Droid X with Gingerbread

Verizon just dropped us a line to confirm that the Motorola Droid X indeed is getting its official Gingerbread update (see our hands-on) this week. The push will begin on Friday. You might not get it in the initial wave, but we should have the manual download location quickly enough.

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Verizon confirms Droid X getting Gingerbread on Friday


That isn't going to happen. Every body is going to get Gingerbread before the EVO. Screw it. My next phone will be whatever the Google Phone is in December. Then I can be assured to get the updates first rather than continue to be an OTA update step child with the EVO.

The Droid 2 will get the update before the EVO, as well. We won't see the update until after the release of the EVO 3D. Maybe in July. Probably August.

The Droid 2 will get the update before the EVO, as well. We won't see the update until after the release of the EVO 3D. Maybe in July. Probably August.

YES! Really looking forward to the UI updates - I hope Moto has done away with the black buttons that they used in 2.2 and 2.1.

I think I will wait for root before I accept the update. I have Verizon's bloarware frozen anyway so the update won't take.

If Moto can continue to update their phone this quickly they may be be at the top of the list when I look for a new phone in the fall.

So how do you think it'll take the devs to root it? Couple of hours? With Froyo, it was before I got the OTA.

All leaked versions of GB for the DX have been rooted already. I can't imagine that the tools used to break the last three GB builds wouldn't work on the OTA build.

Yea I remember when Sprint said last Dec that they wAnted the Evo to be one of the 1st phones to get gingerbread. But still no word and only one crappy leak, I am happy for anyone getting the gingerbread update. Android as a whole should be on the same page with its OS version for every phone.

Yes, Android should be updating across the board, but Google claims it's the carriers. The Carriers claim it's Google. All I know is that the Google Nexus line doesn't have this issue. HTC made the first Nexus and Samsung made the second. They update THOSE PHONES as a priority so my next phone will be one of the Nexus phones. Screw waiting around for updates.

Just upgraded from the DX to the DX2, with no mention of the DX2 I really feel like this is a slap in the face! Dear VZW, not a bright idea to forget your newest phone like this within the 14 day return window!!!!

Droid X had to wait several months to get Froyo, don't see why people are complaining about it's successor not getting Gingerbread right away.

Ok so if I put the leaked version that came out last month, will the OTA work or will I have to back out of that leaked version to get the OTA?

Everyone is saying you have to back up to official .340 to get the OTA. Good thing I got that done yesterday! Finally got tired of my music player skipping on .588

Eh thats good news but I await the news in which z4 can one touch root official gingerbread. Thats when i download.

Z4root might not be updated to work for Gingerbread, but Gingerbreak probably will. You can find it over @ XDA.

Who cares about gingerbread?! It didnt contain any significant non geek, practical changes other than ugly green icons

Eh. I'm on 595 and don't really think there will be a huge difference so I can wait. For those not running the leaks you will be extremely happy with gingerbread.

*SMH* How can anyone possibly answer that question? No one is going to know what you are going to like better except for you...try them both & see which one you prefer once you get the update.

i don't want this update!!! My phone is just fine the way it is!! Can we opt out of the update???? There are no major benefit a to this anyway so why bother!!!

Are you rooted? If so, use Titanium Backup (or something similar) & backup a VZW app that you don't use (like VZW Navigator) and then uninstall it. You won't get OTA updates if you remove any of their bloatware. That way you still have it backed up if you decide that you do want to get the OTA later and can just load it back on. You could also just "Freeze" the app if you have the Pro version of Titanium Backup.

If you aren't rooted, go over to XDA & grab Z4root and get it done.

I am holding off on this update until I find out that this release gets fully rooted & even then, I might not update from 2.2.1 if rumors are true that they are tracking/blocking all wireless tethering with this OTA. (I don't abuse it & refuse to pay $20/mo for the occasional book download onto my Nook Color when on vacation without any WiFi around for miles)

Your the best!!! Thanks for the tips!!! I don't need or want gingerbread on my Droid X!! I have the phone just as I want it now!!! VZ navigation is now frozen!!!!

Dammit I was hoping that the EVO would have been the first to 2.2 and 2.3 in America but the Droid X won this round. lol :P

What do you so if you are on the leak build. Im not rooted and I have no backup and i want to get the ota update please help

Titanium backup is the bomb!!! Backed up and now VZ Navigator is frozen!!! No update for me!!!! Right???

Where the heck is my Gingerbread update for my Droid Incredible? It was released months before the Droid X and seems to be more widespread.....

It has to do with the manufacturer has to muck with the android OS for their phones, then for verizon to say it is "worthy" for them to release it. Overall it is stupid, GB has been out from Google since last year, its been more then 6 months, why don't we all have it?