Verizon Droid DNA

Not much to add here that wasn't in the headline. The Verizon Droid DNA is getting an update today to software version 710RD for what Verizon says is "improvements ... to SIM card detection." And that's it. So if SIM card detection is a feature you find important (and we're willing to bet you do), snag this update as soon as you get a free minute.

More: Changelog (pdf); Droid DNA forums


Reader comments

Verizon Droid DNA gets an update to fix SIM card detection


I know I'm probably being overly optimistic but with all the updates to Verizon phones lately I am wondering if Verizon has streamlined their update process a bit. This phone has been out since Nov and already seen two updates which is pretty good in my book. There is a rumored third update that bumps it to 4.2.2 and Sense 5 but since the One isn't even landing with 4.2 I have huge doubts about that. Hopefully Verizon has made some changes to the process that speeds it up a bit.

They've been better, but then again they've always been okay with maintenance patches. For major OS updates, I think it'll always been a long affair. I hope they prove us wrong this year.

It's about time. I had been through several of these phones til I found one that only does it some of the time.

Timely updates though, all things considered. I hope this is a good sign of a new update policy from Verizon... Not getting my hopes up.