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The Verizon 4G LTE rollout continues again today with several new markets going live across the country. Customers in  the following markets should be seeing LTE go live today:

  • Ironwood, Michigan
  • Galesburg, Illinois
  • Wheeling, West Virginia
  • St. Clairesville, Ohio
  • Louisa, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Prince George and Charles City counties in Virginia

At this point it's surprising that Verizon is still finding places that don't yet have LTE, given how many markets we see go live every single week.

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Verizon continues to roll out 4G LTE with several new markets


it depends on where are and what phone you are using. gnex lte in my area is a joke, BUT youre right, att is bad

Why don't they roll out with 4.1 for my damn S3 focus on that... OR Google could man up and take charge of this themselves and stop leaving it customers at the mercy of Verizon... They can roll out with a 4G network but they can't roll out with 4.1 god forbid 4.2

Verizon seems to do the bare minimum when it comes to updating phones. They also have a criteria list on phones that get updated, like if the phone is eol or if it isn't popular or sell enough, before they buy the update from the oem, then pay for testing done on that update. It seems Verizon uses the minimal amount of resources they possibly can, like releasing one update at a time, so not to take away any amount of bonus money from the executives. There have been quite a few updates ready for phones on Verizon that were passed on because Verizon didn't feel it was worth it for thnm to update their customers devices, which i think is BS.
Also their lte seems seems to be the bare minimum too, not including the regular towers, at least here in the Midwest, charging me for LTE and never getting speeds above 12 mbps on average in St.Louis and Chicago.In St.Louis they only have 7 lte towers for all of st.l city and county, 2 of them for the entire city, from google maps. When I visit Chicago the LTE coverage is spotty at best and even drops to 2g in a lot of areas. LTE towers only cover 4 miles for true lte and anything past that diminishes exponentially. They have a long way to go before they can brag about a fast network.

I'm kinda gonna miss you Verizon. I'm gonna miss that blazing fast LTE. But, I'm not gonna miss that $100 phone bill, or those slow updates!!! GSM Nexus w/ Family Mobile FTW!!!

This sucks!! I live rite in the middle of Zanesville, Ohio and St.Clairsvill, Ohio. Everybody around us has 4G and we here in Cambridge are still in the stone age.

I am in Logan, Ohio which is between Lancaster and Nelsonville. Lancaster has some 4g but none in Logan, or Nelsonville yet. We have areas where our 3g is hit or miss.

Farmington, New Mexico. No telling when we will see it here.
I live 3 hours from Albuquerque, NM. The LTE there in most areas
were I have tested it, it was 3-5 mbs. I guess you have to live in
a large city to get the fast stuff.

I live in the U.P of Michigan(Ironwood just got it, Marquette was market #400). Cellcom is a rural carrier that services my town and is lighting up 4G on VZW spectrum from here to green bay. They lit up a tower just across the border in Wisconsin and I get it every once and awhile from my house.. 1 bar I got 15meg down / 10meg up. That is from a tower in a town of ~2000 people.. can't wait for them to light up the towers here :)