Verizon is updating its own messaging app today to support cross-platform syncing of SMS and MMS messages using your Verizon phone number. Users taking advantage of the Verizon Messages app on their Android phone can now carry on continuous conversations between the phone, their Android (or iOS) tablet and on the web from their computer. The apps send and receive regular SMS or MMS messages that appear as though they're coming to and from your own Verizon phone number. Messages stay saved and synced for 90 days on Verizon's end, but can also be exported and saved to external storage on your devices.

The new apps not only keep conversations synced between all of your devices, but also provide a central repository for all of the pictures, links and other attachments you receive. The new update has also added the ability to set an auto-reply for when you're busy and to optionally show your location to friends you're talking to.

If you're interested in trying out the new Verizon Messages service, you can download the app for your phone or tablet form the Play Store link above. The web interface can be found at the source link below, or under your "My Verizon" account.

Source: Verizon; More: Verizon Messages


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Verizon Messages now offers texting via tablets and computers


In what way is it bloatware? For one, you can install and remove it any time you want. Also, there is a similar app current in the Play Store.

It's just an app dude, relax. VZW isn't putting more stuff on your phone that you can't uninstall.

No, you were right the first time. This is garbage. Doesn't work on the Nexus 7 and doesn't integrate with stock messaging app on the Galaxy Nexus... it's a replacement app. 10000% useless.

It's just in case you missed it when you rom'd.

It then embeds itself, calls it's friends and your all Verizon official again... You know just in case

" you're interested in trying out the new Verizon Messages service, you can download the app for your phone or tablet form the Play Store link above."


It's a decent app, give it a try. The web interface is nice, and you can get desktop notifications. A nice feature for, you know, people with jobs at a desk all day.

It's also a nice backup for your messages. You can move from phone to phone, and have all you SMS and MMS messages follow you as long as you are using the same number.

I've been trying it out and it works well. The way it groups all the pictures between a contact is really neat too. The only way I could get the contacts to show up on my computer was to copy my Google contacts over to the phone storage and then sync them with Verizon Backup (this part definitely sucks). MMS works great, you get true group messaging, and it syncs the message status between devices so you don't have to mark it read multiple times. Sending a large text to another VZW phone only shows 1 message opposed to several 160 character messages. The actual messaging app on my phone isn't my favorite, but it isn't any worse than the stock Note II messaging app.

I've been using MightyText for quite some time to text from my computer while at work. MightyText works great but there's a few quirks with MMS and big SMS messages. While it isn't perfect it has been my choice over DeskSMS and mysms. Now I don't need any of those.

Im having problem getting my contact names to show instead of just the numbers on my computer. Can you or anyone else give more information about how you solved this problem?

I am in the same boat. Been using mighty text, GV and others before. Mighty Text was my favorite. VM is new to me but seems much better except for the problem getting contacts to show on windows 8 pc. Works fine with Samsung Note 10.1.
I tried the same trick of copying contacts to phone from google but still no luck getting contacts to show up on PC App. Also, is there a way to sync Google contacts with Phone contacts? I always add new contacts to Google.

You mean I have to enter a contact in two places every time~! HELP! And I still don't see contacts on the PC! Works Awesome except for this. Somebody? Anybody?

I can pretty much do the same with my GTalk ...big deal!!

Verizon, your innovations are nothing but a copy of someone else's work...

And if nobody could produce "a copy of someone else's work", the world would be pretty worthless and bland. Face it, someone may invent something, but its true value is if others embrace it and use it in some fashion for themselves. If you like your GTalk, go for it. If people like the Verizon version, they can go for it. Whatever makes them happy, let them be happy.

Mightytext is way better... because you don't have to use their app to text. It just syncs behind the scenes and is accessible from your tablet or desktop. This is garbage. Doesn't work on the Nexus 7 and doesn't integrate with stock messaging app on the Galaxy Nexus... it's a replacement app. 10000% useless.

But Play Store says Mightytext is not compatible with my Nexus 7. I'd like to try it, but am I missing something?

MightyText has a tablet app which will work on your Nexus 7. I have it installed. I don't remember if it's in the play store or not. I believe it may be beta but it works well.

It works really well on my Nexus 7. I use Mighty Text every day, works great on phone, tablet & computer.

you do not have to use their app in order to text. You simply need the app installed. It synces messages to google hangout which i use for texting. It also sync messages to my ipad air and my desktop. This is def a killer app for verizon. It way better than mighty text, which often bungles contacts and receives messages late

it sounds almost as good as sprint google service , i send text messages from my pc , tablet and my galaxy note and and of course when call landlines my minutes will not count towards my minutes cause i have google integrated into my sprint account ,so am guessing is a bit better than verizon text service

If Google Voice can send and receive MMS messages, then this conversation would have never started. Having said that, I'm excited to see how Google will bring all of their messaging apps together under one roof.

It can (MMS gets forwarded to email), but only if involves Sprint.

Really, it requires carrier participation. This is another reason why Sprint is about 1000x cooler than everyone else. They play ball.

Everybody else just wants in on the data, which is clearly the reason for this effort. No thanks, Verizon. Given your history of selling customer data, I think I'll pass.

Might be useful if it worked. Install it; set it up. Not 5 minutes later, it disconnects saying that integrated messaging has been disabled. You have to start all over again.

In other words, it is not reliable.

(Razr MAXX & Galaxy Tab 2 10.1)

It is interesting to see carriers acknowledge the need for consumers to extend messaging beyond their mobile device. Dinamotxt is an App already available in the Play Store that allows you to send/receive/delete SMS/texts from your Android Tablet using your existing mobile phone number. Its free to download and offers a wide range of themes including a very novel paper theme that transports your outbound texts to a paper airplane taking flight! Dinamotxt was developed by Openmind Networks, a company steeped in messaging history for over 2 decades and offers the highest level of security, robustness and privacy (a PIN code for additional privacy) on the market. One of the biggest advantage over Verizon's offering is that it is carrier independent.

Working good for me. Free service from VW and let's me sync between MS laptop, HTC Thunderbolt, and my iPad. That's nice. I'm sure other apps already did this (MightyText,GTalk,ect) but I didn't know about them until VW advertised it. Guess it's good I have an iPad and not a Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.