Verizon HTC Droid Incredible shipping

Looks like there's pretty good demand for the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. Big Red's website now lists the Android smartphone as "shipping by May 14." That could mean anytime before that, we guess, but we've already seen that date pushed back a couple of times.

If you're going to get an Incredible this weekend, chime in and let us know where you found yours.


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Verizon Droid Incredible shipping backed up to mid-May


Man this phone is really "incredible" can type while the phone is in your pocket....

Take that with a grain of salt. I ordered mine Thursday when it said "Will be shipped by 5/7". I called up Verizon to check stock and they had thousands on hand. I placed my order and received shipping confirmation within the hour. I think this is either hype or just covering their butts while they wait for more stock.

HAHAHHAHA! The haters are aplenty with this phone. I didn't win one from the site, so I went ahead and bought one anyway. The phone is outstanding! Fabrian, it's ok. Just because you don't have one, you don't have to

This phone is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the Storm I had and BB's in general! Do whatever you must to get this phone! You will not be sorry! Unless your name is Fabrian. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well, a good friend of mine pre-ordered his (Hi, Drew!) and he got it on the date promised 04/29 (might've been 1 day earlier, not sure). I guess that means I will be pre-ordering the Sprint HTC EVO 4G when the pre-order opens for it; that is unless I'm lucky enough to win one of the 10 free units Sprint is giving away to promote the phone as part of their Sprint|Premier contest. Yay! HTC EVO FTW.

I agree with jtubb. Ordered mine yesterday around 10:30 am and got a ship confirmation around 11:15 am. Should get it by Monday / Tuesday.

Bing search gives Wirefly at 149.99 new contract or 179.99 renewal then $50 back from Bing. Grand total is $99.99 for new contract.

I went to a local corp store and they had a few in-stock. I ended up going to my local Best Buy and snagging one there. They said they had plenty in stock.

Sooooo happy that I'm a geek, knew of the phone months ago and pre-ordered mine. I've been enjoying the hell out is since Thursday!

I picked mine up at the store yesterday (April 30th) and the woman told me that they weren't getting any more all weekend. Apparently only the bigger flagship stores get good drop-shipments and the smaller ones or kiosk ones don't. Call the stores and ask them to look up how many are in stock before you head out. I'm glad I did.

PS - This phone is MORE than Incredible!!!!

Went to the store on Thursday.....9am and was the first there to pick mine up.....I love it. It's everything I thought it would be and MORE>

I got mine on launch day at a local Verizon store that is located in BJ's discount store. I originally went to another VZW store and all they had in stock were the 20 units that were pre-ordered. I went over to Best Buy next and they hadn't gotten a shipment in as of 11:30am on the 29th. I then looked for other VZW stores around me using my Moto Droid and found the one in BJ's. They only had 7 in stock so I rushed over and was able to snag one.

I think VZW does this on purpose so that people believe there is a huge demand. They short ship the stores and make it look like millions have sold out when the fact is that the stores got very few to begin with.

That being said, I'm happy to have my Incredible in my hands and even happier to have been one of the few to get it on launch day. It truly is a terrific device.

THEY HAVE THEM IN STOCK @ BEST BUY IN OMAHA, NE on 168th and Dodge Village Point. They have quite a few in stock!!!

Picked it up at Best Buy last night in Pensacola, FL they had a couple left. No mail in rebate. And yeah phone is awesome.

I played with the Incredible today, I like the little optical trackpad button thing and the on-screen keyboard is really nice, better than the Droid's stock Android on-screen keyboard. It didn't feel any faster than my Droid though, but it's a very nice addition to the Droid line of phones. It's something I would upgrade too.

no 720p recording. no deal. i hate you verizon and everyone involved with cell phone production. your holding the world back

Surely this can't be a deal breaker for you? If you are that concerned with recording quality you should be shopping for a HD camcorder. It would have a better lense.

Got one! Best Buy in Skokie IL had 2 left over from Thursday. Love the phone, still no Outlook sync available??

Walked into a verizon store at 530 last night and exchanged my DROID for the incredible for the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, they seemed to have plenty in stock so long as you were renewing or getting a new contract, if youre trying to buy at retail price the managers wont sell. Need that extra income from the plans.

I am soooo jealous of you verizion customers. Sprint told us about the Evo the make us wait darn near 6 months to even think of getting it. I was gonna jump ship and go to VZ but heck,i have waited this long. I saw the Incedible @best buy, wow zee wow zee wii it's a nice phone. It's thin and light weight. Hope you all enjoy it. I want the Evo to come out. Sorry had to vent,lol

I just mine at a Verizon authorized dealer. They had two left. Just for my own curiosity I called around to several Verizon stores and found the average answer was that they had 3 - 5 in stock. I gave up on my BB Storm. The incredible is the best thing since sliced bread.

How long has the Incredible been out...WOW its already having signal strength problems.GLAD I DIDNT BUY ONE

I went to a Verizon store in the Milwaukee (WI) area to get one. They were out of stock and claimed the Best Buy a few blocks down the street was too. The gave me an additional $30 off when I ordered from them (probably because I told them I otherwise could get the instant rebate from Best Buy). It will be delivered in 7 to 10 business days (ordered May 1st, supposedly delivered between the 7th and 11th).

So glad I ordered mine early. Arrived at my house at 10am on the 29th as promised. Was tracking it online at the Fedex website. Took off from work early to pick it up and start playing with. I've had iphones, have itouches (yes, plural) and traded in my blackberry for this phone. Every other battleship was sunk when they put this phone out for sale - incredible!!! I have this site to thank for convincing that this phone was the right move -thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!

Ordered mine from Verizon (full retail because my two years isn't up yet!) on April 28 and got it April 29. It's pretty amazing but I'm very disappointed with third-party apps like HootSuite (which I looooove) and Twidroid (which I'm trying because HootSuite fails). They've been making my phone freeze!! I maintain multiple twitter accounts for work and got this phone to keep up with me. These app developers need to iron out the bugs because they're ruining my Incredible experience. Other than this, I'm in love. I do wish the battery could keep up with me though. That's the ONLY thing that's a minor drawback.

I was just at a Verizon Corporate store and they still had 20. They had received a shipment yesterday. I was then at BJ's and stopped at the kiosk and they still had 3 left.

Best buy in Olympia Washington had lot's on Thursday, though they wouldn't say how many lots was. They suspected they would go through a few when people got off work. I got mine after lunch and they had only sold three. Don't know what the weekend has done to their stock.

I love the phone so far BTW.

Damn glad I got mine on day 1! I don't think I could have waited 2 more weeks. And btw, I'm so lovin' my Incredible!!

Got mine today at a mainline shop in Vero Beach, FL. There was someone else getting one when I was there, but then again the other 30 customers were old people trying to figure out what text messages are.

I emailed the Verizon rep a few times and got 2 new ones. I just upgraded 6 months ago from the Storm 1 to the Storm 2. So in a year and a few months I have upgraded twice. They will work with you. Be persistent. I had to pay $369 per phone, but after I sell a Storm 1 and the Storm 2 with the enhanced touch screen, I will be able to recoup most of that. It was worth it. Android is so far ahead of Blackberry. I used to put a new hybrid on every other day to get the thing to be responsive and smooth. I have found myself a little bored because I don't have to do that anymore. I have to find a new hobby I guess. The days of spending hours on my phone to put the latest OS plus a hybrid are over. I love this phone. So freakin fast!

I called up *611(4/30/2010) complained about my Storm, told them what I wanted they did it. They told me it would ship monday! So don't believe the date they have on the site, I'm sure it's partially covering their butt in case they can't fill all the orders, and to drum up a little extra "hurry" sales.

I'm so hyped about getting my new phone and getting away from BB!

(Also check your VZW stores in smaller towns, a few around here said hardly anyone came in to get it, of course they only got 10 to sell but only ended up selling like 5-6. So check those smaller stores and drive a bit if you need it that bad!!)

I went to a VZW store in the release day. Paid for it...and the associate told me it would be delivered by may4th. I got it the next day...just in time I guess,before all the delays that is

I'm loving the device. Only cons I see are:

- Battery life. Not for the power user. I'm dead by 4-6 hours. But I'm running it at peak performance with everything going.
- Reception bars are deceiving. It's two bars below my Storm2 and Pre Plus, but no issues regarding calls, internet usage, etc. Software fix will take care of the issue.

Thankfully it syncs directly with Outlook. :) That I needed!

As for the "shortages," my VZW inventory person told me they were distributing low amounts of the devices to stores (they only received 15 themselves) due to the original Storm launch lesson. I would've thought the success of the Droid would have solved that.

not here yet but ordered fm a local corporate store last week on thurs morn and was sent shipping confimration whitin minutes of the order.
it will be here by monday...looking forward to it.
this will be my first smart phone purchase...and i was leaning towards the BB line too....

My dad just picked one up at best buy today and it sounded like they had a few in stock, but the verizon store was out, so it must just be Verizon.

Guess I got lucky. I ordered mine from Verizon on the 29th and it will be delivered tomorrow. When I ordered the web site was already saying that shipping had been backed off to the 4th of May. I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email on the 30th indicating it had shipped.

My girlfriend ordered the Incredible on Friday evening around 10pm.. the website said that it was out of stock and would ship by 5/14.. well this morning she got an email at 8am saying her ordered shipped and it provided a tracking number.

Was at the large VZW corporate store in McCandless Township just north of Pittsburgh PA at open on 4/29. Had bought the Eris exactly 30 days prior and was able to exchange for the Incredible. They had gotten 80 in their initial shipment and 5 were sold in the 20 minutes I was there. Might have some left but they are a very busy location. Love the responsiveness compared to the Eris

I picked mine up at one of the Best Buys here in San Diego. The verizon store next door were all out, and this best buy had one left. Since I didn't qualify for upgrade I paid full price. Best Buy's MSRP is 600, but Verizon's MSRP is 530, so I asked for a price match, and they did! I lucked out.

Diamond Wireless in Broomfield, CO has about 10 in stock. They were going fast so stop by soon. Give them a call @ 303-410-1640. Their next shipment is coming in on Tuesday so call to reserve yours today!

Bought mine on Friday at Best Buy. Luckily, had bought the Eris at BB only 3 weeks ago and was able to return it for the Incredible. Liked the Eris. Love the Incredible!!

mine is shipping now as we speak, so order away! i think its just to have a good bit of breathing room for orders to be shipped.

it shipped today (in the am) and should arrive on may 5th.