The Galaxy S25 could get a major AI upgrade from Google

Using Google Circle to Search on a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • A report following an interview with Samsung's executive director, Cho Cheol-min, states Samsung is having discussions with Google about "evolving" on-device AI.
  • It was claimed that Google's Gemini Nano version 2 will be available on the Galaxy S25 series when it launches next year.
  • Cho stated that Samsung is still focused on AI and that the company is looking to double its team focus on developing on-device AI for its Exynos chipset.

A recent report suggests Google will upgrade its Gemini Nano AI model in time to roll out with Samsung's Galaxy S25 series next year.

The report stems from Daum Herald Economy (Korean) following an interview with Samsung's executive director of systems, Cho Cheol-min (via Android Authority). It was stated that discussions between Samsung and Google have already started as the brands look to "evolve" on-device AI in the next trio.

Cho stated, "We have started discussing how to implement version 2 of Google’s ‘Gemini Nano’ in on-device AI." He added that Samsung would have a "private" meeting with the company to discuss how they could further develop AI for the Galaxy S25.

Samsung continues to focus on its AI efforts, with Cho reportedly expressing how AI has allowed consumers to "actually experience AI." The company feels that phones are a better outlet than PCs for users to experience AI's capabilities.

Cho stated that the company is looking to double the number of people working toward on-device AI capabilities through its Exynos chipset. He stated around 200 people are involved in developing on-device AI for Exynos. He hopes that number reaches 400 "within the year."

Additionally, Samsung's executive director teased the possibility of a solution that blends on-device AI with cloud-based AI services.

Google Gemini on Android at MWC 2024

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For context, Google's Gemini Nano model is the smallest of the three the company created. Nano is designed to handle the smaller, on-device tasks efficiently. The model was designed with the intention of landing on Android phones, which Google turned and did with its Pixel 8 series.

Samsung's Galaxy AI leverages Gemini Nano and Gemini Pro's LLM (large language model) to help users with their on-device tasks. However, the company piggybacks off Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC to do the heavy lifting, making such AI capabilities possible. Rumors suggest Samsung is interested in boosting its Exynos chip's AI capabilities, which could occur on the Exynos 2500.

Earlier this year, some information about Samsung's next chip leaked, highlighting a likely increase in speed and performance. Rumors claim the chip will clock in at 3.2 or 3.3GHz.

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