Verizon Droid DNA

Verizon on its website this morning officially outed the HTC Droid DNA. The phone, which will be unveiled at an event Tuesday morning in New York City (we'll be there), is clearly listed under Verizon's "News and Offers" section.

What's more is that Verizon's throwing a Google Hangout on Monday, Nov. 19, at noon Eastern. A special unboxing, apparently, some six days after this week's event.

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The Droid DNA is expected to be a 5-inch device, the largest thus far of HTC's traditional smartphones, and a cousin to the J Butterfly released in Japan. It should have a ridiculous 1080x1920 resolution, powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor. Our previous leak pegs it at 1.5 Ghz, with 2GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel rear camera. It'll likely run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with the new Sense 4+ user interface.

Verizon's event Tuesday is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Eastern.

Source: Verizon; More: Verizon on Google+


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Verizon makes the Droid DNA official


in what way are they late? Because they are just now releasing a 5" device? Everything else is either current or exceeds the current market (1080p screen).

Great. Another (probably) very nice HTC handset that is available on exactly one carrier only. One. Once again, exclusives do not equal volume sales, HTC. Can you hear me now, or is the crying and weeping from the loss of money affecting your aural abilities? I love HTC, and want them to do well, but they really need to do something to turn it around before they end up like RIM.

It could be that other carriers didn't have an agreement with HTC to buy this phone, for reasons unknown, making it exclusive to VZW. But I agree with you. Being on one carrier doesn't equate to volume sales. Maybe...just maybe...this phone will appear on other carriers at a later date under a different name.

I like HTC too. I hated thier winmo phones, touch pro to be specific, but the Evo was, and still is, a great phone. Thier problem isn't with the looks of the phone at all but IMO, it was the build quality and sense that stunk it up for them. Sense is a great idea and a good "skin" but way too bloated making a bad experience for some people...not all...but some.

Well in this case that isn't true. Since the "DROID" moniker is a Verizon exclusive title that Verizon purchased the rights to use from George Lucas. But in some other cases you might be correct. Hopefully this phone will launch on another network but with a different title, maybe even HTC Butterfly. You never know until you know

Butterfly? i hope not for their sake. that's awfully effeminate. especially for a giant 5" phone.

I agree with you on most of those points, especially in the case of the HTC One series. But in the case of the Sense skin I think I must partially disagree on that front. Even though Sense is more akin to run smoothly on high-end devices instead of something like the Desire or the One V. You must stipulate to the fact that it isn't nearly as bloated as some other manufacturer skins out there, namely TouchWiz, whatever Sony calls their skin, and the best example is LG's skin for the Optimus G. But with a Snapdragon S4 Pro none of that should be a problem I hope. Referencing how Phil stated with the Optimus G review that even though it has a massive amount of bloatware, it still flies through with nary a hiccup to speak of. That being said, I pray the extra pixels doesn't weigh the phone down horrifically so even a semi-bloated skin like Sense has stalls. But I agree with Jerry Hildenbrad that unless you have a Super-AMOLED display that severely emphasizes pixilation, anything with a more dense resolution than something like a 325 ppi display is entirely unnecessary and even an impairment because of the processing power it snacks on that could be used for something else more practical. are right sir. But I see Phil fixed it. Also, since it's saying before it's launch and this event is on the 19th, can we assume that it can launch on Nov. 20th or sometime that week? Let's forget that early Dec. rumor!! :)

I wonder how the battery will handle the high-res display. Considering HTC murdered *USER* accessible batteries! Spare/extended batteries aren't an option.

This is my next, most likely.

I've weighted the joy of updates directly from Google vs. the cost of breaking my current contract, getting a StraightTalk plan and the results say: get the DNA.

I love the Nexus 4, but I believe if I wait this device out until the Nexus 5, it will have LTE and I can continue having great service.

I speak for no one else when I say this: Verizon coverage is superior to all others in my area. I get great speeds and connection. I remember that I use my phone for so much, and switching to ST just for the updates from Google cant overshadow the fact that ST where I live isn't good.

I know I'll be envying the Nexus 4 users in a around April or May when a new update get unleaded, but you know what? Where Android is now, the update shouldn't be too big a deal. (I hope....)

My biggest problem with single carrier releases is the lack of accessories. I have owned an HTC Rezound and the selection of cases was terrible.

I hear ya on that, but the most important accessory to me was the extended batt. that is off the table here so really its just a case and I'm sure VZW will them. Seidio will for sure.

i think i like the G-Note 2 better.

my next phone will probably be the -

G-Note 3, GS4, or Nexus 5.

HTC most likely agreed to the exclusive deal because Verizon drove a dump trunk full of advertising money to there door. The first droid inc was exclusive and Verizon did a good amount of advertising for it. Htc is in that bad position where they want to send 1 phone to all carriers but they need the carrier to advertise for them since thy don't have the resources. Carriers won't advertise non exclusives. Hopefully with Verizon advertising for them they will sell enough handsets to make it work there time.

Umm yes they do. All carriers that recieved the iPhone 5 in the US has a commercial for it on TV same goes for the GS3

anybody have any idea about an international release date ? because i live in germany and i don't have a good feeling for nexus 4 so i wanted to grab this ....

I'm also a fan of htc, was holding out hope for the one x+ on verizon, but I will be getting this phone (@ retail unfortunately), but I will hold on to my SG3 just in case the battery life is horrific.

It would be idiocy for HTC to keep this exclusive to Verizon. They have been bleeding cash, even with the One X around for most of this year. Sorry to say it, but they should be copying the Samsung (and Apple) model of releasing the SAME flagship device to all carriers... that model hasn't done too badly for Sammy and Apple. (plus I'm stuck on AT&T and want the HTC One X+ successor too!).