32GB microSD card

Our pals at PhoneScoop are reporting that Verizon is offering a 32GB microSD card for $100 when purchased with a Droid X, which conveniently goes on sale on Thursday for $199. Without a Droid X, the card will cost you $150. That's still a chunk of change either way, but you'll be the first on your block with the largest phone and the largest storage. And can you really put a price on that? [PhoneScoop]


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Verizon selling 32GB microSD card for $100 when you buy a Droid X


Could have used this deal when I got my Incredible just over a month ago... right now I'm using the 8GB card from my storm. Oh well, I'm done griping LOL.

I still haven't decided on this one... 100$ is a good deal for a 32gb card right now, BUT do I need 16gb more? SIDE NOTE: "I want the one with more GBs!"

40GB of storage, in a *phone*... This means the Droid X fully eclipses the hulking *desktop computer* I was using about 7 or 8 years ago... And it fits in my pocket. What a great time to be alive!

The fact that they can fit so much data onto something so small still blows my mind. Another interesting point: combined with the internal memory, for $300 you now get a 40GB Droid X. The 32GB iPhone 4 is also $300. This is a great move by Verizon IMO to entice that high-end user who wants the most storage possible.

Anyone else find it crazy to spend $100 on such a small piece of hardware. I seriously see myself losing/breaking it day 1.

Than again, seeing as I get an extra $100 off my order, and 25% off accessories, $70 for 32gb of storage isn't looking so bad...

Still Too Much.

I'd start with 16Gig. By the time you fill that the 32Gig will come down in price.

I wish the device manufacturers would start putting in two slots so we weren't always right up against the stiff price of the latests large microSD cards. Non changing stuff like music doesn't need a fast card.

Sorry, worded that poorly. Offered by Amazon. Verizon is offering MicroSD which is a decent deal if you need the space.

My bad. That's what I get for trying to search the web and talk on a conference call at the same time. Sorry.

Yeah, "Big Woop" indeed, good luck trying to fit a full sized SD card into a microSD slot moron.

That's not a micro sd card. Good luck getting that to fit into your phone.

$100 is still way too much. No thanks big red.

It will support it (most new phones will) but you have to format it on your PC not on the phone.

Thats my understanding.

Yeah, that card will not fit the Droid X. You need a MicroSDHC, not just an SD card.

The cheapest I saw for a 32 GB SDHC Micro card, on Froogle.com, was like $138. $100 still seems like a lot of money to me, but it is a good deal for that card.

I just bought a 16GB card for my EVO, and I think it was around $40.

16GB is still a crap-ton of space.

I love these increases in space, but we're still a ways off for me to discontinue using my full 80 GB iPod.

$100 is way too much for a memory card IMO, although I already reserves the desktop and car cradle for tomorow, so maybe I'll give in and swing for the fences. I'm def sick of the 16gb limit my iPhone 3G has imposed on me.

It is good to see the price of these 32GB cards finally start to come down. $138 is the lowest that I can see by search, I will wait until they get under $100.

Absolutely $100 is too much to pay for phone storage. That's more than I paid for my actual storage unit between moves. I'm fine with the 8GB card my incredible is rockin. Couldn't max that out if I tried.

It comes stock with 16gb micro sd card right? Realistically, how much space is 16gb? I figure it'd nicely hold a few thousand songs, a few homepages full of apps, a few hundred pictures, and an unlimited number of texts and emails, with 32gb only really necessary if you want your whole iTunes and iPhoto libraries, and every document you ever typed on your handheld. If i'm mistaken please correct me.

I want the additional space. I've had to selective sync my pictures, recordings, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. to stay within the 16gb on my iphone, and I'm looking forward to free rein on the DX.

Which is why I would want a Class 6. Why get a slow card? If it was designed around a class 6, then you will no doubt notice, as some point, if you use a slower card. We still don't know what Verizon is "giving" out for $100. I believe it will make a difference. It does with high-speed cameras.

I would be happy to pay $100 for 32Gb, the cards are $200 direct from SanDisk.

Check out Amazon's user reviews for the 32GB micro SD. It appears there are a bunch of counterfeit cards (2GB cards with a #3 silkscreened on infront of the 2). For this reason I would prefer to buy from a store like Verizon if they have them in stock.

I would appreciate it if more developers implemented the apps2SD on Froyo, but even that won't solve the internal storage issues of my Nexus as the apps always leave something behind (usually under 1MB)and the app's data cache still seems to use internal storage over the SD card.

Maybe this behavior will change with Gingerbread, or maybe I will need a new phone next year.

wonder if there will be additional discounts available for it, might consider getting it if i get additional discount... the x already comes with 16 gig uSD card though

So basically, after installing $100 microSD card, Droid X is as expensive as 32gb iPhone 4? So much for bashing iPhone for being expensive. As far as I can tell hardware-wise, iPhone has a higher resolution display, a front facing camera, a proprietary SoC, better graphics processor, more expensive casing, higher quality battery, proprietary OS that must have taken many years to develop. I'm not an Apple fanboy. I use win 7 Acer with an android cellphone. But why are these motorola phones as expensive as iPhones when the parts are inferior and the OS is licensed free of charge? Why?

32+8=40 > 32. Last time I cheked at least. It is a proprietary system that lags behind offering it's customers what they want by telling them "no you don't really want it". New iterations of the software don't always go smoothly and can be bug filled just the same as any other. Also apple continually drops support for new features on old models yet calls Android fractured. It remains to be seen how the batteries will
compare at least after I wear the first one out I won't be stuck with one that can't make it through the day. The droid screen is bigger and near the same resolution albeit with a lower pixel resolution. I don't see myself dying over the front facing camera, but the hdmi port, desktop cradle and car mounts are going to be awesome. Btw, on an iPhone it's $100+ for the cradle and $50-80 for the software to get turn by turn navigation. I could go on and on...oh yea, and you can't hold it with your left hand. Alright, enough of the list. Tomorrow I'll be ditching ATTs trash network and my iPhone 3G to pick up the Droid X and I'm confident it's going to be a great decision.

I don't think any of your argument justifies Motorola X's price being equal to iPhone 4. Go check newegg 32gb is actually around 150. And remember iphone 16gb is also 200. So iPhone 4 16gb would be a more economical choice here. Android is also a proprietary system sans some open sourced codes. Remember what Cyanogen had to go through? There are some features that iOS is missing but not too the point where you can say they are lagging. There are things that Android is lagging behind as well. Google Maps is free from Google. Why should that add to Droid's price? Desktop cradle and car mounts are pretty expensive coming from motorola. iPhone has so many 3rd party makers that you can virtually get accessories at any price point you can imagine. 200 ppi to 300 ppi is a significant boost, and I heard the display is quite expensive. HDMI port is indeed a plus for Droid X, although I don't have a TV set nor does my laptop take hdmi input. But i'd say the cost of the glass front and back is enough to offset it. I'm not saying iPhone 4 is better than Droid X. I'm waiting to get X myself as an upgrade from my current android device. I'm saying it costs more to make iPhone taking into account that they have to develop all the softwares themselves as opposed to Motorola free-riding on Google Android.

HAHA, is that how they try and make up for having a locked bootloader, and boobietrapping trying to get root? HAHAHAA Epic FAIL!!!!

Honestly, size is almost completely irrelevant if its a slow card. Seeing how its Sandisk i would assume that it probably is a slow card. But im just throwing that out there, obviously i have no idea of the specs because they arent listed.

I got really excited but now im kinda iffy because theres no speed class listed. I LITERALLY just got my 16gb class 6 in the mail this morning. If this card is fast i might just return the one i have

Im almost certain that its a class 2, why else would they even sell them half of what its going for. Just to sell a phone? I think you will get better performance with your class 6 16GB card than this one.

Yeah i'm not going to be interested if its class 2 haha. im on the phone with the VZW rep actually haha

all this whining about card speed is BS. it has already been discussed that the only time you might see any speed is when connected to computer. i want bigger for my movies, audible, podcast, music, and porn..

really? are you speaking from experience or regurgitated information that you heard? because i've seen speed differences when accessing information on the phone with a class 2 and a class 6. it definitely makes a difference

I hate to bust your bubble but you have been bamboozled. That is not a 32 gb card, its a trick in the format to make it appear that way. EBay has already gone after them for fraud, check it out over on xda. EBay removed most of them, looks like not all. Think about it, you paid 36 dollars for something sold everywhere else for over $180, lol. Everything isn't always as it seems. If I can find the link ill post it up.

Damn, sorry that happened. Ebay needs to stay on top of this before alot of people end up getting ripped off. I guess that seller can just signup for a new name everytime they get busted.

30 min phone call with VZW yielded no information because the card isnt in their system yet. Probably wont be until tomorrow when its officially released or whatever. BUMMERRRR