Verizon set to show off 'the next generation' of Droid devices next week

An interesting (and short notice) invite has just landed in our inbox from Verizon for an event on July 23rd in New York City. There's not a whole lot to go on here, but what is there gives you a pretty darn good indication of what to expect.

Verizon. July 23rd. Droids. We'll be there, covering whatever Verizon has to show off.

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Verizon holding event in NYC on July 23


damn you... I upgraded to my gnex on January 3rd, 2012... A year later they decide to set the cutoff day for the new 24 month upgrade period to January 1st, 2012.

I purchased the phone thinking i would be able to upgrade in 20 months. i got screwed.

That definitely blows. I am contemplating waiting until my contract is up in December and moving to T-Mobile but I would go from getting LTE at home to only getting Edge. I really need to test drive a T-mo device to see how the coverage is because their lower prices sure are tempting.

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I'm fortunate, to actually get great T-Mobile service, at home.

If I were you, I wouldn't switch. Going from LTE down to Edge is going to make you throw stuff at people.

I had unlimited data with Verizon. I only switched to T-Mobile, because I accidentally made a change to my account, and, subsequently, lost the grandfathered plan.

The GNex on Verizon was released on December 15, 2011. The first upgrade date is August 15, 2013; 20 months.

Very True,

My upgrade date is 8/19/2013. Just received a replacement GNex on Friday that is defective. while on the phone, it was suggested that I speak with customer care to move my upgrade date to today. I declined as I am figuring I'll wait and see what gets announced in the next 1-2 months.

Verizon got rid of early upgrades and now you have to fulfill 24 months of your contract now, the made the statement back in march or april. I upgraded to the GNex Jan 2012 am not eligible till Jan 2014, but I can't subsidize and keep unlimited data for $30, so I have to buy my phones at retail.

Also, this is for the Droid Ultra, it is releasing before the HTC one unfortunately. I'm guessing this will push back the Moto X till October, because they have never released 2 Phones by the Same Manufacturer at the same time before.

I read that the Droid lineup is three Moto phones, Ultra, Ultra Maxx, and Moto M. First two are same except for the battery, last is quite different. Also the Moto X is coming out in the same time frame. I'm very excited.. Need to replace my aging Bionic.

Yep, I'm sure this is no coincidence. I got my Galaxy Nexus on release day, which means I become eligible for upgrade exactly one week before this announcement. Verizon must know there's going to be a wave of Nexus owners who are more than ready for the next thing. (Although I would think a substantial number of Nexus people are going to wait until the Moto X is out before deciding; that's what I plan to do, unless these new Droids are insanely compelling.)

I hope the new Motorolas are released soon. My Galaxy Nexus is eligible for upgrade as of TODAY, and I'm dying for something new. I want to know more about the upcoming phones so I know whether to wait for them or not.

The last of the old Motorola...

Unfortunately, the new Motorola doesn't look that different from the old Motorola.
Going to put of upgrading until more details surface on the new Verizon Edge upgrade policy or at least until the HTC T6 comes to Verizon, if at all. If not, then the, hopefully, customizable Moto X, will have to do.

But if Verizon Edge is reasonable prized I might try them all!

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"But if Verizon Edge is reasonable prized I might try them all!"

Have you been paying attention to Verizon lately? They now let users pay full retail for devices in installments in order to avoid a new contract and keep unlimited, but they offer no break in the monthly fees, so you're essentially paying for the device twice (subsidy + payments for new phone).

The Share Everything plans screw all people who only have one device. Serious price gouging there.

Given this, I see absolutely no reason to believe that Verizon Edge will be reasonably priced.

As an upgrade-hungry consumer, these new services have revealed to me that the only reasonable option is to buy off contract devices.

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Yeah, but if you stick with AT&T and Verizon, you're still paying twice for the phone: full retail and new phone subsidy.

It's like they think we're idiots.

If you pay full retail, you are not paying to subsidize your phone. You are just paying the bill for the service.

There is a difference. Not in terms of the bill, but your language

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Legal speak, your bill doesn't change.

Say your bill is $150 with subsidies. After you pay of your phone, the bill should fall to $130, or $120, in my opinion.

But using Tmobile as on example, you pay $20 for your phone.

12 months times 2 years = 24 months. 24 months times $20=$480.

Plus the $300 I paid upfront = $780.

The cost of my Bionic.

I assume it's $20, if it's more, then yeah, it's bad.

At $30 a month it turns out to $1020.

$1020-$700, the price of the bionic, =$320.

So yeah, it appears I paid Verizon $320 for the privilege of letting them sigh me up for a two year contract.

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I said that it was just in the language.

One thing though, this is your opinion on what you should have to pay. If you want Verizon, you don't get to set what you want to pay, you pay what they ask or you move on to a different carrier such as Tmo or Sprint. Going to ATT is just a lateral move I believe.

People need to realize one thing though, tmo is the exception, not the rule. In a majority of places, tmo is not a real option.

People rail on sprint for their slow speeds, and it is deserved. They raped people for 4G when it wasnt realistic. THing is that Edge with tmo is slower than 3g with sprint....so yeah tmo kinda loses its appeal. Like someone said above me, if you go to edge, you will want to throw things...

The subsidy is built into the monthly service charge. If someone's paying for service and no subsidy, the monthly bill should be lower. When people pay full retail with Verizon, their bill is the same, not lower, so they're basically continuing to pay the subsidy.

Agreed, suckage is strong in this one. But, I am going to buy a phone outright anyway, I have no choice, as a trucker, Verizon is my only access to the net, as long as I get to keep my unlimited data plan, I will bite the bullet. I used 89 gigabytes last billing cycle. So I think the 30 dollar premium is well spent.

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They screwed the pooch when they got rid of their unlimited plans. I'm keeping my unlimited plan for as long as possible which means no new phones for me until this phone dies and I don't plan on spending 600.00 dollars out right just for a new phone.

Yes, but you are still paying for the phone, even if it lasts you for 5 years, you will have paid 4 times for the phone. Might as well buy a new one, and don't feel bad for paying so much money for outdated technology.

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I was just about to upgrade today and I seen this so I'm waiting until after this press event to see what Verizon is up too.

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You keep saying that, but the forums and comments sections have a bunch of posts about lack of storage. When the norm becomes 32/64 then I will sing that song with you

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The forums and comments on a tech blog are a very small part of the market. Overwhelmengly, the majority has proven they aren't concerned about those two things.

While I'd love to see more storage, it's not a deciding factor for most.

Your right, but also, most people wouldnt care that it is old tech (not really old though, just outlived its usefulness in this application of it.

If the road map from yesterday is to be believed, they should be announcing the upgrade details as well

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As am I but after a lot of digging around, it doesn't look like it will hit the U.S. for a very long time :/ I am still *patiently* waiting for the HTC One, and I will be very upset to see the Butterfly S come to the states a few months after Verizon finally releases the One. However, if it ever does make it to us be on the lookout for Verizon somehow turning it into another droid phone, like they did with the previous J Butterfly that morphed into the Droid DNA.

Can someone who's attending please ask for comments on the epic fail of the HTC Rezound (soft keys stopped working for everyone since May update)? Thanks! I can't include the link, but the forum in VZW's community is entitled "HTC Rezound soft keys not responding?"

I'm really hoping that Google sells the Moto X for Big Red through the Play Store. After the OS update fiasco everyone went through with the VZW Gnex, we can't trust Verizon to keep the Moto X up-to-date with OS updates.

Even if the phone is sold through play store, VZW will need to approve and send out the update. No way around it

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According to the leaked roadmap that has been accurate so far, the HTC One will be released on August 1st. I really hope they announce it at the press event though, just so some of us can sleep better at night! :P