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Not a lot here that isn't in the headline. Verizon has listed the Sense 5 update page for the HTC Droid DNA on their site. There is no date mentioned, or no inkling of exactly which version of Android we'll be seeing (though HTC has said they are working to get 4.3 on the DNA this month), but if you want to know all about Sense 5 features like Blinkfeed or the new smart dialer, it's there.

If you're a Droid DNA user, keep an eye out for that update notification.

Source: Verizon; Via: Android Central forums


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Verizon says Sense 5 coming to the Droid DNA


It's rootable with S-Off ability. Quad-core processor, 1080p screen, LTE, etc. Battery last me an entire day, should improve mow with 4.3. Storage hasn't been an issue for me because I'm unlimited and still save my stuff to the clouds. A nice size dev support with plenty custom roms, plus it just became CM 10.2 certified. Did I mention that it "should" get 4.3. At that price, it was a no brainer for me.

You can get a N4 for less than half the price. No contract. Lol. Why bother? Yes its a nice phone but I sent Verizon a big FU four months ago. Happy for it too.

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Another person who has no idea what "4G" is. HSPA+42 is officially "4G" and with T-Mobile is faster than Verizon's LTE in many markets.

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Just so you know you can get an htc one for just over 120 out the door at Costco on a two year agreement.

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Don't get me wrong: I love my DNA (running Tranquil Sense 5, btw). But if anyone's in the market for a HTC One, I think I saw a Best Buy deal for $50 on contract.

If I were in the market, I would probably grab that over the DNA.

Sounds like the Rezound. Another underrated and abandoned beast from Verizon

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Spec wise, the Rezound was good. Unfortunately, mine has proven unreliable and problematic. I can't tell you how many times I've had to factory reset, not to mention how terrible the battery is. I only received one update from gingerbread to ICS, and HTC is no longer updating it. I only know one other person with this phone, and he's having a lot of trouble with his, too. No more HTC phones for me!

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Mine ran like a champ but like you said the battery was horrible. Verizon and HTC orphaned it almost 10 whole minutes after it was released so yeah I am not surprised by the lack of upgrades. It damn near took them a year to make it a world phone...

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In addition I just remembered that I used to carry 2 extended batteries for it, but I still use the free beats ear buds so it had that going for it

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I didn't have any problems with mine the first year. It's been since then. I have an extended battery but it's so huge! Liking my nexus 4 so far!

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It has the Quick Settings showing in the guide that are found in 4.2.2 ROMs for the HTC One, so thats probably the best bet as to which android version it is.

Well android 4.3 also has quick settings. So that's not the best way to judge it.

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Norths point is that sense 5 doesn't have quick settings. But andros 4.2 and 4.3 do

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Definitely a great phone and was really hoping to get this update soon

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HTC is on the ball. 4.3 to all of their current flagships in every country during the same month? Samsung hasn't even been able to do that yet. I'm really anxious to see if HTC will accomplish their goal, and with the recent news, it seems that it's likely they will.

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Now if stupid Motorola would just release 4.2.2 for the RAZR HD/Maxx, then I'd be impressed

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Well they have plenty of Alsop roms over on xda.. My only question is, if you hate sense so much, why buy a sense phone? That to me kinda defeats the purpose...

It was the best phone on the market at the time of its release..

I was moving back into Android from iOS and wanted something I could toy with considering I had an HTC before this...

All the bloggers boasted about its insane speeds and how Sense really didn't get in the way

But after almost a year with it I can honestly say that Sense makes no Sense

Too bad that CM10.2 is now official for the DNA. That's what I'm running on this beast of mine. I love this phone.

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From my understanding, it's still running off of the M7 4.2.2 kernel, even though the rom is 4.3. The 4.3 kernel will make it even better once updated.

Excellent phone! Really enjoy mine with CM 10.2. Runs like a champ, wish the camera was a little better though. Desire for a bigger screen and better camera are my main reasons for switching to the Note 3 when it hits.

Based on my own experience and seeing and hearing others who have it this is THE most undervalued/underrated phone of today's day and age. Was all set to get a g2 or gs4 but after holding my DNA next to them i thought ...yes they are very nice devices but enough to give me epeen envy? Nope.

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If the Nexus 5 has penta band LTE like it's rumored to have, this type of thing will be old news. Why would anyone buy anything other than a Nexus? Especially if it's built off of the G2?

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Another nexus or nothing fanboy. I personally think something like Sense is much more appealing than stock android. Better look, more features etc. I have nothing against stock, in fact I have cyanogenmod running on my note 10.1. Some people just prefer it.

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