Verizon Droid 2.1 update

Here we go again, folks. After a number of false starts, we started getting word this morning that the Android 2.1 update was making its way to Motorola Droid users. Engadget snagged the following from an internal Verizon e-mail:

Starting 03/30/2010, Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update for the DROID by Motorola. Users will be able to upgrade their software to version AP: ESE81/BP: C_01.3E.03P to receive new improvements and enhancements.

The SOP of 1,000 people in the first batch applies, followed by 9,000 more at midnight tonight, and 200,000 on Thursday. So stand by for an OTA update, and stand by for the manual download link. Or stand by for more disappointment. One of those things is bound to happen. Sing out in the forums if you get some Android 2.1 love.

Update: Actual shot of said internal e-mail is above.

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patrick says:

Will believe it when I see it. Anyone confirm? Screensshot.

Felix A says:

Here is the 2.1 update zip file if you guy can't wait a two to three days for it! Enjoy!

christine says:

I swear to God, if I don't get 2.1 In the next week I'm going to screamm D:

MartinRW says:

Take this for what it is....I just spoke to Verizon tech support (about an unrelated matter) and of course, I brought up the 2.1 issue.
I was told that it started rolling out last Thursday and should be done within 2 weeks.

patrick says:

We. Will see. Anyone confirm this yet? Better be the right 2.1

pepsijunky says:

Let's hope it works. I think we're all ready.

BoNg420 says:

ooohhhh ese81

idle90 says:

According to engadget in the post they have it doesnt mention live wallpapers as being part of the update. Whats up with that??

rob.rojas55 says:

Welll it does include live wallpapers!!!! Don't believe them. I already got the update this morning!!

kmatheny says:

I've lost all excitement, honestly. It's a welcomed update, but the hype is over for me. I already have most of the 2.1 apps, and I'm not a huge live wallpaper fan, so this is just another update to me.

hotkoko says:

I call bull shit again. dont care anymore. Some one wrote a post saying that they spoke to a tech at verizon and they said that 2.1 started rolling out last thursday, but the article says its starting today 3/30/10. so what gives? AND regarding live wall papers, im not a big fan because it just kills that battery quicker than it already does.

cj100570 says:

I'm with you. Until Verizon makes a public statement or puts the update up on the website I look upon this with extreme skepticism. Another supposed leaked internal memo and the convenient comment from someone claiming to have spoken to customer service about an unrelated matter and then just happening to bring up 2.1 and getting confirmation that it's rolling out. Yeah right!

We will see. If it does not contain the full 2.1, I will be getting the Incredible or Nexus1 Moto better give us at least what they gave milestoners.

Anonymous says:

Wtf, what about the eris which is still on 1.5

hotkoko says:

Oh , and another thing. Its awfully close to APRIL 1st, could this be an April fools joke? I think so, what about you?

tarund says:

it's definitely happening this time around. all the documentation at Verizon's Support page has been updated:

madcow06 says:

This seems legit, here is the new page they just posted.

notice the new ese81 build number that matches the document above and not the old ese53 build, also as you can see live wallpapers are still a go in the update.

of course this doesn't mean it can't be delayed just like it was last time verizon had the last version of this page posted.

kerrhome_pto says:

Anyone know the differences between ese53 and ese81?

Anonymous says:

This mentions "live" wallpaper?? I really dont care about it, but I noticed people saying it wasnt coming and that left some people disappointed. Just thought Id post it


That is the same page VZW has had up for mos. What info are you referring to? The Build number?

quinceya1013 says:

Okay lol, first thing i did was with you all though... believe it when i see it; sounds like another croc-pot-o-bull lol if they don't get the updates together before N1 hits VZW im thinkin bout switching. HTC phones are starting to grow on me.

hotkoko says:

Just an APRIL fools joke people. Get over it

carl says:

look it only make since the milestone just got the update a couple days ago and now verizon dont want to be left out so now they are going to do it my phone all day has been giving me the sync arrows i dont know but maybe i might be getting mine soon i myself cant wait i have had my had on the root button for the past week and i was going to do it but didnt i was holding out till this and hey i might just get it

madcow06 says:

there are a couple of pics on droid-life showing droids with the ese81 builds. Real?, i don't know, but if they are WHERE ARE THE UPDATE.ZIP FILES?

Isaiah says:

Meh. I've completely lost any enthusiasm at this point, and actually have a few reasons why I might not even accept the update any more (nothing wrong with my phone as it is). Still, even with the drama, me loves me Droid. :)

specops2k3 says:

lets all hope it really roles out by the end of the week

bhi11 says:

If 2.1 rolls out, cool. If not...I'm okay with that too. Honestly the only improvement I'd like is better battery life and Flash support, and Flash isn't part of 2.1 so whatever. The phone does more than I could ever ask for as it is.

android1 says:

my question is WHEN IS EVERYONE ELSE getting this damn update, there's absolutely nothing being said about tmobile or anyone else getting an update, i love android but this shit is frustrating to say the least, this os fragmentation is really annoying and is making me loose interest in android, some may say well if you want 2.1 get a nexus one...well shit if i could afford a 580 dollar phone [that includes california taxes] i would but i can't so update that shit already or just tell us straight out no one else is getting it...period.

kmatheny says:

The Android fragmentation will most likely be fixed with their next major release by moving core applications into the Market, where they can push updates all they want, and you can download them at will.

At least this is what is being said.

M@ says:

How about some Droid Eris love any news on 2.1?

hotkoko says:

Doesnt any one see that its another HOAX? Its April 1st. HELLOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Its and APRIL fools joke

BoNg420 says:

hey dumbass April fools is still 2 days away. verizon has it officially listed on their site now

Anonymous says:

April fools day is two days from now.. I think if this were a April Fools day joke they would have waited until April 1 - hence 'April Fools' day... stop stirring up shit asshole...

Anonymous says:

Would like for it to be legit, but not holding my breath. Although, I find it interesting there is official documentation available LIVE from Verizon.

WarER4X says:

Well, I just finished installing the helix home launcher last night and getting all of my home screens configured, so if my experience with installing beta OS versions on my BB Storm only to have them immediately replaced by the next official release experience still holds, then this new 2.1 release is probably legit [i]and[/i] it will have 5 home screens.


Elden says:

Godwellz says:


Love to be wrong, but surrrrrrrrrrrrre!

rob.rojas55 says:

Its not an april fools joke. I got the update this morning!!

hotkoko says:

HEY DUMBASS, April fools is still 2 days away but they said its starting to roll out today then finish rolling out APRIL 1st? HELLOOOOO DONT BE A FOOL!!! And that has been on VZW website many times before. SO DONT BE STUPID!!!!!!!!

hotkoko says:

And that picture of someone claiming haveing the update. Weve all seen pics like those before claiming to have it. HOAX.

trenen says:

That doesn't negate the point that all the official documentation is available on VZW.

hotkoko says:

as it was other times before.

trenen says:

Yeah, but this time those documents have not been taken down, and this post has now been up for a few hours or so without a reject from VZW. This could actually be legit. We'll see though!

jms67 says:

For someone who is new to both smartphones and android I'm already too impressed with the Droid to even care about 2.1 yet.

Anonymous says:

Go to verizons page and click on the droid phone, like you were going to buy it. On the lower left hand corner, read what it says about it having 2.1 operating system.

trenen says:

Actually, as of this writing it says "Upgradeable to Android 2.1 OS;". Guess that means we don't get anything higher than that ;)

hotkoko says:

HOAX man. its just another HOAX

quinceya1013 says:

lol i love this; i cant wait to see if they really push out an update....75% of me is saying dont hold ur breath folks.... im good with 2.0 unless they come str8 out as reps from VZW and/or MOTO and say 2.1 is HERE. Im sick of reading "rolling out" or "coming"

rob.rojas55 says:

Hey everyone! I wouldn't lie to you. I've was pissed at all the "its coming its coming" as well. But this morning I got the update. The live wallpapers is my favorite new feature along with speech text. Facebook still sucks. Not really sure on battery life yet. But it seems better. What else you guys wanna know about??

Is the Live Wallpapers any good? And is the phone Slower than usual?

rob.rojas55 says:

The wallpapers are awesome. The same as the n1. The phone runs just fine. No lagging at all.

And is the Droid Eris gonna get it soon?

fludkilla says:

Hmmm we will see tonight :)

Anonymous says:

prove it. post I think this is a hoax

rob.rojas55 says:

If I knew how I would, but its not a hoax

Anonymous says:

yeah if you're so real then take a picture of the screen with the version number, etc with the phrase "this is for you! 3/30/10" on the bottom left on a piece of paper as a backdrop. i bet we are all curious

Anonymous says:

No response. Go figure.

rob.rojas55 says:

Easy easy now yoou vultures!! I am at work but I will do that as soon as I get home. Like 2 hours or so!!

Anonymous says:

will you please stop lying. the cs representative i talked to told me that nothing is being sent. it's almost 1:30 in new york now. he told me straight up that the employee, assuming s/he is with verizon, will be fired. i think some digital cameras now a days have some kind of a unique "serial number" that is embedded into the image as pixels and unseen to the naked eyes. you know what that means huh? should be pretty easy to find out who did it. my 2 cents.

rob.rojas55 says:

The cs rep u talked to is full of it!!! I got the update! How do I post that pic here to prove you and your "cs rep" wrong????

Anonymous says:

upload to and post the URL here.

Anonymous says:

All talk no action. Another liar got caught.

Anonymous says:

instructions are all over so stop crying wolf
take a video. put money where ur mouth is.

quinceya1013 says:

i wish the new launcher was added. after the update will we still be able to add custom roms?

So unfair that Droid users whine about not having 2.1 fast enough and I'm stuck with 1.5 on my Droid Eris, which has an even earlier Android version than my old T-Mobile G1!

Anonymous says:

I got the update yesterday my boy friend still hasn't

hardware1 says:

i also own the eris htc,and i got it just because i knew that there`s going to be an update wich will help me to communicate with my people from my country,cause there`s no language formation and every optiom that i had,is not free,i pay the bill not a peny more,this is b.s