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You mean you can get fired (in this case, it was an intern whose stint ended all of a week early) if you find an unreleased phone and take a picture of it, which your "friend" sends to a tech blog? Go figure. Discuss. [via Gizmodo]


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Verizon reportedly ended intership for kid who snapped this pic


Actually, I kind of agree with the Big Red on this one. You can't have interns running around and taking pictures of internal and most-likely confidential products and information. It also probably has given that kid a good life lesson in proprietary information. I normally would fight for free speech/freedom especially in the face of the mega-giant "V" but in this case I actually agree with them... just my two cents.

I would think you would have to sign something with Verizon saying that you would keep whatever information you know under wraps. its just common sense that you dont take pictures and leak them. that was just dumb.

Although it sucks that the guy's internship was ended, it is his fault. I don't blame Big Red for doing what they did. If they wanted a picture of the phone to be released then they would have done it themselves.

Yeah as much as we all want to see the next big thing before its announced companies need to protect their best interests. Also it helps if your friends don't post stuff that can get you fired.

I actually think they have a right to put this on his record, and make future employment in this industry at any company difficult. While I appreciate seeing unreleased devices leak out as much as the next guy (and I'm possibly replacing my storm with a shadow) Verizon and any company has a right to expect it's own right to "privacy" be respected. Let's face it, this kid's a liability who can't be trusted. And he's not too bright, or else he wouldn't get caught.

This kid is an idiot. And all previous comments sum it up. He's obviously not grown up enough to have this job. And this position meant very little to him if a photo in a tech blog was that much more important.

He is lucky no lawsuit is being pressed.

Next time take it in an unfamiliar area like a bathroom on the toilet without your hand in the pic.

They probably recognized the office and his watch and figured it out.

They should be happy though, this may stop potential ship jumpers from going to sprint to get the EVO, though it could be bad cuz it stops customers from buying current phones.

Oh well.

{sarcasm} So what I read is that if I'm going to leak a product, make sure there aren't any clues in the picture as to who I am. {/sarcasm}

Does it really matter THAT much? Granted with the iPhone 4GS leak it was a bit of a shocker because no one had a clue. This phone has had it's picture all over the interwebs for MONTHS before this one was taken and leaked. Not that I condone leaking material that is covered by a NDA but in the same breath it's nothing new either.

I love how we all support big red on this one, but slam apple when something similar happens out in apple land. =P Sucks to be apple.

This is really the same result from two sort-of different situations. The iPhone guy was apparently drunk and left the prototype out and it was found. This VZW guy is someone who chose to publish a photo of an upcoming phone that hasn't been disclosed. I totally agree with Big Red on their decision from a business stand point. The situation with apple doesn't appear to be deliberate, but both companies need to be able to rely on their people to keep proprietary info under wraps, no matter what. I'll read about a leak just as much as the next guy. But in these two situations, the only logical decision could have been made. I support them both.

Idiot. Whatever people's opinions are for VZW - I'm really surprised they don't go after him with lawsuits.

In the heightened age of secrecy resulting from increased competition (eat it iPhone) - you can't have children running around the shop releasing confidential information on unreleased products.

Good luck to future kids who want that same role - you will be scrutinized even harder now.

If you read the story... He was an employee at the Gym where the phone was left behind (similar to the iPhone fiasco). I doubt that he was under any such 'secrecy' obligations as other employees would be. But I'm sure they had some fine print that will keep this from becoming a wrongful termination lawsuit.

So what is happing to the moron who left the phone just lying around? What, they figured that if Apple did it, they could do it to to drum up free press?

You can get fired for violating the non disclosure agreement you sign when starting a new job? Who would have thought :).

We have confedentialuty agreements. We can't give any info out or big red cans us.

I know I misspelled that big time lol.

So am I the only one that thinks the timing of this is just a little too convenient? Whats to say Verizon and/or Motorola didn't make up this intern story to make this seem real, but instead this is just a controlled leak to avoid people jumping over to sprint for the Evo?

When we say "kid" old do we mean? I Verizon just giving phones out to every high schooler they see? We talk about maturity and all of that...but hell...this could have been a grown man. Dude made a mistake...he is now paying for that mistake. Live and learn.

Big red & big M were good to fire this guy. But the intern shoulda used some very basic common sense (not taught in college) & taken the pic on a blank unidentifiable table without the identifying watch, hand & room. Then shoulda edited the pic with MS paint and converted the pic back to Jpeg to get rid of any identification on the actual pic. BUT like most interns, they are naive, know only information that has been known for decades while lacking in any basic common sense so I'm not suprised by this. Wow, another sheltered & dumb college kid that doesnt realize that there are consequences for breaking rules in the real world??? SHOCKING!

When I was laid off from my work for BS reasons, My NDA was in full effect, but I have the uncommon sense to leak things to competitors in a way that aren't traceable back to me but very profitable. This guy is an unexperienced idiot who leaps off bridges because skool told him water is softer than concrete & if you happen to get a booboo, mommy & daddy will kiss it & make it better. & If mommy & daddy can't make the booboo better, Obama will come to the rescue on a magic carpet made of blank checks... He's lucky he's not being sue'd, I'd say being fired is a slap on the wrist.

This was obviously strategic on Verizons part. All these leaks on the launch day of the Evo? Give me a break.