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You knew it was coming. First, the death of Verizon's unlimited data plans, and Verizon today announced its new "Share Everything Plan," which lets up to 10 devices on a single account share data while keeping unlimited voice minutes and text messaging. Let's get right to it:

Initial smartphone access runs $40 a month. Voice minutes and text messages are unlimited. After that, you can share data with as many as 10 devices (so that'd be nine additional devices) with the following breakdown.

  • 1GB shared data - $50
  • 2GB shared data - $60
  • 4GB shared data - $70
  • 6GB shared data - $80
  • 8GB shared data - $90
  • 10GB shared data - $100

So, for example, say you and your spouse each have Android smartphones (as you well should). That's $80 up front. You could then share 4 gigabytes of data a month for $70, which brings you bill to $150 a month. Have an Android tablet? You can add one to the shared plan for another $10 a month.

Sweetening the deal just a little bit is that Wifi hotspot access is included. You'll be using the data from your bucket, but at least it won't cost you any extra for the privilege. 

The plans go into effect June 28.

So, who's jumping on board this one?

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Reader comments

Verizon launches Share Everything Plans



I like my unlimited, however, I could save with this plan.

I have always considered myself a fairly heavy user, I almost never use wifi, I have google instant upload enabled on my camera, and I am always using data. I pretty much have to charge my phone constantly because I am more or less constantly using 3g. Using wifi consumes less battery, of course, but at work, they can track wifi usage.

So, currently, I'm paying ~220/month for 1400 shared minutes across 2 smartphones and 1 "feature" phone with no data plan enabled. My data usage rarely exceeds 500Mb, even when I was streaming netflix to my phone, I was hard pressed to exceed the 2Gb. I really had to TRY. (as in, "oh, I'm texting my wife, I should download a song while I'm at it", literally, I had to consciously choose to use data to get that high.

Of that $220, about $20 of it is taxes and fees (I never buy the insurance. The amount I've saved by not purchasing the insurance would buy me a new phone if I need it). And I know the haters are talking about how "Verizon" is sticking us with all those fees, the reality is, if you break it down, most of those are federal or state taxes. Here, the cities even charge you tax, based on where you are during the call. So lets call it $200. Also, since those fees are mostly per-line and per-use, the amount of those isn't going to change.

New plan: $40 smart + $40 smart + $30 dumb = $110. That leaves $90. Even if I upgrade the dumb phone to a smart phone, that's $120. $80 buys me 6gb, which is approximately 12x my normal data usage. I could easily go to 4Gb, and save $20, even with adding a third smart phone.

But wait, there's free tethering, without having to root? score that one a huge win; without breaking any rules or Terms of Service, or risking paying back lots of money to the big V if caught. Before, It was $20, and that only bought you 2 Gb, and only applied to the one phone you enabled it on. Now, either I or my wife's phones could be used for tethering. And for crying out loud, checking your data usage is a piece of cake, there's a wiget on my home screen that tells me at a glance how much data I've used. On plans with limited data, it even changes color as you get close to the limit, so you can call and increase the limit if needed.

And now I can add a tablet for $10? another win. I have wanted to do it, but $30 for 2Gb was just not worth it. $10 and it uses my shared pool? OK so I will have to go up to 6GB probably. But I'm still at $40+40+40+80+10=210, so it's just $10 more than I am paying now, for THREE smartphones (not 2) AND a tablet. Really, that's a win-win.

ONe last random thought: I wonder how many people claiming 25Gb of monthly usage realize that your bill displays your usage in KILObytes? 11000KB is 11MB, or .011 GB.