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New plan targeted at infrequent mobile data users

Verizon is hoping to get more people hooked on mobile data for their tablets with a new $5 "Daily Plan." The new plan slots in below the previous low offering of $20 for 1GB of data each month, and gives you 24 hours of access to 300MB of data, with the plan running out at whichever limit you reach first.

The new Daily Plan is applicable to any of Verizon's tablets or connected devices, like a Samsung Galaxy Camera, and can be used as many times as you please. For example you could simply string together three Daily Plans for 900MB over those three days for $15, but anywhere past that and you'd likely prefer to just sign up for a monthly plan or pay the $10 to add the tablet to a Share Everything plan.

It isn't exactly the best deal in the world considering T-Mobile is offering any tablet (whether they sell it or not) 200MB of data per month for free, but if you're already a Verizon customer you may want to take a look on your next trip with a data-enabled tablet.

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Verizon introduces $5 'Daily Plan' 300MB data pass for tablets


That's what I get for spelling first with an ei.... ei...o....DAG NABBIT!!!

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If you're watching videos it will last you maybe half an hour. Regular browsing will go quite a while on 300MB

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So true. I have the 200mb/month plan from AT&T. I use data everyday for GPS, emails, read news, and occasionally a video or two. I use less than 100mb a month.

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This would add up quite quickly over the course of a month, so you're not really saving anything. If you decided that 10 days out of the month you really needed web access for your tablet, that's $50 right there.

Once again, Verizon (along with all the other major carriers) are screwing you from behind.

And didn't T-Mobile just announce 200MB free data with any tablet? That sounds more like a deal to me.

So sick and tired of these carriers over charging for data. Yeah it sounds ok. 5bucks seems insignificant, but why couldn't they be generous and give half a GB for that price.

LOL! We're not on Verizon, but my girlfriend uses average 35GB on her Samsung Galaxy Tab movies a lot. What the heck is 300MB these days? All these carriers are using the excuse of "fair-usage/keep-the-peace" excuses to rake in the dough they are making on wireless data. And the government is still living in the telegram era to not know better and step in to help do something about it.

Wow, I always thought data plans are cheaper in the US but it's quite the other way round... I mean I pay 9 euros for 3 gigs of data per month, and even if I went over the limit Orange would just slow my connection down.

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I ordered my free sim activation kit from T-Mobile. That will give me the option to use 200MB free per month and more on a pay as I go basis (as needed).

If only we had wifi on my floor at work, I wouldn't even need to consider getting a plan. And tethering sucks the life out of my phone!!

I'm considering getting that Sprint Student plan with a Nexus 5, rooting and using it as a hotspot only.

Wouldn't need to root it, hotspot works out of the box on the Nexus 5... I think that student plan is limited to 1GB though, and there's some fine print about throttling excess streaming, still, not a bad idea... If you have an extra $450 for a spare Nexus 5 and don't mind carrying it around.

I think you're just better off getting a 6000mAh USB battery pack for your current phone ($30-40), hotspot battery drainage problem solved.