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Widespread release of the official update can't be too far off now

Following up on soak test invites for the Verizon Moto X that hit inboxes a week ago, members of the Motorola feedback network are receiving notification that the update is set to roll out tomorrow morning.

Thanks for signing up for the  Verizon Moto X software test. The software should be pushed to your phone tomorrow morning.

Your input is very important to us. To ensure we hear you, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please post all your feedback in our private community (link below). This also where you'll find help during the soak. Don't email feedback or questions to this address. (Other than log-in issues -- see below.)
  • Please do not call or contact Motorola or Verizon support for help during the soak. Those teams are not yet ready to support this software.
  • I'm not able to check private messages on the forums during soaks, so if you need immediate help that's not a good route to take.
  • If you have any problems accessing the private community, please reply back to this email with details, like what error message you see.
  • NOTE: you must log in using the email address of the account where you are receiving this email
  • If you log in and find yourself in your account profile, it means you have not completed your profile. Complete it to proceed. Thanks!

All pretty run-of-the-mill stuff for a soak test, but it's good to know that those who are participating should see the update hitting in the morning. For those who didn't get a chance to get in on the test, we at least know that the process of getting the update ready to go to everyone is moving along.

Thanks, Anon!


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Verizon Moto X soak test follow-ups coming out, update hitting tomorrow morning


Reading comprehension fail. Saw the article title and thought an OTA was coming for everyone. I'll see ya in 4 months, Verizon.

Don't get too excited. It's not THAT great of an update. Photos still grainy. Still low quality.

Have no idea what took the VZDevil so long, but it's nothing, really. OTA away and it's more of the same. The Moto X's camera is just very average.

It's Motorola, after all. OK GOOGLE NOW and all. Average to below. 4.4 a week away (4.2 is old and tired, face it - yes it works, but GOOGL owns MOTO - we expect more).

No. If you didn't sign up then you won't get it. The Dev edition on Verizon gets no special preference.

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Yep, mine was just downloaded. I'm going to wait for install so I can take some comparison shots and see what this new camera business really does for me.