Samsung Galaxy S3

It was just a matter of time before we got something official out of Verizon indicating that its Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) would be receiving a Jelly Bean update. Verizon has just published support documentation regarding that very update, and it says that Jelly Bean is on its way to a handset near you. The update is apparently just 62MB, and will be coming OTA (Over The Air) instead of via Kies -- exactly as it should.

Along with all of the usual Android 4.1 goodies -- like Google Now and expandable notifications -- Verizon indicates that this update brings Isis Mobile Wallet and also unlocks global roaming on the device. There are a whole host of bugfixes included as well, from Email sync to the Wifi connection. Take a look at the source links for Verizon's support docs, and then hit the forums to see what other members are saying about the OTA.

Update: And ... Verizon has reverted the support, say the folks in our forums. Messin' with our emotions!!!

Source: Verizon Support; (2); via Verizon Galaxy S3 Forums

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Tyegly says:

So soon?

DWR_31 says:

Finally getting Isis, but it only supports a few credit cards. I'll stick with my Sprint GSIII that had Google Wallet right out of the gate.

hotkoko says:

so, how long do we have to still wait for the update???

mwara244 says:

Within a week or two, what happened when this happened with the JB for the GNex

Get ready for your one and only JB update to the GS3. Verizon is all ready 3 updates behind for the JB on the GNex. If GS3 owners are Lucky, you all will hopefully get the 4.2 update and won't be stuck behind with us on the 4.1.1

n0obpr0 says:

About time! Now we wait some more...

moonzilla says:

as someone who has been running AOKP on their VZW s3, will be possible for AOSP-based devs to implement the global roaming functionality built into this update? im hoping the radio update can be applied without having to resort to touchwiz.

Bsheedy says:

That is the same build number of the last update we received.

gmihalakos says:

Only 62mb when sprints and att were much larger?

Who? says:

I think it's very revealing that the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD got the JB update before the S3.

KTMKTM says:

That they're giving special treatment to their carrier exclusive phones? Pretty much.

Who? says:

No, they're releasing updates as they are made available. TouchWiz delays updates. Blur is barely there.

dyastrab says:

Doesn't look like 4.1. It's the update we got a few weeks ago.

Menelaus#AC says:

Great reporting...this is an old update from October, not the 4.1.1 update!

This is the update we got a few weeks ago. The fugg you talking about? -__-

piizzadude says:

Verizon pulled the update document not long after it was reported. THis is not ACs fault.

Who? says:

Update: lolercoaster

XavierMatt says:

So happy I left that damn carrier . Even if this is not the update you guys will be waiting for nothing.

wonkman says:

Been using Scott's ROM. Works great if you don't mind Wiz. Built from Verizon 4.1 leaks so it's super stable without the bloat.

briaking says:

Several leaks have come out already. Its super easy to upgrade.

hotkoko says:

of course, let every other phone that came out after the s3 get JB first

charlier180 says:

ref whistle

"False Start, Verizon, 10 yards, 4th Down".