Elipsis 7Want a 7-inch LTE tablet on Verizon? You could get the Nexus 7, and fight with Verizon to try and get it activated, or you could wait until Thursday and pick up the new Verizon brand Ellipsis 7 — Big Red's very own HD Android tablet.

The Press release is short on specs, but we do know the Ellipsis 7 comes with Google Play installed, has a front facing camera, an HD screen, and is fully Verizon Wireless LTE compliant. At $250 off contract, it's also cheaper than the LTE Nexus 7 and the LTE Kindle Fire HDX 7. In addition, Verizon will give you $100 off the price if you are signing up for a new contract.

The Ellipsis 7 is listed as the first product in the Elipsis line. I've a feeling we'll be seeing more. 

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Verizon announces their own tablet - the Ellipsis 7 will debut Nov. 7 for $250


Looks interesting. Curious to see some specs. Looks like it might be close to stock android in the screenshot. Here's to hoping lol

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But it will be locked down and full of Verizon Software that no one really needs

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+9000 That thing looks gimped to all hell. And it's running 4.2.2. So, they released this, to avoid certifying the Nexus 7 LTE?


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I agree...I dont support verizon. They are the last to get updates and phones! I hate it and thinking about switching providers.

My thought is, Hell no!!! The thought of they even making one is pretty funny. It will be full of bloatware.

Doesn't matter. They specifically lied about "certifying" the Nexus 7 LTE.

Please, don't try to defend them.

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Typical, people always react with anger, when you talk about their carrier or smartphone of choice.

Relax, man, lol. I'm not running around saying Verizon sucks. But, it's downright deceiving to say that you're certifying one product, then release another, so that you don't have to certify the first.

But, I guess, it's wrong to bring anything Verizon does into question?

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I'll say it...Verizon sucks. I gave them a shot for 9 months, paid the ETF, and left. They lied. Period.

Make that 5 other people. Verizon is terrible towards its customers and limiting and messing with their choice of hardware

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To be honest, the specs and the price aren't bad. But, it's a slap in the face, when they lead people on, acting as if they were in the process of "certifying" the Nexus 7, when they knew they had no intention of doing so.

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If the PhoneArena spec is correct, its not even impressive. Quadcore 1.2ghz vs Nexus 7 1.5ghz, but it depends on what chip it is. 1280x800 only. 8GB storage and microsd slot, sure it has LTE if you want to fork out for Verizon plan or already have one. Not really impressive unless you need the Verizon LTE on your tablet.


Those aren't groundbreaking specs, at all. But, you'll be hard-pressed, to find another LTE tablet, for under, 300 (under 200, if you sign a contract).

I don't personally have a beef with the product. People will buy it. But, they could, at least, allow the Nexus 7 onto their network, as they're legally obliged to do so (not sure, why the FCC is mum on this).

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The FCC is mum on this because Verizon is claiming that it will hurt there network

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That and they would make no money off a Nexus 7 either. If they got a piece of the action on the N 7, approved. This tablet was probably a $150 tablet then another $100 for Verizon's middleman surcharge. I can't wait for the other carriers to catch up in service, hopefully by the time my contract is up on VZW. I have unlimited data still but their speeds or sh@rt now with tens of thousands of people all on the same LTE tower and speeds of 8 and 3

Hmm... wasn't there talk of Google saying that they were going to be partnering with Verizon to bring Nexus like devices to Verizon in 2014?

Lol, if you want to take everything that Verizon does as gospel, go for it. Still doesn't change the fact, they lied about certifying the Nexus 7 LTE.

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Oh yeah? I'm sure the average person who is not an android nerd doesn't give a fuck about the nexus 7.

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1. Go back to your troll cave.

2. I have family and relatives who knows nothing about Android and ask me about the Nexus 7 when they want to buy a tablet. If it has good value for the money people will buy it.

U mad cause I spoke against ur beloved nexus get a life. Not everyone wants a nexus. It's the same exact tablet except for a different name get over it.

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You're right, not everyone does. But, that doesn't give a company the right to break the law and/or mislead people into thinking that they are certifying something, when they really aren't.

If T-Mobile did this, you would be all over it. But, since your carrier of choice is the culprit, it's ok?

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I am one of the most outspoken anti Nexus people on this site.

Verizon is selling a knock off Nexus and violating the purchase agreement with the FCC. It is as some as that.

It is just wrong

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And just a follow-up since I couldn't type it before.

Verizon will see no backlash from the FCC until the GOP stops blocking the nominations for fcc commissioners.

It is gumming up the works, slowing everything down, and paralyzing an already paralyzed agency.

Why yes, I am speaking from a position of knowledge and not conjecture.

Also, I am not bringing politics into this, it just is what it is

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Why are you mad? Because someone spoke out about your precious VZW? I know more people with Nexus 7's than people with iPad's. The N7 is a great device for an even better price. VZW meanwhile, is breaking the law by not allowing it on their network.

Or are you just here to earn your paycheck trolling for VZW?

Yea I'm here to get nerd fanboys like you wound up. I get paid by the comment so keep the replies coming! lol

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Yeah, both the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE and Wifi are really good, for the money. I'm still bitter, that I have to find an efficient workaround, if I want to activate the Nexus 7 on Verizon.

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Or give your money to someone other than VZW.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

So being annoyed with the extremely redundant Verizon hate means we're Verizon worshipers? Got it. If there isn't a comment about Verizon there's one about Touchwiz. We get it guys.

So, making a logical argument is considered blind hate?

By all means, be tired of people that "hate" for no reason. But, what I said is entirely true. They are breaking the law. Period.

And, fyi, I was on Verizon for 8 years. My dad worked there for 15 years, before they were even called Verizon. I'm hardly spewing "blind hate."

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Is it a logical argument? Yes. Has it been beaten to death? Yes. We already know. This is Android Central. Its already a given that if you read the comments enough you know that the hivemind will always choose the Nexus, claim that T-Mobile is holy and Verizon is the Devil, and preach that no company is worse than Samsung at muddying the glorious vanilla Android experience.

I'm not on Verizon nor would I want to be, I just think that these comments are ridiculously redundant. Also, I never said the words "blind hate"

Sure it has been beaten to death. But when VZW keeps doing stuff like this, it stays relevant. As an example, BlackBerry is grossly mismanaged. This has become a cliche. But when BB comes along and does something stupid, again, from a managerial standpoint, it's not hating to point out that BB has once again screwed the pooch.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

Horrible. Nothing comes close to Samsung. Period. Nothing will beat the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with its beautiful design and power. This or any other 7 inch tablet doesn't come close to the Tab 3. From ergonomics to build quality Samsung is just unbeatable. Companies like this should look up to Samsung.

Are you sure, this is Richard? Personally, I think we're getting trolled hard, lol.

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Richard, the paid Samsung shill.
Upon.reading the post, it seems so nonsensical, shallow, desperate, and pitiful.

With that, no one cares anymore.

Samsung and Verizon are simply gouging fanboys. Why not!

Take it.

Richard still has an account here. Not to mention, this guy was speaking Spanish in the "how to unlock the Nexus 5 bootloader" thread.

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The Verizon branding is worth double that. Sign. Me. Up. I want two.

I hope they don't waste the large back with only one logo. I want two so no one can mistake where I bought it from.

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This is definitelty a WTH moment in terms of tablets.

The Nexus 7 (2013) has been out a few months and already has 4.3 and will get 4.4 soom. Why launch this now? And since the Nexus 7 LTE has radios compatible with Verizon Bands, why not certify it and easily allow folks to bring them onto the network "easily"?

"You want lots of bloatware, slow updates, and an expensive contract? You got it! Now bend over and take it." - Big Red

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250 (off contract price) - 100 (contract promo) = 150. 1+5=6. 6/2 (two-year contract) =Half Life 3 confirmed!!

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Haha I know. He's becoming a tad too ambitious, if you know what I mean.

I see people post this all the time, on reddit or wherever, lol.

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While we admittedly don't have the full specs, what we do have (7 inch HD screen, full cellular radio, runs 4.X) raises the question: Why can this thing be designed, manufactured, advertised, packaged and sold for $250 when a 4-5 inch phone needs to cost $500-$600.

Craziness, I tell 'ya. Craziness.

But, the cellular radio is pointless, because the tablet only supports LTE; and Verizon has yet to deploy VoLTE.

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It's business 101, if people thought tablets were a neccessity like phones they would cost a lot more.

VZW isn't looking to make money off of hardware on this, it's on their ridiculously overpriced data plans.

Lol $100 off on a $250 tablet. So how much will you make over the span of those 2 years? LOL and I thought Rogers and Bell were bad!

I'm kinda confused why you spelled it with one L when the Verizon site spells it with two

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Because when this was written, Verizon had it spelled Elipsis with one l. We know, because we checked at least a hundred times because it looks so wrong.

They have changed it since.

Gotcha. I was confused because you don't usually make the same spelling mistake over and over, I was getting a bit worried :) Makes since that Verizon would change it.

I was wondering...So they named a tablet after a Greek word for "Falling short"...and spell it wrong, too? Genius.

LOL, I'm betting the Nexus 7 LTE miraculously gets approve about a week or two after this launches and Verizon has it's initial marketing blitz. I hope the FCC atom bombs their asses!!!

Even thought it's a VZW device I'm sure it will take eons for it to recieve any kind of update.

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The amazing thing to me is that there is someone at Verizon that believes that this is value add. If they just left things alone, their costs would go down, and their revenues would, probably, go up. Please, just release Nexus devices and stop with VZ Navigator.

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Since they're the number one carrier in the US and they are making money hand over fist, they will probably stick to their own business model rather than listening advice from the internet.

But I do wish VZ Navigator would take a long walk off a short cliff

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The only way Verizon will move any of these tablets is to give them away for free with a 2-year contract. Giving only $100 off in exchange for a 2-year commitment is a joke. Any other carriers that only give $100 off for tablets are also jokes.

Those bezels are worse than the Blackberry Z10's top and bottom bezels. Is there even a screen on that thing?

Yeah, I'm not sure who thought that design would be attractive. The bezels are awkwardly big for no reason.

The specs aren't too bad, but that screen does leave a little to be desired.

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Nice... Verizon should sell only tablets and phones made by them to Verizon customers.

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You know they only made that bottom bezel so big so they can have their all important logo there.

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We know clearly that the Ellipsis 7 comes with Google Play installed, has a front facing camera, an HD screen, and is fully Verizon Wireless LTE compliant. It's cheaper than the LTE Nexus 7 and the LTE Kindle Fire HDX 7. http://www.hotappsntech.com