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Can't say it's surprising (or necessarily a bad thing), but we're getting reports a plenty via e-mail in in our Droid X forums that Verizon stores are selling out of their Day 1 stock for the Droid X. Above is the coupon that EvanGMan (on Twitter, natch) received in lieu of an actual phone. Hang in there, folks, we're sure Verizon will get a fresh batch in soonest.

Update: And just as we figured, stores have mostly sold out, and Verizon's website now has the badge the Droid Incredible hopefuls have come to know all too well -- the Droid X is now labeled as "Will be shipped by 7/23." (Note that it says "by" and not "on," m'kay?) Hopefully we won't see that date march steadily backward like we have the on the DInc.

Here's the official line from Verizon:

"This has been a very good day one for Droid X sales. Customers were in line at midnight in some markets, in other places there were lines when the stores opened and in other stores there has been a steady stream of customers. We have been successful at keeping up with early demand but at present inventory in some parts of the country inventory is either low or out. (It truly varies around the country.) Since we have weekly shipments planned, customers can still order phones and can expect them to be shipped on or before July 23. This link shows you some of the excitement from midnight in Columbia, MD."

Hang in there, everybody.


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Verizon stores selling out of Droid X's? (Update: Sho'nuff, they're gone)


Went in to check out an X during lunch - walked in, the rep asked if I needed help, and after I said I'd like to see the Droid X, she replied "Well you can see one, but you can't have one" and said they were all sold out.

After checking one out though... I'm happy with my Incredible. The X is just too big and for some reason felt choppy while scrolling between homescreens.

But in the end, even if the X crushes the Incredible in sales, everyone wins because Android wins.

I know an Ops manager at VZW. They had close to 50 in stock this morning..they were down to 9 about an hour ago. This one is going fast!

the store here was sold out as soon as the opened at 8am glad i called ahead and had my rep set one aside from me...felt bad for the ppl who didnt get one and wanted one tho

I went to my closest verizon store at 8:30, not expecting them to open till 9. I was about 13 in line and was told i got the last one. Not sure how many went out the door before i got there. They said they didn't get their allotted shipment in on time.

Glad I ordered mine last night...Just got shipping confirmation as well.

Can't say I'm 100% surprised that they would sell out of the X on day one though. A friend of mine is a VZW employee and he told me that they (Corporate) said they would have more than enough to meet demand.

Guess not...

Got mine this morning!!! Called into work and said I had car trouble, but it was worth it. What happened to Verizon saying they were prepared "to satisfy customer needs". Don't they know Droid fanactics come in herds.

-Quote- "Hang in there, folks, we're sure Verizon will get a fresh batch in soonest."

Not if it turns out like the EVO!!!!

Anybody utilize the "early upgrade" option? Any unknown caveats? Do you need to be coming from and going to a 2-year contract, for sure? Limited time offer?

I did the early upgrade. You have to go two year contract. There is also a twenty dollar charge for early upgrade

Wow, I got my Droid in April which extended my contract date by 2 years and made me ineligible for the early upgrade option. My wife's line (on the same contract) wasn't due for an upgrade until October so I emailed customer service and asked them if they could move it up. They did and it didn't cost me anything, also because this upgrade wasn't a part of the promotional early upgrades the whole, "no buddy upgrade" thing doesn't apply. I ordered the Droid X with customer service 1st thing in the morning and they overnighted it for free, score one for me!!!!

all people in the forum complaining about X is getting Hot! mean too hot...as well slow than evo...no way HTC Incredible the King of Droids!

Called two Verizon stores and both were completely sold out. They are unsure when they will get more. Dang! But this is great though! Guess I will have to wait a bit longer. :(

Store i was at here in nw florida had 40, but were transferring some to other stores if they didnt sell more. Overheard them on the phone. Accessories are running out as well. When the doors opened everyone went looking for covers. I just wanted the media station. Got it. Used one of my new every two(have two lines) no hassle.

The end of the article above says ..... "Hang in there, folks, we're sure Verizon will get a fresh batch in soonest" ....YEAH RIGHT!!Whoever wrote that must not have heard that people are STILL waiting for their "Incredible" months later.......Good LUCK....(yeah right)!!

Considering that the Droid x doest have an amoled screen I think that people will get them a lot sooner than the people waiting for an incredible.

At the EVO Launch day evening, I went to sprint store to buy an EVO, they first told me that they are sold out and they will put me in waiting list, I agreed & whiile i was there decided to play around with display unit more coz I liked that a lot. After like 10mins one gguy came and said 'oh actually someone just cancelled his order and there is one left in stock now if you want to buy', I said thats great and went inside to do registration and during that period three other customer came and they told same exact thing to each of them....

I arrived at a Verizon store at 10 AM. The store had about 20 people waiting inside for the Droid X, but they were already sold out. However, I waited in line and was able to pay for the phone and have it delivered to my home for free. Supposedly it will be there in 1-2 days. I guess they have more stock in warehouses, but not in the stores.

Walked into my Verizon store at 10am and it was empty. Got mine and was in and out in about 10 minutes. A couple other stores still had plenty in stock as well. I'm pretty sure its different all around the country. If your corporate store is sold out, just go to a premium retailer. You get your same discounts there as the corporate store. I got 2 incredibles from one while every store and online was sold out. The premium retailers doesn't get as much as the corporate but they also don't get as many coming in at device launches.

The store I got mine had 50 and were able to get a drop ship of another 50 if needed.. I bet at 10:00am when I left they were halfway through their stock

I strolled in my local store just after noon to check out the X. I thought I would think it was too big, but I didn't, so am thinking about busting my Droid contract to buy it. The thing is snot fast, and that is of course with 2.1. I played with the Incredible and it wasn't near as fast.

The store had 60 Droid X's this morning, but had only 2 left when I was there.

I'm kinda hoping the Droid X decimates EVO sales figures. I really want Sprint to drop their asinine $10 "premium data" charge for the EVO before I bite.

umm yah. i am happy to pay the $10 for the data. my data usage was around 4gb total for 2 phones average when we were using two pres.. this first month of using the evo we used 55gb... so yah with great power comes great ability to use a ton of bandwidth :p

I think with the popularity of the Droid X and the EVO. Welcome to the dawn of the big ass screen. I think companies are realizing that yes. People do want to have such a huge screen on their phone. Suck it Apple.

Called and they approved me for and early upgrade. All I did was ask the lady nicely. Manager approved me from Jan contract to July 15. YES!!!!! Should have it Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Really looking forward to this. I was told they had plenty left for ordering. Now my daughter gets my Droid which is what she wanted. We all win!!!! Glad I called them.

I got to my store at 8am and there was 9 people in line. The store didn't open until 9am. They had 40 in stock and when I left 20 minutes later they only had about 15 left.

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that a company would sell a new gadget without having enough for demand. LOL

Day the EVO released I saws all of the stores were filled with people, went home and ordered it instead. Had a new one the very next day.

Classic economics says there is no way a manufacturer will make as many as they hope to sell. Too easy to get stuck with excess inventory.

Local VZW store had 2 left of 60 out of the gate when I went in at noon. I thought it might feel too big too me, but it didn't. The thing is super quick. I came home, thought about it, and decided to spring. Didn't go back to the store -- knew they would be out. So called Verizon and ordered it and having it overnighted to me.

Now BGR.com has a story that online stock is sold out until July 23, but I bought one over the phone 10 minutes before that story posted.

Verizon in Woodbridge NJ. I got number 27 in line and when I left they had up to number 45 outside. Rep told me they got in 80. Store opened at 9:30. Went to best buy in same town at 6:30pm and they were still selling them. Needed a case cause Verizon sold out. I asked the guy at best buy for a case for this phone and showed him it... He said yeah is that the EVO... I said no. He said the INC... I said no its the X. He then said ooooo I didnt know that came out yet!!! He was standing the the cell phone area!

For all the Hoopla Evo G only sold 300K. Supply issues whatever. Expect the same with Droid X. Too many phones with the Droid name around......

Luckily the store I picked mine up at was hidden away in a BJ's. I got there half hour early and got the first of only 10. I'm sure they're out now because there were about 4 or 5 people interested. I knew this was going to happen. There was too much media buzz about this phone and there's a ton of Blackberry converts.

I went to the Verizon store near my work and they still had some at lunch time. I played a bit with it to decide if I was going to return my Incredible that I got two weeks ago after waiting a month to get it. Well I can say that I am keeping the Incredible. The X just did not wow me, it was nice but I think I like the Dinc better. The size of the X was not an issue at all, I asked to see one that was not chained down to slip into my pocket, it fit well. The large screen was nice but it seemed to not be as crisp as the Dinc. Along with that the transitions between home screens and apps were not as snappy as the Dinc. I defiantly prefer the Sense Ui over vanilla android or with the moto widgets on the X. I may have went for the X but with the above and the rumors of it being locked down like fort knox I am opting to keep my Dinc. That said it is an awesome Android phone that many will enjoy.

I went to check it out. I did like the feel of the screen. I wasn't to impressed to drop $570 on it though. I can get someone to pay for my dInc right now $350+, got offers on craigs, but I am gonna hold out for the Sammsung S. I looked at the video here of the camparison right before I was gonna order online earlier and went to the store to look first.


The screen looks so awesome on that Samsung phone. The blacks look awesome and the other 3 phones all look washed out in comparison. So it might even be good in the sun, perhaps just glare issues. This annoys me so much with my droid inc.

So, take it for what is worth. I was on the phone with a executive contact with Verizon because of random restart with my incredible in low signal areas. Their solution after 2 phones was the X. He told me that they sold 3 times as much as they were expecting.

Mine goes back tomorrow, software seems very laggy, and the camera, well, it doesn't even work. I can't exchange it because I bought the last one they had in stock today.

the verizon sales rep that sold me mine told me about how the phone had "ninja blur". great selling point for me.

My local store still had them a 5pm!! So i played with the x for a lil bit n decided to go for it.im coming from the eris so this is a decent jump for me. Like others have already said, this thing is snotty fast. I love the fact when i close all apps, i have over 200mb of ram compared to 65mb with the eris. The screen is great, not a amoled, but is great in the sunlight. Im curious on the battery life tho. My eris was TERRIBLE no matter what ya did. Can't wait til froyo n flash 10.

To the people complaining about lag. Did you even bother to turn it off of smart mode and onto performance? Its on smart mode stock to increase battery life.

I multi-fru'd from my Storm 9530 this morning (11 Fru's in 40 days. The excellent CSR even suprised me with over night shipping! I'll have mine tomorrow at 11am with no contract extension and I even get to keep my upgrade in October. :D

My Verizon store got in about 50 of them and sold them all by 11am!

There were a lot of WTF looks when I strolled in at about 3pm and picked up the one they were holding for me. ;)

I got my x today at an authorized dealer next to where i work because they give me good deals and put me on a waiting list. I know verizon only sent them 3 droid x's for" new customers only" and they had to get their other handsets from another vendor, so they only had a few. I love my phone though. Converted from a blackberry storm and i'm already addicted!

the slight delay is to allow them to catch up with all the online orders and everything. after this, you SHOULD be able to get one without much issue. They're trying to prevent similar stuff that happened with the Incredible with this one.

*awaits fedex guy*

I did not know that we had to sign up to receive one at my local Verizon store, so the nice salesperson felt sorry for me and gave me one from someone who did not show up on time to claim his! That was around 2:00 PM. Thanks!

I'm on vacation in Florida and waited in line at the local Verizon store. I ended up getting the last one! Sweet!

Ordered mine online yesterday at 10AM on verizonwireless.com. Checked order status religiously and now it says there is an inventory issue. Very frustrating especially when I felt I ordered timely on their website. Same issues for anyone else? Here is the line:

Order Status: Your order has been processed and will be shipped based on inventory availability and shipping method. You will receive shipment notification and tracking details via email.

What a bunch of bull........ :(

I think what's happening is that there are huge numbers of people like myself that went with BB's a couple of years ago. Now we are eligible for new phones, but since RIM really hasn't kept up with the competition, we're jumping over to Androids, which ARE setting the standard for what a smart phone should be. And I'm happy I did!

I went in to my local store at 4:oopm yesterday after work and they did not have any left. I was able to order it and have it shipped next day. just checked the tracking and its on its way. while I was there one of the employees got any email say that there was low inventory and that they wouldnt ship till the 23rd but then he said it was for only the eastern states.

The Droid X was available online (via Verizon's corporate discount website) at 1am EST Weds night, so i ordered mine then (completed my order at ~2am after i picked out all my accessories, etc.)...

Though my order included free 2-day FedEx shipping, as of today, the Verizon site says my order hasn't even shipped yet (i honestly thought it would have by now)... I wonder if the accessories i ordered are holding things up?? I have a msg out to our company's Verizon corporate sales rep to see if she can find out anything further regarding the status of my order... We'll see.

Good luck to anyone else out there that ordered one!! :-)

i don't understand why more people don't just order online from authorized third parties. no hassle, a discount and no tax. i ordered mine from wirefly.com for $180, no tax, free shipping. two business day shipping was $7-8. the deal for an original Droid was far better when bing cashback still existed. a free droid from wirefly with new/renewed wireless plan, plus $50 back from Microsoft. yes, that's minus-$50 for purchasing the old Droid. no wonder microsoft killed the cashback plan.

I went in to verizon on Friday at about 5 pm.. i wasnt expecting to get a phone that day, but I wanted to at least be able to physically hold the phone and try it out (the huge screen by the way, makes typing a breeze.. and its lightning fast. im not usually a fan of virtual keyboards, but the droids size makes it easy. its also extremely light and thin - i was worried it would be brick-like, a'la the original droid.)

The android gods shined on me though - just as I was checking out and giving my shipping info for my droid x to be sent to in a week, a shipment of 20 more droid x's walked in the door, and I got one. :)

FYI, as an update to my previous post:

"The Droid X was available online (via Verizon's corporate discount website) at 1am EST Weds night, so i ordered mine then (completed my order at ~2am after i picked out all my accessories, etc.)...

Though my order included free 2-day FedEx shipping, as of today, the Verizon site says my order hasn't even shipped yet (i honestly thought it would have by now)... I wonder if the accessories i ordered are holding things up?? I have a msg out to our company's Verizon corporate sales rep to see if she can find out anything further regarding the status of my order... We'll see."

I've since spoken to our Verizon rep twice. On Friday, she informed me that even though I put my order for the Droid X in at 2am on Thurs (an hour after it was made available online), for some unknown reason, it didn't hit the warehouse until 5pm that day!...The problem with this is that an internal "cutoff" had been set by Verizon that day for the Droid X, as follows: if an order for the Droid X hit the warehouse after 2:30pm Thursday, it would have to wait until 7/23 to ship!! I was obviously pretty pissed about this, considering i purposely stayed up late to put an early order in so i wouldn't have to deal with any supply shortages.

The rep said there's nothing she can do about it... However, what I found interesting when I spoke to her just now is that she said this same thing happened to HUNDREDS of customers who ordered online late Weds night (not sure if this includes the regular verizonwireless.com site, or just the Verizon corporate discount site). She also assured me that because there's many frustrated customers like me out there, we will all be towards the top of the list to get a Droid X shipped out when they replenish stock (i.e. our orders should definitely ship by 7/23, w/ no more delays)!

Again, just passing along what I was told. Hope this helps anyone out there that's also experiencing this delay w/ an early online order.

Shortly after I posted my previous update, i received a shipping notification from Verizon!... I had our rep check and the order supposedly includes my Droid X and all the accessories I ordered!! I'm quite surprised (and ecstatic) that it shipped out that quickly... I'll re-post if I don't actually get the phone (i.e. just the accessories instead), but otherwise, there may be hope on the way for all those who ordered a Droid X early online and it didn't ship yet... Good luck!!!