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Users in our forums are reporting that their Verizon Galaxy SIII (S3) handsets are pulling down a moderately sized (62MB) OTA update. Unfortunately, this isn't the Jelly Bean update that most users are hoping for -- you're still on 4.0.4 for now -- but it does seem to be bringing some useful enhancements. The latest software version, VRALHE, brings the Enhanced Zooming feature to the browser, email and more. It also claims to fix an issue with device restarts, as well as enhance stability in Google Play.

All good and necessary updates, but let's hope the next OTA is to Android 4.1. Take a look at the support document for the update at the source link below, then head to the forums and let us know how the update process went for you.

Source: Verizon (PDF)Android Central Forums; Thanks, Christopher!


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Verizon Galaxy S3 receiving small update, still not Jelly Bean


Downloading now. I'm happy with what I have but will be excited when JB finally comes out. I'm trying to train myself to not worry about updates too much. Don't care root it.

It seems to me that my battery is draining a bit faster, as well. That said, my phone feels snappier, especially when it comes to apps that access the web (FB, Twitter, etc.)

S when are they going to fix copy/paste? That is a basic feature Verizon! How about fix the LED notification light? How about add the all share dongle to the advanced menu, like every other GS3 user has? (Needless to say, I hate Verizon). We might see jelly bean in 2013. But at the speed of Verizon, I would not put money on it.

The clipboard needs to be fixed ASAP. It's getting to be a joke that it's gone on this long. Throw in Verizon's blocking of Wallet and they're going to be losing a customer.

I couldn't live without copy and paste any longer so about three-four weeks ago I gave up and one-click rooted the VZW SIII (without making any additional changes to the stock ROM), erased the contents of the clipboard folder using the RootExplorer app, and now copy and paste works. Used Voodoo OTA Root Keeper to successfully update to the latest stock version today while keeping the root.

Ya. I went ahead and used voodoo and still kept me rooted. I love not having ads and being able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot with unlimited data!

I keep getting "Service Unavailable" when I try to pull the update. I have tried over Wi-Fi and 4G. Anyone else seeing this or having any suggestions?

Go get a new sim card. Happened to me for months. Last check was august 17, got a new sim card, and pulled the updates as soon as the phone booted up. Wiping the phone did not help. I wiped the phone and cleared the cache 4 times in one day hoping that it would fix it. The sim card was the only thing that fixed it. Good thing they are free. Just tell your verizon rep at the corporate store that you wiped your phone 6 ways from sunday and you looked online and found the fix was a new sim card. You can even stand there and show him/her if you want because they won't believe you.

Since the update new messages are not displaying In the message app. They show in notification but not when selected. How do I remove the update?

Haven't been able to use copy and paste on VZW SIII since the week 2 of ownership. Reached out to Samsung / VZW several times - they told to fully reset the device. The problem with full reset is that people reported that the issue resurfaced within couple of weeks or so. Suffered for 1.5 months waiting for an official solution, and then finally rooted the device to resolve the issue.

That said, never ever had any problems with SIM card, SD card, random restarts, loss of GPS, connection, battery or any other issues other VZW SIII users reported..

1)Got the update this morning. Phone does seem a little snappier overall as others have posted.
2)No issues that I can see with the Cut/Paste. Seems to be working fine.
3)I had the service unavailable issue as others. I replaced the SIM card via Verizon and all is well. I heard from friends that they cured the problem by deleting all their accounts and re-adding them. Not a factory reset. Try it. it might work.
4) The T9-Trace has been Horrible. I installed SWYPE (not from PLAY) Works GREAT.
5) Hurry up JB.

I got the update today and so far no problems. Phone does seem quicker and I can not see any battery issues so far. I have had no cut and paste issues at all.

Dose anyone know what dose this mean? “ Access to the software update is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later."

Anyone know what version number would change with this update? I got a prompt on my phone this morning that said something about an update but I clicked OK as I was trying to get at something else so I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing...

I just did this ota update on my already rooted droid. Obviously it took away my root. Does anyone know if I can re-root my device now since I updated?

So with the new update, I now no longer have auto correct (or even an option to turn it on in settings) and many of my "motions" no longer work I.e. double tap to top, turn over to mute, or palm mute. How can I fix these? Is it possible to go back to icecream sandwich without rooting?

So with the new update, I now no longer have auto correct (or even an option to turn it on in settings) and many of my "motions" no longer work I.e. double tap to top, turn over to mute, or palm mute. How can I fix these? Is it possible to go back to icecream sandwich without rooting?