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Nexus Prime at Best Buy

Look, we know the wait for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United States is making people act a little crazy. We get that, and we're not really blaming anybody. But this sort of thing isn't helping matters any. What you see here, according to new forums member mynewride, is a Best Buy Mobile flyer that is due to come out Dec. 1. And in it we have the Samsung Nexus Prime on Verizon. Or the Samsung Nexus Prime 4G LTE, if you turn the page. Or the Samsung Nexus Prime, member of the Samsung Galaxy S II family.

What. The. Hell.

OK. So, Best Buy doesn't exactly have a spotless record when it comes to Photoshop blunders. (See Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 3.) But the "Nexus Prime"-- the unofficial code name for the Galaxy Nexus that we all worked with for months -- has been seen in Best Buy's internal systems before, which might or might not mean anything here.

We're nowhere near sold on this one yet. But it's just one more chapter in the strange saga that's been the Verizon launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

We've got more pics after the break, and hit the source link for all the discussion from mynewride's original post.

Source: Galaxy Nexus forums

Nexus Prime at Best Buy

Nexus Prime at Best Buy

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n0obpr0 says:


arcadelion says:


Yadao says:

I don't care what they call it, I just want to call it mine.

Premium1 says:

If this is true and the ad is coming dec 1st it means the nexus would have to launch before than since it does not say coming soon next to the nexus.

November 28th! Cyber Monday. Cyber=Droid? Double entendre? Maybe. Hoping anyway.

Hand_O_Death says:

I like the name Prime better, and even if it is Dec 1st, I just want it announced.

Jet300 says:

Verizon would not have put out a press release calling it Galaxy Nexus if it was going to be renamed. As Phil said BB has been wrong before. Remember when BB had the VZW Merge in their book?

Nexus Prime does sound better though.

Floss82 says:

I think Verizon's LTE network is what makes these phones come out so late

MRGQ says:

regular price is $799.99....i doubt thats right tho.

angryGTS says:

Best Buy always jacks up their non contract price.

bobdude5 says:

Just price match whoever has it for cheaper. Most verizon retailers won't even sell it non contract unless bug them.

dlongb13 says:

Rezound is 799 on amazon for full retail.

dwhall says:

Jelly Bean will be out before Vzw releases this POS. Haha

jdm4u says:

That $799.99 regular price isn't looking too appealing.

Mathparadice says:

I thought it was jello™©

onkolog says:

Can get GSM version from Europe for 690$ with delivery

crcr says:

Google's Nexus site is calling it the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I call fowl on this -- likely photo-shopped.

hanano17 says:

It's interesting that if you search with "Nexus" or "Galaxy Nexus" it takes you to a list of phones with a Galaxy Nexus banner ad, but if you search Nexus Prime, it takes you directly to the sign up page. Maybe this will hold true? Either way, like you all, just release the damn phone...jerks.

commander 4 says:

When is Sprint going to get it or ICS for the Epic Touch 4g?

cj100570 says:

Why do you guys keep reporting this crap? And please don't tell me it's because "we" want to know! The phone will get here when it gets here and it'll be named whatever it's named. Good grief Charlie Brown.

hmmm says:

Free advertising for the most expensive cell phone carrier.

commander 4 says:

And I hope its a better radio reception antenna. Samsung need to collab with Motorola when it comes to this.

Yadao says:

"Nexus Prime" has been in Best Buy's system since before the official announcement, I bet this is just a case of laziness(lack of updating). Who ever put the ad together probably didn't know any better because of that.

grundyman says:

I'm hoping they call it the droid prime , I want my droid notification , I love it , and so does everyone else . If not , I'm sure someone has found a way to port it on to other devices

Yadao says:

Oh yeah. It's so soothing and guarantees you'll gets you smiles and high fives at the movies.

A7MAN says:

VZ likes to differentiate themselves & their handsets so the "Prime" moniker is just as likely real as not. I was holding my breath for some storage clarification in these pics but it seems I am not yet a deep enough shade of blue. Also note the FLYER is to be released 12/1 while there is no new info on the release of the Precious.

Kudos to mynewride & his vindication in the face of TitansJonne's trollcat!

mattbrich says:

Good grief--the story of the Galaxy Nexus will end up being dominated by the drama of marketing blunder after marketing blunder. Maybe some of the money they spent on the silly spy ads (that don't ever show the phone doing something useful--hint hint iphone)for the RAZR could have gone into marketing for the GNexus. On the other hand, the frustration of the android community is evident all over. It's quite telling (and entertaining) to go to the VZW facebook page and look on the wall. Nearly every other post is about the GNexus asking when and why.

fadepoint89 says:

Check out the verizon wireless website yourself. Clearly says "Galaxy Nexus" not "Nexus Prime"

brettlewis says:

When you search anything with the word "Prime" on the it brings you to the sign up page.

RC46 says:

I don't care what you call it. I call it the poorest executed, high profile, phone launch in history.

Lets get real here. Google really needs to start swinging a hammer at the these carriers / manufacturers if they ever want to go one on one with Apple. The carriers and manufacturers are making Android into a joke.

I think after Verizon sees this as this biggest selling Android phone in their history, they will handle it a bit better next time around. There is buzz about this phone even off the tech blogs. I don't think it will outsell the iPhone 4s this season but it might and will easily be there number one. That is until Rebound and Razr go BoGo in six weeks.

Sniper1087 says:

I dont know about that, soon in January quadcore phones will be announced and well with HD Display, we will see what happens, and what new Interfaces will be brought by the other companies. I have some high expectations and hopefully see something groundbreaking. there was a lot of hype on this phone, but the waiting time was too long, they should have lunched it within a week not a month and they would have sold way more.

snppr22 says:

It says “prices [are] good for all Best Buy mobile stores from 11/27/11 to 12/25/11″, does that mean it launches on the 27th? Maybe? Im guessing no, but a boy can dream.

Maybe Verizon's waiting for Adobe to push Flash support to ICS (and have that preinstalled on Verizons Nexus) to reduce complaints/support headaches etc.

anyone else find it odd its listed under galaxy s 2 smartphones?

brettlewis says:

When you search anything with the word "Prime" on it brings you to the sign up page. Could be a late stage name change. Verizon loves to do this kind of thing. Most of the droid phones are out on other networks with different names, why not the next flagship phone?

goliath602 says:

If this phone really costs $800 there is no snowballs chance in hell that I will get it. That just seems way too pricey for a phone. I really hope that this is fake.

When is AT&T getting the Nexus Bumblebee? Or Sprint getting the Nexus Jazz? Or even T-mobile getting the Nexus Soundwave ?

Gekko says:

Verizon could f**k up a cup of coffee.

Terrigno says:

$799.00 for a phone? Ill look elsewhere. Even if I had money like that, I wouldnt pay that price.

hmmm says:

You're kidding yourself if you think this is going to sell that well. They will hardly even advertise it for one thing. It may be a tech readers type of phone but most people are going to be buying the phones they see in TV ads like the Razr or Rezound.

You hold the Razr next to this and the Razr beats this hands down in looks and probably how it feels. The giant screen is the only thing this has going for it. The average consumer isn't going to care about which version OS is on it or anything else.