Verizon outage

Just got word back from Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney about the overnight/early morning 4G LTE outage. Here 'tis:

"Verizon Wireless 4G LTE service is returning to normal this morning after company engineers worked to resolve an issue with the 4G network during the early morning hours today.   Throughout this time, 4G LTE customers were able to make voice calls and send and receive text messages. The 3G data network operated normally."

Hopefully things should be back to normal and we can all go back to worrying about signal strength and battery life.


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Verizon says service 'returning to normal'


dude! a world without LTE fast internet is BADDDDD!!!
had my galaxy nexus for two days and already im super spoiled by fast internet!
it was like the same feeling as withdrawal!! :(

I was thinking it was my nexus but I guess. not I know this has gone down a few times lately but I am s0 glad they are getting kinks out before the coverage map for lte gets bigger.

Here near Pensacola Florida, not getting either 3G or 4G on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Both were working yesterday.

Still only 3g in Dallas. And contrary to what the spokesperson says, 3g has not operated normal the whole time. I spent a good chunk of the morning without any data

I have had zero 3G or 4G connectivity in Downtown Dallas all day. Still nothing at 11:58 AM. Maybe it's another bug in the Galaxy Nexus. I have no data period.

Verizon is going from the most reliable network to the most unreliable! What is this like the 4th outage within a span of 6-7 months? Each time there is an outage it's not a few hours, it's more than 24 and even up to 72 hours!

What they mean is - when it's working reliably, it's the most reliable. When it's not working reliably, it doesn't count. It's all in the spin. ;)

Guys you are reading this wrong. They are saying the service is returning to normal meaning 4G data is down.

That is what the norm is now correct?

I am not sure the 3G network was down, I am pretty sure it was not, because my work issued 3G Verizon Blackberry never lost connectivity. In doing some web searching, it seems to affect our LTE devices because Verizon is using eHRPD (enhanced High Rate Packet Data) as the "bridge" from CDMA 3G to LTE. I think that is why going through the ##778# dialer menu to force the modem to Rev. A from eHRPD usually gets us back to 3G instead of no data or 1X.

I'd like to see two things.: An Android 201 article on the what and why of LTE migration, along with why the Rev A forcing works or doesn't. The second thing I would like is something from Verizon explaining why these outages seem to take down the Is it a software issue, is it related to LTE expansion, etc.

I doubt we'll see the second item because of corporate lawyers and PR folks and a desire not to reveal network vulnerability.

FU Verizon, you big fat LIARS! 3G was NOT working "normally" this morning as I had ZERO data connection from about 2am till around 11am this morning.
All these 4G outages sure isn't making you the "most reliable" network out there aholes! Get to work and make sure all this 3G/4G data connection works 100% of the time as I'm paying you for it every month. Chop chop

I asked technical support if I should switch my Bionic to strictly 3G during the outage and was told 3G is/was also down.

Get your story straight VZ!

Still no 4G in DC. And there was absolutely no 3G this morning for a period either. The network might not have been down with 3G, but it wasn't available; that's down to me.

Phil, your headline is misleading. 3G and voice service never had an impairment, so how can that return to normal? Perhaps you should be specific and say "4g LTE service... ". :P

Had the same thing happen to me. My old 3G phone was shut down, but I was in limbo waiting for the network to come back up. The anticipation was painful!

Hspa+ need I say more. It seems to me that T-Mobile has a much faster,and more reliable 4g service. No problems here (Galaxy S II) go Magenta!!!

Lost all data last night, and just NOW got 3G back! Still waiting for 4G LTE to kick back in. I'm in the Champaign/Urbana, IL. area and have been sporting my Droid Razr without any issues since 11/09/2011. Makes you wonder if good ole Verizon should be giving us credit for the all the data outages we've been getting.

I just got my Nexus last night and 4G went down around 11:45 here and was down until I was able to get on at work at around 9AM (both times PDT).

Glad it's back up, and the Nexus is great so far... can't wait until Swype has an update that loads on this :)

I got 4G back on my Thunderbolt in the DC area late this morning, had it for a few hours. Now it looks like I'm back to 3G, and since I have to tether to do work, this isn't so great.

While working in a 4G area today, my Charge started playing a game on its own while in my purse. My purse was on the floor and my phone was in silent mode because I was in a business meeting! After leaving the 4G area, my phone lost all SD storage and restarted over and over. Finally had to pull the battery! Even after that, it restarted twice! Seems okay now but I call this far from NORMAL for any phone! This happens all the time when I enter and leave a 4G area!

Would be nice to be informed of such outages either before or during, if nothing else as a courtesy. I get such notices when my bill is late. Why not when they have to temporarily suspend one of the services I'm paying for? Would be a nice gesture by the customer service folks.

Its funny how Verizon has to lie about its 3G network by saying it is working normally, I had no data here in Michigan for about 6 hours, I am far from a 4G area, only 3G here, they just need to own up to the problem and work on fixing it.

I get some data but not able to send text messages but can receive them from others. Not sure if it's a network issue or my phone.

Oooh, good. This is actually a relief to me. Last night I was baffled by there being absolutely no data here in Iowa, and was worried again this evening when 4G cut out. I only just got my RAZR yesterday, and was concerned it was a problem with my phone. Phew!

As far as I'm concerned, I'm glad that Verizon is taking the time to work stuff out rather than leave it in a bad state, that way we can all have it working great most of the rest of the time. Just as long as they don't take forever. I really want to enjoy that amazingly fast data!

Here in northern New England, there is yet to be any 4G service at all anyway and 3G worked fine all day yesterday.