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Just use coupon code VZWDEAL at checkout

Verizon just kicked off a promotion where any online checkout made until March 2 using the code VZWDEAL will get you the Moto X for no money down. Well, okay, a penny, if that counts. Normally the Moto X costs $49.99 on a two-year term, or $329.99 with financing. There are also all of the wonderful customization options available, plus the Verizon Moto X was just recently graced with an updated to Android 4.4.2.

Motorola was hinting earlier this week that we'd see a refresh on this device over the summer, so it may be worth your while to wait and see what they'll be offering. Anybody interested in getting in on this deal can snag the Moto X from the online store here. Takers?


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Verizon promo prices Moto X at a penny on contract


So I ordered my Moto X on Verizon just over 2 weeks ago with a wooden back for ~$80 after shipping. Think I can get any sort of refund for the difference in what I paid and the new promo price?

Sounds good but no thanks... Clinging to my unlimited data with no contract.

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I need that promotional off contract price again ! Important bday is coming and that 100$ really hurts :) c'mon Moto , get serious :p

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VZW Moto X

I would have considered switching from Sprint to Verizon, not only for this deal but also for the improved coverage, but I won't give that company a dime after the Net Neutrality bullshit they've pulled on us.

I wish this was the same for T-Mobile. My wife only gets HSPA+ speeds on her VZ Moto X. Which most days it's still faster than VZ's 4G, then some days it isn't.

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