought of that too, but was hoping for something more. I love my Droid, but am looking for something equivalent without the keyboard. N1 is OK, but I'm looking forward to see something concrete about the incredible.

Eh, it's Verizon, so who really cares?? The only phone they have that comes close to an actual piece of technology is the Droid, if you want to call it that. They could have had a decent phone with the Nexus One, but oh, they dropped the ball on that one as well.

What they really should be teasing the public with is the update of their network infrastructure as well as the firing of every one of their customer service/sales reps. If you want to be totally honest.

Until then, I won't hold my breathe with what piece of "technology" Big Red comes out with.

ur an idiot. verizon has the best structured network in north america. show me facts about what your talking about and ill shut up, and if you want my facts, go look at all those verizon commercials and compare the 2 maps that are being displayed.

Actually, you are the retard. The maps are public information. That's why when at&t tried to legally stop them from showing the maps on the commercials the were laughed out of court.

man, how ignorant are you. verizon cant go on commercials and give false facts like that one. they would endup in court. Plus it was widely known before the commercials, all you have to do is look at att's 3g map and verizon's 3g map and compare them side by side and you will be educated.

Actually, you are the retard. The maps are public information. That's why when at&t tried to legally stop them from showing the maps on the commercials the were laughed out of court.
***thats very true***

What's the difference between "soon" and "really soon" in Verizon's eyes? My guess: within a month. I'm soooo tired of waiting on these new phones.

if one more person askes me if verizon is getting the iphone at work( I work for vz) I am going to slap them in the face... People employees don't know $hit about phones that are going to launch. As for this email, this is why vz doesn't tell us anything people can't keep their dam mouth shut. All I know is it will be something big! Vz is about due for something new.

Ok big time VZW employee, then why the F can't your company say a dayum word about it in some press release? Why be so tight a$$ about it? VZW has the WORST marketing strategy for releasing phones.
Tell the gracious public here ONE reason why VZW can't at least say 'Hey, on April 29th, the HTC Incredible is coming'.?
So what's going to happen if VZW does say the timeframe/date? If anything it's going to boost your sales idiot.

Legally they have to keep a lid on it till the last possible moment. It has to do with the company's stock and it's investors.

He hit the nail on the head... its all about company stock and investors and your competition. That is why they keep new products such as this on lock down.

If they just gave dates out instead of tessing and pissing people off with uncertainty (especially people who need new phones) I think there would be much more talk and excitement over the new stuff.

yes, verizon's marketing people are stupid.

with a marketing expense of zero, they've lit up the internet with interest in their upcoming phones that we'll clearly all buy later.

so, to recap: zero expense, lots of buzz, (likely) $millions in sales, ROI of infinity.

stupid indeed.

Yes, stupid indeed. All the buzz for what? NADA, nothing, zippo. Big whoop, there's hundreds/thousands of posts on forums like these of people who want the product but can't have it now for 3+ months. Wow, that's a lot of freaking ROI because you don't have any! LOL OMG..
And in the meantime I've seen plenty of posts of people jumping ship to other carriers because they are fed up. So you tell me hot shot where the logic is? If you say "It's coming out xxx date or month, etc" at least those people will stay with VZW instead of leaving.

Again, you/anyone here hasn't said one word of proof WHY VZW can't release a statement. The "buzz"..LOL pa-leeze people.. Tell me .01 that VZW is making off of that idiotic marketing tactic. They are actually losing $$$$ as we speak.


as it has been showing up in the warehouse log thing and the cellebrite list?

It’s the launch of the new iPhone. The announcement should be tomorrow after the apple meeting in California. 10am Pacific Time.

my guess is that is devices that are 4g capable such as aircards/netbooks and things like that. i dont think its any particular amazing phone.

Don't fool yourself folks. 150k reportedly in a warehouse to be distributed between A FEW THOUSAND verizon locations, sold on line and some held aside as warranty replacements means you'll be VERY lucky if your local store gets even 2 of these and you'll be even luckier if the store employees don't buy them first.
Don't expect to own this until the second or third go round 30-60 days later.