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Moto X users on Verizon, start checking your device settings, as the carrier has begun rolling out the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update. Here's the new features in the update as detailed in the changelog:

  • Improved camera picture quality
  • Improved photos in fluorescent lighting
  • Ability to pause video recording
  • Offers pause/resume button on the finder
  • Enhanced dynamic range
  • New graphical layout and colors for phone dialer align with improved consistency and usability

If you're not getting the OTA update yet, try manually checking by going into your device's settings menu and going to About Phone -> Check for update. Already made the switch to the latest version of Android? Head on over to our forums and join in on the discussion.

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Verizon Moto X starts receiving Android 4.4.4 KitKat update


Had the notification on my phone first thing this morning. After the update, I could not turn the screen off with the power button. Holding the power button worked to reboot it, but would not turn the screen off. I had to wait for a while and let the screen time out on its own until it finally worked. Strange.

Other than that, so far, so good.

Had the update waiting for me this morning also. Screen off with the power button is working fine for me.

Verizon needs to fix their stupid changelog. The version number is wrong, and the image is a bad 5 second photoshop job.

As much as we pay Verizon, they should be able to at least get a stupid changelog correct.

As for the update, it has been great for me over the past week. Battery life is up around 10-15% with similar usage, the phone seems to be responding even faster than before, and the camera is significantly more consistent in its image quality. Must say, the best this phone has ever performed.

Also, not included in that changelog is that they added Motorola Alert, as seen on the Moto E. It's actually a pretty cool app.

So much hate. Big deal.

You got an update and it improved your phone. Who cares about an image or error in the change log?

If you think about it. Verizon is fully capable of shopping stuff and re-issuing an older update as with a new build just to start looking good. Yeah, they'd go that low :-)

OK this was the weirdest update ever. Right after reading this, I checked for update, and instead of telling me there was an update available, the screen never changed, and it just automatically started downloading it in the notification bar.

is not just that the ultra droid will not change anything and moto x if there were many changes motorola sucks

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Anyone notice any change in picture quality? To me, it's the same, noisy crap in low-light situations it's always been. Pretty disappointing. Other than that, it works as it should and has before. Great phone, shitty camera.

I have noticed that the yellow / gold tint isn't on new photos I take. Had the update for a few days and seems more consistent.

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Woke up to my software update this morning. I love the wave your hand over the phone to show time and lock screen feature. Adding improvements like this to a phone that's almost a year old shows me that motorola is committed to support their hardware in a good way going forward.

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My Dev Ed got the 4.4.4 update yesterday. But first I had to revert from TWRP to Stock recovery. The update lost root, so I had to re-root after it came through.

Got mine 3 days ago. All is well except the Bluetooth sound quality is different in my car. My podcasts sound more spacey/echoey... Not really liking it. Anybody with same result?

Did the update re-enable audio effects? Check your settings; the 3D sound setting always comes default enabled on every android phone I've ever had.

Downloaded and installed during lunch today. No problems or issues so far. The wave hand over the phone to activate time and notification is a neat trick. I've been saying "Abracadabra" every time I do this. I know, I need to get a life...

Got it.. Don't like the white dialer screen.. Why can't they offer a dark/light option?

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Take a look at "exDialer" in the Play Store. Very nice, and themes will allow for dark option. I have made it my default dialer.

Been there, done that,, I just think it makes zero sense that the dialer is white and the rest of the OS is black (the notification tray, settings screens, launcher, etc).. It's like it was pieced in from another OS. Dumb.

Well, it is pieced from another OS... Android L more specifically. They have a whole new design system in place that they're going to implement.

Agree, it looks annoying to me. In design terms , kinda plain and cheap. Minimalistic and simple is one thing, but this one is far from it. And considering it's amoled, probably a little chip off the battery too.

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on VZW Moto X

Did you notice the lag when you click on the phone (dialer) icon ?
It takes (feels like) almost a full second to open it compared to the one before.
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on VZW Moto X

Moto X KitKat 4.4.4 Update - Verizion - Conspiracy for 4G Unlimited Data Customers??

Issues -

#1) Massive Performance Hit - Mobile HotSpot Tethering - Cant use for business - Same location worked great before update 4-5 bars signal before and after!
#2) Streaming Content Issue - Sound Quality Bad! Noisy!...Fine before - Tunein Radio Audio Streams
#3) Battery Drain - Still testing my battery life for 1 week as motorola suggest before posting -

Frustrated - I searched threads for a day after update announced confirm no issues - Found None - Lesson - Wait a week!
Frustrated - Now I see post popping up, but the early alarms were from no name urls with dates earlier than the big guys - like AC - who accepts ads from VZW??

Question -

1) Any users on VZW 4g unlimited using VZW mobile Hot Spot App and Tether a laptop? Hows it working ?
2) Should I test a dif hotspot app - effect my unlimited hotspot with VZW I pay for ?

*** Anyone else think this is tied to the 4G Unlimited Data Users issues, recent FCC Chairman email to VZW CEO etc>

Details- Tethering Issue

- Using "new" laptop" win 8.1 - via Motox - VZW Mobile Hotspot App -
- New Motox - Direct from Motorola - 2mns ago - KitKat 4.4.2 - No Issues
- Connecting to the web directly no issues - b4 or now
- Same location - Same 4-5 bar signal b4 and after
- Verified no tower issues
- No changes to phone or laptop - new apps, drivers etc

Results - within 3 hrs of update

- Times Out - Persistent Google Resolving Host - on first connect attempt to vzw mobile hotspot -
- Interesting - The Google Resolving Host issue I had with my HTC Rezound - after updates-
- Main reason got new phone - Which BTW - had to buy retail to keep unlimited!
- Now I do an update - and same issue - immediately ?

I have a Droid Mini, just got it the other day, got the update and now I have to get a new phone, I am trying to go from Apple to Android and having ZERO problems until this update came along. Once it was downloaded, I was scrolling through my phone and all of the sudden an eerie noise came out of it and the screen froze. So I turned off my phone and back on, got to the Motorola screen and then to the DROID. Halfway through the DROID the phone froze up again and made the same noise. Then it restarted itself and ever since I could not get into the Phone whatsoever the best thing I can do is go to the Command Central and 'Recovery' or 'Factory' option. I tried both and none of them went through. I am a bit mad at Android, but this is my first Android PHONE. I've had tablets but thats not the point. I've tried everything, nothing can work, yes I tried the Factory Reset but whta happened was the phone froze up and went Straight back to the Motorola screen. I'm curious to see if anything else has the same problem. Now I know the Droid Mini is an older model, so I'm not sure if anythings wrong. Keep in mind I've had the phone for not even a whole week...

I am not able to update my device. My phone is not giving any update. I even tried factory reset but still the problem is unsolved. How can I update my moto x to kikkat? Please help me out.

My phone is not giving any update to kitkat. I even tried factory reset bit still the problem is unsolved. System status says your device is up to date. How can I update my moto x?