Verizon Galaxy S5

T-Mobile's Galaxy S5 isn't the only variant getting an update today, as GS5 owners on Verizon are getting a more sizable update with a proper changelog from the carrier. After pulling down the OTA you'll be on software version KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9, which updates a few of Verizon's applications and makes a whole bunch of small tweaks. The full changelog:

Apps updated

  • Caller Name ID
  • Message+
  • Cloud

Issues resolved

  • 'Search' icon has been removed within Memo when there is no memo
  • Favorite 'Contact' information background is now more readable
  • Visual Voicemail works when S-View flip cover is closed
  • Connectivity has been improved when streaming music
  • Stability has been improved for Samsung Gear Manager
  • Text alert improvements for select factory installed car kits
  • 'Primary Contacts' label has been changed to "Emergency Contacts" when in Emergency Mode
  • Power On password is no longer triggered when voice call is completed or after screen dims

Support has been added for the following

  • User selectable video application when uploading to YouTube now supported
  • Message+ now supports closed captioning
  • Emergency Mode has been updated
  • Contact Menu stability has been enhanced
  • Easy Mode Settings now includes images
  • 'Downloaded Apps' field added to searchable file types in My Files
  • Web Search has been added to S Finder

Seeing the update yet on your own Galaxy S5 running on Verizon? Shout out in the comments and let us know.

Source: Verizon; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Verizon Galaxy S5 getting OTA with myriad of interface and app fixes


To bad it doesn't fix the bug with the email app. When you delete a message in the app often times it doesn't register and pops back up in the inbox again.

My wife has the same exact problem. I think it has to do with not deleting it off the server like the checked box tells the phone to do.

I noticed that after I delete an email now after the update that I can't open another email until it is "done" deleting. Maybe helps to fix this problem, but is a bit annoying having to wait when going through a bunch of emails. Anybody else notice this also?

Posted via Android Central App - Verizon S5

Yes, I can't open another message until the "undo" prompt goes away. Very annoying. On the prior version, I could immediately tap the next message to open it.

Got it. Haven't noticed any differences yet, but hope to find some improvements.

Posted via Android Central App - Verizon S5

Wow, I must get this update. It is for everything I need... NOT. Hope there is a way to decline the update

Posted via Android Central App

Root the phone and disable "SDM". I'm done with VZ OTA's until I know exactly what's in them and the effects it has on MY device. They've ruined more than one device with a crap update that can't be backed out of.

The only update that they could make to those apps to make it worthwhile would be the ability to uninstall them.

Posted via Android Central App

They need to update the app to never play commercials with a paid subscription. #TheWorldIWantToLiveIn #HashTagsDontWorkHere

I still have the gallery app in the app drawer (I never had it on the screen).

Posted via Android Central App via a Samsung S5

does it cause any bugs like battery issues or apps crashing like the vzw s3. if so I do not want it at all and I hope I can decline it.

One thing it did do is added a new icon to the notification window up top if you are now using Power Battery Saver, it now displays an icon that shows that, be nice to turn that icon off, so it doesn’t show up like it was before.

Also now in the contacts favorite list, List View has been removed, the option to switch from Grid View to List View is now gone. I really want this option back, Grid View blows. Is there a way to get it back?

I would like to changeh the phone app itself. After completing a call, it always goes to a redial/messaging choice and I have to be careful to close the phone app or turn off the screen to avoid redial. If there is a way to change this, I would love to hear about it.