Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab

You read right, folks. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab (watch our hands-on here) apparently is going to sell unsubsidized for $599, and it'll be available Nov. 11. A data plan will run you $20 for 1GB. And with all that jing you get a 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet with a 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor and all the bells and whistles. Preloaded apps include Verizon's VCAST suite, Slacker Radio, Kindle, Blockbuster and Let's Golf.

So at $600 -- but no messy contract -- are you more or less apt to pic this up? Full presser after the break.

Verizon Wireless Puts Samsung Galaxy Tab™ in Stores in November

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and DALLAS, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Verizon Wireless and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) today announced the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab™ will be available Nov. 11 for $599.99. Running on Android™ 2.2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab features a brilliant 7-inch touch screen; robust HTML Web browsing experience with full support for Adobe® Flash® 10.1 for video and mobile gaming; and a 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application processor.

"This is an incredible time in mobile technology, and as a company we're excited to add the Samsung Galaxy Tab to our portfolio," said Marni Walden, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. "The Samsung Galaxy Tab brings together the reliability of Verizon Wireless' 3G network and the power of Android 2.2 to deliver on our promise of providing consumers and business customers with a host of options to help manage their lives."

Popular mobile applications, including V CAST Music and V CAST Song ID, VZ Navigator®, Slacker Radio, Kindle for Android, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand® presented by V CAST Video, and the exclusive golf game, "Let's Golf," will be available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In addition to text, picture and video messaging, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will also feature V CAST Apps, Verizon Wireless' mobile storefront offering hundreds of applications for businesses and consumers at launch.

Verizon Wireless customers can add a monthly access plan beginning at $20 a month for 1 GB on their Samsung Galaxy Tab. For additional features and specifications on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, visit

For additional information on Verizon Wireless products and services, visit a Verizon Wireless Communications Store, call 1-800-2 JOIN IN or go to


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Verizon Galaxy Tab coming Nov. 11, will sell for $599.99, $20 for 1GB of data


I don't know if I'd consider it at that price, when I could pick up a low-end laptop for that much.

I think tablets may be the way future technology is going, but until there are full featured word processing, etc., on it, I don't know how useful it would be beyond surfing / video watching / media consumption.

Look at this moron, somehow he feels the need to mention ipad. I guess that helps him sleep at night with his inferiority complex self.

Of course the I-Pad is going to be mentioned, it's a matter of comparative anaylsis, opposed to tooting the horn to Apple. Your post is asinine at best.

This is the route I am taking for now too. I have one on preorder through and they confirmed for me this morning that they are getting the Archos 101 in stock on November 1st. If this pad can't be upgraded in the future, I am fine with that because out the door, I paid $284 total with discounts and all. I'll just upgrade later if I am compelled. :) Besides, I really wanted a larger screen and am getting that with the Archos. Some of the videos are really cool - especially the one showing the Angry Birds demo. Looks fun!

Not that I have any interest in this at all since 2.2 is not designed for tablets, ( or mini tablets) but can't you just use appbrain if you have no access to the market?

No, AppBrain uses the Market. There is a new IPK that allows you to use the Market on the Archos tablets now though... After that, AppBrain should work.

It's very interesting that VZW seems to be announcing this as being available unsubsidized, and without a contract.

"600 for this, must be a joke"? Do you have any idea what your Android phone costs off contract? The Droid X is $570 without a 2 year contract.

Let's take a step back, turn off our gut reactions, and engage our brain...

Is this worth $30 more than a Droid X? I'd argue the price is very reasonable in an off-contract world. Are people in the US willing to pay that out of pocket up front? I suspect a lot of marketing will be needed for the answer to be yes. That being said, I think it's a good thing that off-contract is being offered.

Don't forget that there is a difference from what the carriers charge you for an off-contract product versus how much it actually costs to manufacture it.

Let's take a look at the cost breakdown for the iphone 4 vs ipad:

ipad cost to build: $230 - $350
iphone 4 16GB cost to build: $187 (add an extra $30 per 16GB)

Carriers and smartphone makers are pretty well off at the subsidized AND off contract prices. We've just gotten used to the inflated prices but that doesn't make the current prices reasonable.

And on top of that that most ppl have a cell phone on here that has more capabilities than this thing (phone) but it has a bigger screen. IMO not worth it. If the pricing for Archos 10.1 is in $300-$400 range, I'll but that and get the bigger screen. My graphics capabilities might not be better but they differences won't be worth a few hundred bucks.

Markup on the carrier end is between $20 (Verizon corp) and $60 (most retailers)

almost all of the markup is done by Samsung, Apple, HTC, etc.

Most reps look at a full retail sale of an item as a net loss for high end phones.

People always forget the most important thing when they try to justify build price versus retail's not just the cost of the parts, it's the cost of the parts plus all of the overhead (employees, power, transportation, etc). You add all of that together and you may be surprised at the loss most products are taking.

If, and this is a big if, the S-tab costs $300 to make you mean to tell me that the majority of the remainder of that $600 retail cost is overhead. That'd be the worst managed company in the history of time. These s-tabs are for the most part just stretched out versions of their smartphone counterparts. The employees that are making our phones get paid shit wages (read up on Foxxcon). The transportation channels can't be much different than a company like Samsung's existing ones for its products. Basically the overhead cost can be considered split across all products that the company sells. This'd allow them to take a little bit of a loss in some products over others and still not tank as a company. Look at the video game console makers as an example, with Nintendo being an exception this cycle.

I can believe menno about the markup coming primarily from the phone manufacturer because the cell carriers are prob more interested in hooking people on their 2-yr+ contracts. Think about the cost per data you get for txt msgs. At $10/mo or more over the 2yr contract that's over $200. Buying subsidized is not necessarily a good thing and in many cases costs more money. It's more of a US thing.

If you need an example of how profitable these high end electronics can be, look at Apple's last quarter earnings. That's gotta be coming primarily from their iphones, ipads, and ipods. Macs sell ok but not that well.

You really have no knowledge of business, do you? Do you realize what it costs to transport these things all the way from Korea to the U.S., and then to your store? Even at Walmart, you're paying double the price they pay. At other stores, you're paying 3 to 4 times, or even more.

And game console makers can sell their consoles at a loss since they're making up for it with the games they sell you. Samsung has a few accessories, but hardly anyone will buy them. They have to make money on the device. And if you buy without contract, your carrier has to make money on the device.

You don't think it's worth $600 to you, that's fine. But don't think a company is just going to give you something just because you want it.

Yeah as an engineer that deals with several contracts, I know nothing about the business world :rollseyes:
The fact that you said Samsung only has a few accessories makes me question your logic. Do you realize how large Samsung is as a company and how many electronic parts they sell worldwide to other companies? It's a huge business!

We can discuss the profit margins of products and how a company distributes it's losses until we're blue in the face. Unless we work at the company we can't know for sure. The reason I mentioned Apple's last quarter earnings is because that is mostly attributed to their hardware sales. They sold a crap load of hardware and their profits we huge. Look at their last quarter revenue number for yourself and come to your own conclusion:

I've seen operating cost percentages thrown around for a company like Apple to be 30%. Also just speculation and hard to widdle down to how that applies to each product.

Of course companies shouldn't give their products away for free. Sometimes it is good to take a slight loss to garner public interest then charge them more as you make slight modifications to your product, streamline your manufacturing, reduce costs, and ultimately, swim in the money if you do it right.

Oh yeah and comparing electronic sales to food and clothing sales makes no sense. Totally different ball game.

Something seems off about your iPhone number. I wouldn't put it past Apple, but it just seems really low. Something really seems to be missing from that list. I've heard that a touchscreen costs about $100, and there's no mention of the screen, just the controller chip. Display and touchscreen is $80 on the iPad. Found it; almost $40 on the iPhone.

When you put it that way, I wonder what a piece of crap the Archos must be for them to sell it so cheap.

By the way, the Tab is a cell phone in Europe. Do the American Tabs actually leave out certain parts, or are they just disabled? If the parts are just disabled, someone will hack the thing within a week and we'll have bluetooth and cellphone capabilities. If they're missing, it could kill my interest.

Still, it costs a lot to run these businesses. The people who are selling you the device, as well as the support when you have a problem, all expect a pretty good wage. The rent for the building, and utilities they use. And of course, the business exists to make money for the owners.

Those pants you bought at Macy's the other day? You do know how little they actually cost to make? And the kind of markup Macy's puts on them? Double is almost nothing.

I'm not sure where your looking but those numbers you mentioned for the screen are in the isuppli links I posted. Around $80 for ipad display/touchscreen and $40 iphone display/touchscreen. It's doesn't necessarily mean Archos will be cheap. They could be using older good but less expensive components and reducing their profits. They also don't have a connection with the cell carriers so that could allow them to be more flexible with their pricing.

You are absolutely right that businesses are in it to make money but that drive also pushes them to cut costs at every corner. Outsourcing customer service to places wages are cheaper, improve manufacturing to increase profits, pr to convince ppl they are getting more than they really are, etc. That's why I'm not jumping on any companies bandwagon cause they really don't care about the customer, it's all about the money and the "perception" that they care about the customer.

I think the point you're missing, starving, is what this piece of equipment is trying to subsidize. That being the home computer. This is not supposed to be considered a replacement, but an addon to a home computer. Considering you can get a laptop that will do considerably more, be user upgradeable, and all around more product for cheaper is the reason that $600 is so expensive.

The reason cell phones are so expensive off contract is because for those top of the line phones, they're not meant to be in addition to your phone, they're meant to be a better all around phone. So instead of paying more to have a seperate piece of equipment that only does certain things for you, you pay more to have one thing do more things so you could theoretically have less stuff.

So while $600 isn't a terrible price in relation to it being a cell phone, it is when you're talking about it in relation to a laptop.

Wow...$600. And a super shitty data plan to go with it. I predict VZW sells the same amount of Tabs as they did Kins.

it says $20 for 1gb with no contract STARTING. that means there are other options. there was a post on engadget that leaked more details of the available price plan. it goes all the way up to a 10gb plan

This better be a joke because a android tablet running the same software that I have on my phone (EVO) is not worth no $600. The lower end ipad is $500 and its bigger…..smh.

The lower-end Wifi only iPad is $500. The lower end 3G iPad is $620. That's a more reasonable comparison, and it's a favorable one (if you ignore the data plan, admittedly).

I understand your logic on a straight feature-to-feature basis, but for those who want a tablet with no data plan, then their choices are a $500 iPad or a $600 Galaxy. Not even a question which I'd choose.

Here's the thing... this version of the Galaxy Tab can only be bought in Verizon stores, right? The iPad will also be available in Verizon stores, except they'll force you to buy a MiFi with it, and the whole bundle will cost as much as an iPad 3G. You can't get a $500 iPad at a Verizon store, and you can't get a Galaxy Tab without a data plan of some sort at a Verizon store. And odds are, when the Wifi only Galaxy Tab hits, it'll likely be priced similarly to the Wifi-only iPad. I'd say it's a fair comparison.

Right on! I totally agree. And wait Amazon gets a hold of the WiFi only version. I would bet you could pick one up for about $299.

I can tell you really read the press release. Not only is the iPad sold WITHOUT MiFi, it's also sold starting at $499.

Bujin, if you want a tablet with no data plan, get the wifi only iPad or wait for the wifi only Galaxy Tab. This is clearly not meant for people who don't want a data plan.

Ouch... was really hoping for something LESS ridiculously priced than the iPad... guess this isn't the android tablet I've been hoping for.

Personally, until android tablets are priced competitively with the Kindle (i.e. ~$150 for a Wifi-only model and ~$200 for a 3G-enabled version with all data included)... I'm just not interested.

I know... "never" going to happen.

My phone (Incredible) does everything this tab does and fits in my pocket. Until prices come down ($350 is fair) and I can get a wifi only model, I'll wait...

$350? That's the cost to make these things. You want Samsung to go out of business so you'll never get your Gingerbread upgrade?

Maybe if it was a 100 bucks cheaper than ipad it could compete. But a 100 bucks more? for that much why not pick up a netbook and a kindle, and use the left over 100 bucks to upgrade to the evo or droidx!

It's already $30 cheaper than the cheapest 3G iPad, and you might be able to get it cheaper at places like and Wirefly. If you want one that's cheaper than the wifi only iPad, wait for the wifi only Galaxy Tab. Is it really that hard to comprehend?

who cares if is 30 dollars cheaper, its only 30 f*&%ing dollars. The Ipad has apple behind it and that's why they can sell it for that price, because they got mindless minions running to theirs stores. Loot at their laptops (their price) they sell for far more than better (far better) Windows laptops (hp,dell, etc). One of the reasons I didn't buy the ipad is because of price, why would I buy this instead?

I agree, $30 cheaper isn't much. I was pointing out to the previous poster that it's not $100 more than its direct competitor, the 3G iPad.

You clearly have no idea how businesses work. Even Walmart regularly prices their items at twice what they pay for them. That's what companies have to do to make money.

Granted, Apple sells a lot of their iPads at the Apple store, but they probably sell more through Best Buy, and now Target, Walmart, and Kmart. These stores aren't going to sell something like this without making a profit. Neither is your wireless provider.

It's $30 cheaper than the iPad with 3g. Yes, it's a smaller screen, but there might not be that much cost difference between 7 and 10 inches when talking about touch screens. But it also has two cameras, and a card slot.

This was supposed to be a reply to Jonagpa. It went in the wrong place. Strange; i was definitely responding to him. You know something, I really hate the way AC does these things.

Apple might be able to convince their fanboys to buy a relatively pointless device for $500, but why would anyone buy this over the iPad at this price point?

That's unbelievable. They need to release a WiFi-only version at less than $400 almost immediately, or this is dead on arrival. What are they possibly thinking?

this is a competitive market, when you get the spot light you deliver immediately or else people loose interest. I don't want an wifi version 4 months form now, I want one now. 4 months form now there will be a LOT more choices.

Wow, so demanding. The iPad 3G wasn't released until a month after the wifi only version. Hell, Apple STILL hasn't released the promised multitasking update for the iPads.

wow I was hoping for something good and they came out with this prices.... disappointing :( I guess I'll buy a laptop

No. This multitasking mom will pass.

It's a 7 inch tablet so it should be considerably less than the iPad, closer to pricing for 7" readers.

Price it at $200-$300 with wifi only (I can tether from my Droid Incredible) and I may look at it.

People love to flame Apple products yet look at the pathetic response of their competitors. A year late, the same price for half the size etc.

This is one competitor's pricing. Galaxy's tab will be carried by many others. I'm going to wait and see how the others price the wifi only edition. I have no need for 3G since my Incredible does wifi tethering.

I've looked at the iPad. It's nice but it's too large for a tablet, too clunky to hold in one hand for reading. I want one I can use as a reader and stash in my purse.

Too bad Jobs doesn't want to do a smaller iPad. I might have bought one, but he doesn't want my money.

I was holding out and hoping this would end up cheaper. I may see what sprint does with it and go from there but I doubt I'll be getting it. I was really wanting a low cost tablet MOSTLY for Kindle/Nook/Borders ebook apps. But I suppose I will just have to do an Amazon Kindle.

Honestly, I would have preferred a 'messy contract' to paying a full out price.. hell, the iPad is $30 more.. can Verizon honestly expect that to compare? I've been pining after this for months, ever since I heard it was coming, but.. all I have to say to Verizon is lol.

invalid argument considering verizon will have the ipad as well. this is just a way to give people more options.

Price point is too high to compete with a smaller sized tablet than the ipad. Guess Mr. Jobs saying 7in tablets DOA, so far is right..

I'm going to wait for the Notion Ink Adam. They claim 499 for the "fully loaded" version of their product, and with that pixel qi screen; sign me up. I think it's likely it will hit the states yet this year, or early next at the latest.

What's an iLoser doing hanging around an Android blog? Only iLoser's would actually make a post that is nothing but "DOA".

At first glance, I was with most of you. There's no way I would pay this much for a tablet. But after considering the competition, this tab is priced just right. No contract pricing is competitive with the iPad, and you don't have to sign another 2 years of your life away.

Those looking for a wifi-only tablet, get used to the price point. Most others will be priced similarly. Blame Apple for setting the standard. Now if Big Red is going to force the data plan, then they better get ready for a huge media/consumer backlash or set a subsidized price.

$30 difference from Galaxy Tab to iPad? That's nowhere near worth the value of losing almost 3 inches. To have been competitive (and justify the loss of screen) it should have been no more than $500-$550. But $600 for tab or $630 for iPad, and I LOVE Android, Apple wins. To give some perspective, the price difference between a 42" and 46" tv is usually a couple hundred dollars...

But aren't there usually sales and price drops on non-Apple products? Maybe there will be some deals so you can take one home for $500 after a while.

To give some perspective, a Samsung Captivate is $499 on AT&T (I tried to go to Verizon, but the page was acting up.) Presumably all the Galaxy S phones are around the same price. That's what about 4 inches. So $100 for three extra inches. Sounds fairly competitive to me. After all, you may be losing three inches, but you're getting two cameras and expandable memory. And true multitasking; you don't have to close your program to open another one.

Imagine on an Ipad: You're listening to music while playing Angry Birds. A song comes on that you're just no in the mood to listen to right now, so you have to exit Angry Birds to bring up the music player and skip to the next song. Then you have to restart Angry Birds. with Android, you don't have to exit either app to get to the other.

This is going to be such a huge EPIC fail.
I would have considered this if it were in the $300-$400 range. My N1 does the same stuff as this tablet, I'll just stick with that and look at laptops if I want something on the go for now.

There will be three price points for tablets. $20 for 1gb, $35 for 3gb and $50 for 5gb. Keep in mind that the mifi works on ANYTHING. So $50 a month for a no contract hotspot is a great deal. Don't like the price point? Wait for a wifi only model which should be around $450-$480 (compared to $500 versus $630 for wifi only versus mifi bundle for the 16gb iPad).

$50/Mo for 5GB data is not a great deal at all, IMO. I pay $30/Mo for unlimited data on my Droid. These are just portable 3G routers that pull data from the network in the same way as my Droid. The prices should be the same.

I don't think the price point is competitive AT ALL, but $50 a month for a 5gb hotspot from VZW with no contract is a tempting deal...

Now im not a fan of Apple by any means never owed anything apple at all. That being said one of the biggest criticisms with the IPAD was they said it was like a giant iphone. well this is EXACTLY like a giant Epic or Evo. why do i want that for EPIC FAIL. Sprint would be the way to go if you want a contract though

Yep, that's what they said... and then they went and bought it. I don't think Samsung will have as much success at this price point, but I certainly don't think it will be a failure either. People will buy it for sure.

I agree that this is little high. I love android and the community, but I have a hard time swallowing this. I'm no apple fan either. I believe that even if the iphone is coming, it won't have the impact it would have a year ago now that verizon has so many great high quality android devices. I'll wait for gingerbread pre-loaded on Motorola's stingray, or even *gasp* the blackberry playbook, which has the hardware, just needs decent software.

Coming to a Verizon store near you: Buy any Galaxy Tab, get one galaxy tab free*!

*$29.99 data plan and new 2 year activation required

This will indeed be a joke, especially since Verizon is planning on stocking the wi-fi version of the iPad next month. Why anyone would see the two sitting side by side and not pick the one with the much bigger screen for about the same price is beyond explanation. Maybe if this goes BOGO I would POSSIBLY thinking about getting a pair for me and the wife.

I have little interest in tablets, regardless of price, size, OS, or bells and whistles. I have a PC (a few actually) and a smartphone and don't see the need for anything in between at this time.

im somewhat with you on this, but its one of those kinda not really sometimes type of with you. im sure its just the novelty factor for the majority, but there are people who just prefer to be more mobile. for one of my co workers who is also a manager at a few of my stores, he has virtually all his work and productivity related stuff on his ipad. although he is always on a computer, owns a blackberry for email, and has an iphone as his personal phone, the screen on the tablet plus the weight is just the right fit for someone like him who is all over the place. not everyone can have the luxury of being at just one or two places with a fully loaded pc all the time.

That's the problem with the internet; it gives every moron with an opinion the opportunity to voice it even if they have no reason to. Fortunately, I have bad examples like you, so I don't go and post how bad an idea Windows 7 on a tablet is.

A Netbook with a 10.1 screen, an actual keyboard, 1 Gb Ram 160Gb HDD, able to run either Windows or Linux, Office Suite or Open Office, with 3G and WiFi. No Contract I can get it for under 300, with contract 150 (10 dollars more a month plan 5GB) Why the heck would I pay THAT KIND of MONEY for something that is nothing else that a toy? I'll stay with my 1 cent Vibrant (Txs Amazon) and my netbook. I will be more productive, I will have more alternatives and I will have another 600 (plus tax) in the bank!

Good point. Asus is now making a 10.1 netbook that dual boots Windows and Android for around $300. That would be a cool thing if I could find one here in the US. I do like the slim design of the Galaxy Tab, but not the price. I am gonna get the Archos for portability and ebook reading. I'll keep my netbook too.

I agree with you in almost all your points, the reason people (I) would buy this is for the experience of having a touch screen. Is simply more fun and its different.

They won't sell many at that price.

At $600 it is at parity /w the iPad 3G 16GB model so you are not going to get any mainstream consumer demand. And with data pricing the way it is you don't really have any sales leverage there either.

I might suggest a model that WOULD create mainstream consumer demand though I don't have a way to know if it would be profitable to VZW.

1. Tab priced at $299 w/o contract to generate demand AND $99 with a 2 year contract on either data plan
2. Data priced at $15/m 1GB to attract casual users or mostly WiFi users
3. Data priced at $35/m unlimited for on-device data to grab more aggressive users
4. Offer the Tab as an add-on plan to existing customers at a discount for the MRC to generate interest AND to encourage people to switch to VZW

So a device that is larger than a cellphone should be prices cheaper than one?

a full retail high end phone is between 500-600 dealer cost (before markup) what makes you assume that a Tablet form factor make it significantly cheaper?

Laptop parts are commercialized so they can make netbooks dirt cheap. you don't have that with tablets yet. Verizon doesn't want more subscribers, they want more profitable subscribers. Giving these things away doesn't accomplish that.

Yes, I think the price is too high. I think if they sold it for around 500-520 it would fit. or ad voice calling capability to it for the 600

Ooh, what a great idea for Verizon and Samsung: Let's give this device away at below cost and go out of business within a year.

There's no way Samsung could even build the device and ship it to the US for under $300 a unit.

How the hell did you finish high school. How the hell did you get into high school.

And don't forget: the Tab has two cameras. And a small enough size that you may actually have enough reason to want the backside camera.

I WAS interested, but it's just too rich for my blood. I'll wait a year and see what other tabs there are out there.

even as a vzw sales rep --indirect vzw, not corporate-- , i kinda dig this whole unsubsadized no contract stuff, even though i know my income comes from slapping people with the 2 year shackles. i like this because it brings people to the realization that these devices arent really THAT cheap. i really can't stand it when people come to my store like "oh my god the fascinate is $580?!?! who the hell would pay that?!" which i have always found funny because people want a high end device without wanted to pay high end money.

^^ like dgalanter who just commented a few before me ^^
he thinks it's too expensive. this is how much these devices cost. we don't secretly get them for like 50 bucks and sell them for a couple hundred. and he wants to wait for something newer in maybe a year or so, thinking a newer or better device will be cheaper. so odd how people think.

wow I guess Archos here I come.
Archos 70 internet tab 7inch 8gb for: $274.99
Archos 70 internet tab 7inch 250gb for: $349.99
ARCHOS 101 internet tab 10.1inch 8gb for: $299.99
ARCHOS 101 internet tab 10.1inch 16gb for $349.99
all 4 can also use upto a 32gb micro sdhc.

Man, Verizon and Samsung need to get a freaken clue.

The Archos tablets will be great for people who want relatively cheap Android tablets, but they're certainly not on the same level as the Tab.

Also a huge majority of the people buying the Archos will have no clue of how to 'hack' the Market onto their device so will then be stuck with a cheap device with limited apps

What are your commet on?
The biggest reson for the cost differance is the galaxy has a 3g antena and a slightly higher resolution other than that, they both seem to be quality devices.

And if they can sell them for that cheap, it makes me wonder what crap they're selling. 250gb? That thing has a hard drive? Who wants a tablet with a hard drive?

Also don't forget, where are you going to be using these? At home or somewhere you've got wifi. Or if you've hacked your phone for tethering.

The 10inch is the same resolution as the Tab, but in a bigger form; the seven inch has phone resolution. Maybe Samsung has a clue.

I think that the price should be a little better, but I also believe except for screen size you get more than you do with the Ipad. Such as front & rear camera, Flash, and the biggy for me "SD Card"

No. Everyone else has it for the same $600, or in T-Mobile's case $650. I hope they see the other prices and match it. AT&T is the last to announce, and since they're the home of the one true 3g iPad, I'm not holding out hope.

Ouch. Too much $ for me. Only 3 more inches than my epic that was 1/3rd the price = epic fail of the Tab

You got an Epic for $200 off contract? Damn son. Could've sworn the Epic was listed at $600 off contract, same as the Tab.

I guess the good news is they won't sell many of these when it's on the shelf next to the iPad.

Until Gingerbread shows up (and assuming Gingerbread has the tablet interface we've been waiting for), any tablet running Froyo is a joke.

Let's be happy that Android's going to miss this holiday season with only a handful of overpriced tablets on the market. Let this one go, and wait until Google has a real tablet story in 2011.

Wow, is Samsung supposed to give it away? My Droid Inc cost 500-600 dollars off contract. How o can a 7 inch tablet not cost more? And for those who say it has no purpose consider this. I am typing this message on my Droid Inc. I have a great computer I spent 2,500 dollars for upstairs in my bedroom collecting dust. I do most internet surfing on this phone. So an upgrade to a much bigger screen would be great.

First, it has not phone so that should reduce manf. and eng. costs. Second, and most importantly, is the iPad!

You can't put a 7" Android device next to the iPad and expect it to sell without a huge price difference to move interest to the Tab.

I just won't happen.

Actually it does have phone hardware, but U.S. carriers wanted the phone functionality disabled. Hopefully some talented devs over at XDA will figure out how to re-enable it.

It actually is a phone. If has to use phone parts, not netbook parts because Android is not compatible with x86 processors on any version above 1.6

This thing is like a very large phone, not a very small computer. (the Euro versions actually ARE phones)

There is a very high floor to pricing here. They can't make it significantly cheaper than the ipad because it's a high end phone.

I can literally see Verizon and Samsung selling dozens of these devices. There are dozens and upon dozens of non-tech people out there who will think this is a great deal. Otherwise, EPIC FAIL

$600 - riiiiight.... Not. Going. To. Buy. Besides, its only 7" - so again; NOT. GOING. TO. BUY.

Epic Fail anyone?

CLAP ---CLAP ---- CLAP----CLAP. Thank You! is Samsung supposed to give it away? If anything the only issue should be CES 2011 and what Android tablets their may make this one obsolete.

Response to message below.

For fucks sake, people, have ANY of you actually, you know, bought your phones at retail?

Complaining about the value of the Tab is just fucking silly. It's only $50 more than a Fascinate. It's only $50 more than a STREAK, for crying out loud.

But no, so many of you are used to the carriers leaving money on the dresser in the form of subsidized pricing, that when you can't whore out for a contract you have no concept of value.

But it's really just a fascinate with a slightly bigger screen (slightly because the resolution doesnt scale with the size, meaning its a lot cheaper to produce). The rest of the guts are the same. Why should it be so expensive when the 3g service is locked in to verizon anyway, guaranteeing them a revenue stream? Subsidies and contracts aside, this is a slowmotion trainwreck. They will be BOGO by Christmas, and in January they will be $99 each with a 2 year data contract. Mark my words.

Cost of goods should still be higher on the Tab. The resolution does go up, ya know, a 1024x600 7" LCD is still more than 2x the price of a 3.5" 800x480, and even more expensive than a 4" SAMOLED.

Bigger battery, a more expensive (albeit proprietary)connector, and simply more glass, plastic and metal needed for the larger device (and increased transportation and storage costs due to it being bigger). I can see there being $50 more product there, myself.

They also spent a bit more money/thought on making the Tab "feel expensive" than they did on the Galaxy S phones in general.

So the "slight" improvement and the addition of 3+ inches (and a front facing camera) isn't worth $20?

There is no contract, so there is no reason for verizon to subsidize it.

And if it became subsidized, it WOULDN'T drop below $199

So which is it? It's only 3 inches larger than a Galaxy phone, so it shouldn't be $50 more. But it's a whole 3 inches smaller than the iPad, so it should be half the price. It's one or the other; it can't be both. $600 is a good deal, but not a great deal. I'm sure the price will drop within a few months, certainly by the time the iPad 2 comes out.

Oh, the two cameras and expandable memory make up for the smaller size in my opinion.

While I occasionally hear it mentioend online and in forums, I've NEVER known anyone to buy a phone at retail prices. Everyone I know (msyelf included) buys them subsidized through the carriers because we've got to have service anyway so why not sign the contract? It's not like you can easily move phones from provider to provider in the US.

Why I can understand the notion of not wanting to be tied to a contract I don't see why anyone would pay $550 for a phone and then turn around and pay the very same rates for service as someone that signed the contract.

If there was some kind of way to get discounted service, then it might be worth it, but otherwise... sign the contract.

Bingo. The phones are not portable between carriers. The tablets are not truly portable between carriers (unless you are OK hauling a mi-fi around). The service does not get cheaper if are out of contract. MSRP phone prices are a joke, you would be stupid as **** to ever pay one in lieu of signing a contract. It's even cheaper to sign a contract and bail after a month and pay the ETF if you really wanted a phone and not a contract. Anyone throwing in the "oh but the Droid X or incredible or fascinate or whatever is SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS" is a moron for comparing the hugely inflated MSRP of a handset with the out-the-door minimum price we are seeing on the tablet.

Actually you can get discounted rates for not going with a subsidized phone, but only on T-Mobile. You save $20 per month compared to their subsidized plans. So over a two year contract that gives you $480 + $200 typical subsidized phone price = $680, plenty to buy just about any high-end phone you want.

Unfortunately no other carriers have adopted this model, which means if you want to buy your own retail phone you pretty much are forced to always choose to also buy the carriers most expensive (usually most subsidized) phone every two years and sell it to get your money back.

I've usually bought phones on contract, but when the Nexus One came around, coupled with the Even More Plus Plans, over the course of a 2 year plan, it was actually cheaper to buy the phone at retail and get the More Plus Plan, which is a month to month plan with cheaper minutes and data.

And I'm sure there are other's who are more tech savvy than myself who have other reasons for buying phones off contract.

The Samsung better include tethering with that price plan. Unless I'm understanding this wrong, Ipad plus MyFi allows me to use the Myfi with the Ipad, or laptop(s), or whatever else. Samsung Tab at the same price point without included wireless tethering, not as appealing.

I say it's too soon! There's going to be some serious early adopter's remorse. Wait and see what is announced at CES, there's a whole slew of new tablet devices coming out next year, there will be many options, some good and some not so good.

$600 for Galaxy tab
$35 for 3GB Data plan (assuming same price as ipad/mifi)
$35 x 24 = $840 plan costs over 2 years
Total Cost of Ownership = $1440

$200 for droid
$70 for lowest level voice plan and unlimited data
$70 x 24 = $1680
Total Cost of Ownership = $1880

Seems like a reasonable option to me considering I can easily setup the Galaxy tab to be a VoiP phone using Google Voice, SipGate, SipDroid and Google Callback.

Now if VZW decides to offer this at a subsidized price with a $35/month 2 year contract it becomes a no brainer.

Question though is wether they will ever subsidize the thing as it already won't work on someone elses network (assuming CDMA locked to VZW).

Little pricey, But with Wi-Fi and a Front facing camera, this may be the perfect standin for my over sized over priced laptop when i Deploy next year.

It might be pricey but remember it is coming out on all 4 networks. I will wait for the galaxy tab on Sprint and i will most likely get the contracted one.

Looks good, price is a bit out of my range for nothing more than a play pretty, when I have other options available. Once they decide to push a WiFi only model, 10" screen, and a lower price point I may start to consider it. I would already jump on the archos 101 but no market access which defeats the point for me. Keeping my ear to the ground on these tablets as the first ones are always priced a good bit higher than later models. Come next year my house hold may well be tablet ready.

ok..first off...if you buy a phone with no contract it is expensive. (palm pre was 599.99) (droid x is 569.99) WHY ON EARTH would you think that this would be any cheaper. I understand some wouldnt mind signing a contract to get it for cheaper, but being a verizon wireless employee, the main gripe about new phones is signing a new contract with us. second...why would you wait for something newer and better and expect it to be cheaper? (motorolas tablet) we all need to wake up...nothing is getting cheaper at this point seriously

I don't really think people are complaining on it being expensive, I think they're more complaining that it's not going to be subsidized (on Verizon at least). We're not stupid, yes things are going to be expensive, and we know that, I just assume that they were more willing to be locked into a contract to get the Tab cheaper than to pay the full out price. Also, it doesn't exactly help that the sammy reps suggested subsidized prices. Verizon is just not going to be one of them.

Nope. I'll wait for an operating system that is actually designed for a tablet. This hack job is a stop gap measure to compete against the iPad until a viable android tablet is released. People who buy the Galaxy Tab will find themselves with an unsupported product when Google releases an OS that is meant to run on tablets. Google actually stated that hardware makers SHOULD NOT use Froyo on a tablet--that says something about the future of this device.

Also, 1GB of data for $20 is a rip off--not even as good as AT&T's ripoff plan at $25 for 2GB.

You do realize operating systems can be upgraded right? Samsung said they will update the Tab to Gingerbread (next version of Android, recommended for tablets by Google) when it's ready.

Lets face it, the biggest draw (over a smartphone) is its screen size. No tablet on the market is any better in specs than the high end smartphones- thus the biggest draw is the screen size. This price point makes no sense. I have an iPad, with 40% more screen real estate that cost $100 less. Why in the world would anyone buy a product with no clear advantages, but a few stark disadvantages, for the same or greater price?

I was all set to rush out and buy one of these, but at $600 for Froyo...probably not. Maybe at $499 or $399, but $599 is just too much to gain 3 inches over my Fascinate.

I'll reconsider when I start seeing Gingerbread show up on the next gen version. I REALLY WANT an Android tablet...but come on!

I'll wait to see what the other carriers come out at. Just because my phone is on Verizon doesn't mean I need to buy a (non-phone) Tab from them.

Why would anyone want this? I love my Dinc, but isn't this just the same thing as a fascinate with a bigger screen? Google has warned 2.2 is NOT designed for tablets, and that Gingerbread will be. Who would drop $600 for a device that will not be supported next year? No apps will be made to support it, and support for it will be dropped like a prom dress as soon as a tablet with 3.0 and a bigger screen comes out! As much as Steve Jobs annoys me, he is right about android tablets. NONE are real competition for an ipad. ESPECIALLY at that price. I'd rather the 10 inch ipad and a lot more app support. I'll NEVER get an iphone, but an ipad, then I have the best of both apple and google worlds, till a real android tablet can compete.

I don't know what all the big fuss is here. The ONLY problem I see is the $20 a month for 1GB of Data.. off contract, and unsubsidized this is a helluva device. No more of that "its only 7 inches bullshit" either. Who cares.. if you don't have to deal with anything iShit (iTunes,iPods,iArrogance) you're in a winning situation here. I'm sure it'll also be available on contract for that magical amount of $199. If you really are hating on this because of screen size and up front cost then obviously you need an Archos tablet, even though there is no market on it, or GApps. Yes I'm well aware you can put them on there, but isn't it just nicer when it just works and isn't a super cheap piece of shit that 'gets the job done' ?

Way over priced. I guess I will wait for a WIFI only device to release. My laptop is cheaper than this and can do a lot more. Old Steve may have been right. I really wanted an android tablet but I can wait until something more reasonable comes along. Maybe Playbook?

Well I have two options; 1) Wait for a Wifi only device. 2) See what HP and Palm are going to put out.

I am in love with my EVO. But, in my opinion, Palm WebOS is a pretty damn good UI.

Wonder if we can do what I do with IPAD... use Palm Pre Plus as a mobile hotspot FOR FREE and connect that to IPAD. That is way cheaper....

Interesting. I just hope you can install the verizon pre-installed crap without rooting since its not subsidized. If not than pass, wait for the wifi only.

We understand that off contract phones cost in the range of $600. That's why 99.999999999999999999999999% of people buy them on contract. If you are buying a 3G tablet, it should be offered at a subsidized price, albeit a slightly higher price than a smartphone. How many Droids would they have sold if it was only offered at the off contract price of $500? That's what I thought. The EVO is the best phone out right now, and it borders being a tablet. It does more and is higher spec'd than the Galaxy tab, or ipad. Just has a smaller screen...but still bordering tablet size. No way in hell I, or most others would have purchased it at full retail, off contract. This pricing for the Galaxy Tab 3G would only be ok if a subsidized version were also available...just as with every other device.
I have no use for a tablet. My EVO fits the bill of smartphone and small tablet. I have a laptop. If anything, I'd consider getting a netbook to tether my EVO to. Now, that's what's hot.

$600 is disappointing. I know it's not a bad deal if you compare it to the price of a Droid phone off-contract, but compared to the competition it just doesn't seem right. Other than Flash, I really do not feel that the Tab has anything going for it against the iPad, and I say that with a heavy heart. I used an iPad for the first time yesterday at work and I was, unfortunately, sold by it. I am excited to see what CES2011 holds, but right now...the Tab is not getting my $$$ (neither is the iPad though...yet).

Ok I'm going to pay $600.00 for the V-Pad and they load it up with a BANKRUPT Company, BlockBuster...
How Stupid can you get Like buying 1st class tickets for the Titanic.

Im not folling your logic, how does one bad preloaded app make this a fail? It's not like the OS is based on Blocbuster. Seems like your saying ZOMG BB is gone so my tablet is now useless...

I think a fool would by this mess when you have the Playbook, Palmpad, Slate to choose from which much better build quality is used. Ill be waiting for something much better than an Android tablet..This thing should be 300 unsubsidized because of the Android platform. SMH

If it ever gets built isn't the top of the line Adam supposed to cost much less? Like $500 for the Pixel Qi 3g model?

It's amazing to me how many people have so little life that they have spew their crap over everything. So you don't like it. I don't care. Shut up and go talk about something you do like.