Verizon Droid Maxx

$99 on-contract gets you a couple cool color options for a great phone on Verizon.

The Motorola Droid Maxx is getting slightly old at this point, and in order to freshen things up a bit Verizon is releasing two new color options of the device. Alongside the previous black model, you'll now have the choice of a bright glossy red (which looks similar to the Droid Ultra) or black with chrome accents if you're looking to stand out from the crowd. Here's the catch: You can only get the two new colors with 16GB of storage, with the old black model offering 32GB of storage for $50 more on-contract or $100 more off-contract.

Aside from that, this is the Droid Maxx we know from before — it has some seriously impressive battery life along with all of the great new features recent Motorola phones are known for such as Touchless Control and Active Display. You'll just have to decide whether the lower price and new colors are worth the 16GB reduction in storage for you.

Verizon's online store is already listing the new Droid Maxx colors for sale, and you can pick them up right here for $99 on-contract, or $499 off-contract.

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Verizon releases Droid Maxx in two new color options, quietly cuts storage to 16GB


16gigs lol what a waste so after the ID and Verizon bloateware how much space is there


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LOL...just another release to leave'em...good riddance.. I'm been almost 1 year "sober" now from them..Paying $70 less/month for the same family plan.

The asinine reduction in storage is more likely the issue

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He pretty clearly said this was just one more reason to leave Verizon. Don't think he's seeing a new version of a phone with lower storage as the sole reason to leave the carrier.

Less on-board storage so you have to stream more. More streaming equals more data usage, and if VZW is lucky, you'll go over and they can charge you extra.

I actually have the original phone, can't believe they did something this ridiculous. Then again, if it benefits VZW somehow, why should I be surprised?

I hope you're referring to VZW, not the Droid Maxx, because it's actually a very good phone.

Sad redefined. But commission + Droid branding = poor basterds being trapped into buying it

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Pretty old? Its still the best phone that Verizon has to offer!! I love my Maxx, best 300 bucks ever spent.

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At the time it was announced I'd agree it was the best. Now? Solid device but there are better options if money isn't a factor.

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That's relative. Better spec (by all means) phones they do have, but in terms of the signal strength, battery life and quality build. Many Verizon customers are demanding just that.

Moto X VZW

I have a Droid Maxx but it's been relegated to work use with an at&t SIM card. My daily driver is now an HTC One (m8). Additionally I would consider the Note 3 and the S5 as better devices. Of course opinions will vary greatly.

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I have the note 3, recently purchased the htc one M8 and I still think the maxx is the best smartphone out there.

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Note 3 on VZW (my wife has one) sucks.
Multiple problems (battery drain, camera, freezing...) and had it replaced after a few months. New one much better, but didn't take a week to get random rebooting to safe mode.

Moto X VZW

Can't help but wonder if because of the moto x and moto g if the droid line is on its way out. Verizon customers finally get a nexus like phone now. Updates are actually good so far. Any reason for the droid line to continue anymore?

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Yes. They are Verizon exclusive. They own the droid branding. They will milk that view as long as they can

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If this would have had onscreen buttons this would be my fav phone. Cant stand some capacitive buttons though.

The Droid Maxx is the BEST smartphone I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot. I was that guy who bought the new flagship phone from Apple, Samsung, Google Nexus and HTC every time one came out. It was a new phone in my hands every 3-4 months for years, but after almost 8 months with the Maxx I still have very little interest in switching to another device because the Maxx is so close to perfect. The latest Galaxy and HTC M8 just don't offer anything I want or need beyond the Maxx's **overall experience**.

The Maxx's 5" display is just right, battery lasts two full days with legitimate "heavy usage", phone is snappy and responsive, 32gb of storage more than adequate, the speakerphone is loud enough to wake the dead, the touchless controls are amazing, kevlar back is scratch and fingerprint free, and Verizon is the only carrier that can push a strong 4G signal into everywhere I go.

The Verizon hate around here is almost irrational. I've had all four major carriers, and still have three of them, and the VZW service never fails to impress me that it's worth the small (for me) extra premium over the plans I have on the other carriers.

I echo your thoughts on the MAXX. Wonderful phone! Camera could be better, but I just leave it in HDR and it does alright.

The VZW hate I can relate to both sides, I do wish I could bring my own device easier, instead of only those that VZW decides to support. But after getting my MAXX, I haven't been lusting after the cheaper Nexus 5 anymore.

The Maxx is great but it's a little slower around the corners than my HTC One (m8) so I rather keep my HTC as my main phone.

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I agree with all of this! Love my Maxx. Also, I have no qualm with Verizon. Its simply the best coverage where I live. Sure, its pricy but you get what you pay for. I don't mind paying a little extra for reliable service.

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