Verizon VZ Navigator

Verizon has updated their VZ Navigator application, and along with the new name of Verizon Navigator VX, comes a free 30 day trial for new users, and some cool new features, the highlights of which we've outlined below:

  • Smart Routes with Real-Time Traffic – Updated every 60 seconds, telling you when traffic is ahead and mapping out detours to get you around it
  • Voice Turn-by-Turn Directions – Even with other apps open, you will continue hearing where to turn to keep you on track
  • “Real” signs and road views – Accurate highway signs guide you into the correct lanes and prevent last minute lane changes
  • Location Sharing – Use Place Messaging or Facebook to share your real-time location or the place of an upcoming meeting
  • Virtual city driving with 3D buildings and graphics
  • Satellite view that moves with your location
  • Local search with Bing
  • Real-time weather, gas prices, movie times and other local information
  • Ability to add addresses to "favorites" for easy bookmarks of the places you frequent

The 30 day free trial is open for new VZ navigator subscribers only, and available on the HTC Droid Incredible, Motorola Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Droid Charge, HTC Droid Incredible 2, and the HTC Thunderbolt.  To give it a try, fire up your phone and head over to to download the app.  Choose the 30 day trial option, and you're set.

Some of these new features look really nice.  I'm especially loving the overhead freeway signs, which could save many a headache while tooling around an unfamiliar city.  To see a short video overview, be sure to visit the source link.

Source: Verizon



Reader comments

Verizon offering free 30-day trial of the new VZ Navigator


Well as far as android goes I only have 2 words: Google Navigation

And if you have a blackberry on Verizon maybe its time to make the switch

just wait...i see it in the future....even more of a crippled gps, only allowed to work with navi programs that are allowed by verizon only...therefore you can only use their navigator.

They used to do this, got sued, and had to unlock the gps chips so they'd work with 3rd party apps. Was a few years ago, iirc 3-4 months after the Samsung Omnia was first released. They can't go back legally.

If they want to sell this as a regular app with a one time fee, then they might be able to do that depending upon what sort of advantages it offers over other apps. If they think they can continue using the subscription pricing model for a gps program, they must be dreaming. That model is dead b/c of Google Navigation.

I think if they lowered the fee (maybe make it $2.99 per month) then I could see rocking this (because if you pay for something, it should have lots of support and updates should flow like wine). That would amount to about $36 a year and with constant map updates and such, this would be okay for me. At $9.99 a month for VZ Nav, I'd rather stick to Google maps with navigation...

Totally not worth it when Google Maps is available for free. Verizon wants people to sign up for their "free trial" hoping people will simply forget to cancel. More revenue for an already overpriced carrier (and yes, I have Verizon).

Awwwww Sweet!!!! Oh still haven't done anything to fix the GPS on my Fascinate.

Glad you offer a free trial for a service that is unusable do to your unwillingness to fix a known issue. Why even suggest the Fascinate as a part of the deal when you know GPS is so very unreliable for many of the unrooted(the way you want us)folks?

#winning verizon....#winning.

I think you may have misinterpreted the message in my post. It wasn't so much a invitation for an offer of a Fascinate capable of obtaining GPS lock in less that 3 minutes. It was more of an "why make yourself and your product look worse by offering something free to try on a device that has known issues in that very area" kind of message. Thanks for the offer though.

The GPS on mine locks in around 5-10 seconds (warm start, not moving more than a mile) and about 30 seconds from Cold Start (Reboot or moving to a very different spot geographically). Actually more accurate than on my Thunderbolt (by about 10-15 meters). And the offer is not just for the Fascinate. Thunderbolt, DX2, DInc2 and other phones are in on this as well.

Please read my post before you comment on them.

I never discounted the effectiveness of the GPS on your unit. I understand your GPS is good, and i'm happy for you. I also never stated the GPS on the Fascinate was not accurate, only that it takes several minutes to lock. If it doesn't lock, it does me no good. If I find myself lost and need to wait 3-5 minutes for a lock, I might as well take that time and ask for directions at a McDonalds or a gas station.

I also understand the offer is for other devices, which is why i begged the question only to the inclusion of fascinate as "part of the deal" and not because I thought the fascinate was only device allowed for under the navigation trial.

Yep, read your post before I commented.
All I'm saying is that just because you have had an issue with your Fascinate (which at first sign of issues you should have immediately complained to VZW about and have had your device exchanged for one that works) doesn't mean all had issues. Why not include the Fascinate users in this trial offer and let people make their minds up on what service they would use? It was considered a high end device when it first went on sale through VZW and they still have a big customer base for the phone. It's like if you got robbed by an Ewok and now you think Ewoks are all evil little critters that should have no rights and privileges.
I still won't load up VZ Nav on my Thunderbolt however, but choice is a wonderful thing.


You can, which is why this is basically worthless to an Android owner.

However, it does make me think about whether Verizon would ever attempt to block GMaps Nav and make us pay to have it enabled or for VZ Navigator.

Think about it, that's exactly what they do with tethering now: Google has it built into the OS, Verizon (and other carriers) disable it and then charge you for the option of turning it back on. I'm still shocked that people actually try and defend the carriers on that crap.

I thought that was why they origionally tried to Bing every thing including my BB storm 1. Tried. It didnt like it but couldnt get rid of it. I would say that some day in not so far future they will try to charge for google aps or force us to use the VZ crap. Will be a sad day for the smart phones

Sprint gives you TeleNav for free AND we also have Google Maps.

And like everybody else has already mentioned, why would anybody pay a monthly fee for a service like this?

$10/month= $240 (assuming you keep it the entire duration of your contract)

you'd honestly be better off buying a decent standalone GPS unit.

Even a standalone unit needs updates, and you mostly pay for those (unless you get a unit that specifically comes with lifetime map updates). Google Maps = the best freakin' value. Even if you had a Bing'ed out phone, you can still install Google Maps (like I did on my old Fascinate).

Sprint's nav app is free and updated for free. Sprint also lets you try any phone for 30 days and return it... But this isn't about Sprint.

Google maps works just fine for me.

Can someone tell me why you would pay for nav when you got gmaps. I dont even need that crap on my phone. TB is nice to me with BAMF love.

Verizon is long past the basic feature phones. They only want to sell smart phones with data plans. So why give a 30 day free trial of a basic phone program. Then charge you $10. 00 a month for something that all smart phones are well past. Just like the other bloat ware aps we all get stuck with on our smart phones. Today I ordered my 80 yr old mom one of only 4. Types to choose from junk( basic) phones that verizon still carries, while supplies last. These basic phones include these basic built in features like Vz navigator. Lol. any way why does a verizon continue to push these useless features for a subscription price? With smart phones 3G and 4G lite. They could bring their basic features into the same century or drop all the Vz crap. I havent been able to use the VZ branded features sence the blackberry storm 1 days. Now the aps are on my thunderbolt for a price. LONG PAST THOSE DAYS VZ. Vz navigator???
GOOGLE MAPS!!!!! *** no thanks VZ any thing

I checked out the Navigator on Sprint, used it to search for businesses, it was at least 6 month out of date, with poor routing. Google Maps shows new businesses that have opened in the last 2 weeks. Neither Navigator or Google route as good as a Garmin.

I'm seriously considering bailing on Verizon one way or another. It's just costing too much damn money. I'm on a 2 line family plan 1400 minutes unlimited text and one unlimited data add on... $140-150 a month and that's after my US GOVT discount! I don't have any insurance or additional features, well except the $2.99 VVM but still. The other phone on my plan is a total bare bones LG slider crap phone that my 16 yo brother uses. My contract is up around April and I'm really thinking about checking Sprint out again at that time and kicking my brother onto our moms plan or something. I've bounced between Sprint (PCS) and VZW for the past 12 or so years. Oh decisions decisions.

When I had the BB I had no choice but to have the Verizon Navigation and it was very accurate and quite good. I hated paying 9.99 though.
I am glad to have my Incredible because having the Google Maps and also voice is excellent and being FREE even better. I will not fall into the trap of paying for Navigation and anyone else who does is just crazy. If you can't have Google Maps then by all means get the Verizon Navigation. Verizon could offer it at a lower price but they won't. And if they were to try to block the free Google Maps, I believe there would be many complaints. I don't like Bing either and am glad my Incredible has Google. Free updates. I use it a lot.

I only opened this thread to comment on verizon... Well Mr. Verizonwireless, with record profits you take away free apps and navigation just so you could charge for something being offered for free... I say your greedy and you should start offering things like this to complement your services and a show of appreciation to your customers... Too bad big companies FAIL now and at later time when competition heats up they try and kiss you at which point it'll be too late...
Best example for me... Goodbye Microsoft and wimpy phone 7, you had your chance to earn my loyalty...

Last time I checked, everyone could get a 14 day trial of vz navigator, plus if you didn't like it after 30 days you could get your money back.

My biggest question is why no Droid3 on the trial? I just got one and I have to say this easily the best phone I have ever owned or seen; its the phone most of us thought we were getting with the original droid....

As someone who has used both vz navigator & google maps (sorry if you haven't used both your opinion isn't worth much), there's a LOT of things VZ navigator does better than google maps, although google maps has improved a great deal. For my wife, I'd gladly pay for VZ navigator, its far simpler to use for most things. The streetview navigation is something found mostly on pretty high end gps units, and almost worth $10/mo if you often travel in unfamiliar places.

Both google maps and vz navigator, however, suffer from an important limitation: they need an active data connection. In my experience, vz navigator is less dependant on that once the route is downloaded, and more forgiving if you need to stop and resume later, but if you are in the middle of nowhere and don't have data, neither service will do much good. You'll be better off with either a standalone gps, or something that stores map data locally (didn't ac recently have a contest for something like that?)

In the fwiw category, I finally had a chance to go into it, and they are showing the 30 day free trial on my Droid 3. Also for those who don't know, there's a "free" navigator that drops the turn-by-turn and traffic stuff...