Galaxy Nexus root toolkit

We're normally not huge fans of one-click rooting around here. Don't get us wrong, they're simple and the folks who put them together deserve applause. But we also think you should have at least a basic understanding of what you're doing to your phone when you're rooting it, and that needs to be more than a button in a dialog box. (And remember, rooting's not for everyone. There's no shame in that.)

And that's why we're thrilled to see Wug's Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit sitting in our Verizon Galaxy Nexus Forums -- complete with an explainer of what each step of the process does. This is one-click rooting done right, folks. So if you need a little help getting it unlocking and rooting, or going back to stock, hit the link below.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus root toolkit makes the process easier than ever


How can we be sure we can trust this, or any other 1-click method? That was a question I had when I decided to root my OG Droid. Is there a chance the dev placed something malicious in the new recovery or superuser.apk?

I'm not making any accusations, and i applaud his effort. I'll be rooting and unlocking manually just to check out the SDK, but I'd probably use this to flash back to stock.

What if you've already unlocked the bootloader but haven't rooted yet? I unlocked my bootloader when I first got it since I knew it would wipe the phone. From the options above it doesn't look like there is a root only option. Will the "unlock + root" wipe the phone again if the bootloader is already unlocked?

Pssssh, this is how they ALL should be, the less buttons, the fewer idiots will mess things up. It even makes going back to stock easy. This is def the way to go, ROM manager will do the rest, paid version def worth it, has more/better roms...imo...

Really Phil? and we should still be sending ASCII commands to the printer so we know what it's doing? Please... the world needs more "one-clicks" :)

>"This is one-click rooting done right, folks."

Maybe if you are running MS-Windows, Phil. I am sure Linux and MacOS users would not support your assertion that this was "done right"!

Just saying

Great app works great !!1
I brought my rooted phone back to like new condition just the way it came out of the book.
Oh! by the way Stock and NO root sucks the big one.
Push the button and presto changeo all better.
Now the biggest problem!!
What rom to flash God it's been more than 24 hours since my last flash!
Gotta go.......

Thank You wugfresh

So I started to attempt to use the program on Windows and am doing the Initial Setup and Install the Drivers. I am running Windows XP and have followed all the steps. My device automatically configures as an ADB device, however, when I skip to step 4 and List ADB Devices, I do not get a serial number, only a dialogue that says No ADB devices found. I have repeated steps 1-3 over and over again with the same outcome. Any suggestions or thoughts?